Is DHL Good & Why DHL Good in 2024 (Detailed Information)

DHL, the logistics behemoth operating in 220 countries, is always under the scanner on customer satisfaction.

The question–is DHL good rings loud in the minds of all customers?

This article examines the strengths of DHL, the customer complaints seen on social media, and how it addresses them and goes ahead with its operations.



Is DHL Good & Why DHL Good?

Is DHL Good & Why

Business owners outsource logistics to breathe easy without feeling tension.

If it is DHL, it gives them greater space to focus on the core business than being distracted by the pressures of the global supply chain.

This also saves costs, time, and energy. 

With its ready-to-go solutions, technologies, and assets, DHL helps a business increase competitiveness in many ways. 

Outsourcing logistics from DHL adds flexibility to a business and captures new opportunities as the logistics major has a legacy and brand value to add value. 


Is it safe to use DHL?

The answer is yes. The fact that the customer base of DHL is increasing indicates the trust of customers who respect its reach, manpower, and technology to render critical service.

The logistics giant also conducts annual internal surveys to assess customer satisfaction and engage in improvement. 

A recent survey held in 2020 indicated that the average satisfaction score was 77 out of 100 points.

It was higher by two points than the survey in 2019 and showed customers’ interest in recommending DHL has increased over the years. 

Uwe Brinks, the CEO of DHL Freight, notes that the hike in customer satisfaction indicates the aggressive implementation of digitalization.

He claims DHL has implemented at least 200 improvement measures based on the last survey’s findings. 


What are DHL main variables of customer satisfaction?

Is DHL Good & Main Variables

Punctuality is considered the primary variable in customer satisfaction. Other factors include,  

  • Faster delivery
  • Transport safety
  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Customized solutions
  • Eco-friendly transport fleet


What are the positive arguments that show the worth of DHL despite customer complaints?

Felipe Barousse Boué, a manager with DHL, gave a specific answer in Quora on whether DHL is a “terrible company.” 

Felipe rebuts the label of ‘DHL as a terrible company” and says he can vouch it is suitable from his experience and good memories while working with DHL.

He says that there will be bad days and troubles in any job, but in the final analysis, it was very good. He agrees that some people must have had bad experiences with DHL. But for the most part, all DHL customers end up happy ones. Felipe reinforces his argument with valid points. 

  • DHL was founded in 1969, and 53 years of existence speaks of its high value.DHL provides a job for more than half a million staff worldwide 
  • The logistics major operates in more than 220 countries

These milestones can never be associated with a terrible company. DHL also runs many logistics, cargo, aviation, and maritime operations, divisions. That can never happen in a “terrible company.”

The veteran says slamming DHL based on a few isolated incidents is bad. The outcry of frustration by a disgruntled employee or a bitter customer will not paint DHL as a bad company as it continues to shine bright as a reliable service provider.


Are there complaints about the bad performance of DHL? 

Is DHL Good and Complaints

Yes, there are complaints too. In a caustic comment, Brian LaFleur, a business manager, calls DHL horrible and wows he will not do business with it. Some testimonials and public complaints of agitated customers seen on consumer websites also indicate frustration with DHL services in some markets. 

One customer narrates his experience as disgusting as he faced an utter lack of care by DHL staff when delivering his parcel. 

In early July 2022, his parcel of a $2500 coat was delivered to the wrong address in Potts Point, and the recipient even stole it. 

DHL just showed him the delivery receipt with the name and signature of the “thief.” It told him DHL outsources deliveries to third-party couriers in that area. The coat delivered by the third-party courier made no valid check of the delivery address or cross-checked the receiver’s ID.


Is DHL running a viable compliant mitigation process?

Market feedback is that the behavior of the consumers towards DHL has been positive. DHL runs a vibrant customer service unit using technology to produce the best results.

The express delivery services of DHL have added to its market share of satisfied customers. The company’s market share, profitability, and quality edge had been linked to the customers’ trust in the company. DHL has a cogent mechanism when it comes to tackling customer complaints

·      Quick action 

·      Convincing explanation

·      Empathetic approach to customers 

·      Improved relationship with the customer

·      Taking lessons from each complaint


What steps help in claiming a damaged or missing parcel from DHL?

Parcel delivered in poor condition can be frustrating for any customer. And the worst case will be the shipment missing without a clue. DHL claims it has been ensuring the safe delivery of shipments, and in all unforeseen cases of damage or transit loss, it works on a satisfactory mechanism to resolve problems.

To stake a claim on any of the cases cited above, make sure it is done within 30 days from the date DHL accepted the shipment.  

The following tips can help in claiming a damaged shipment or lost shipment.

·      Contact local customer service and notify the damage.

·      File a complaint within the time limit 

·      Take pictures of the exterior of the box to prove compression or damages 

·      Submit the original pictures of the box before it was sent from the shipper 

·      Provide the 10-digit Air Waybill (AWB) number with proof that you are the sender or receiver 

·      In 3 working days, DHL will update the investigation to the customer. 

·      If the request to claim turns out successful, the case will move to the claims department for reimbursing the amount.

On receipt of the complaint, the customer agent will start the DHL track and trace investigation to assess the damages and examine the transit points through which the consignment passed. 


Is the best place to work honor helping DHL in winning customers?

A big point that drives the brand equity of DHL as the world’s leading international express service provider is its rise as one of the best places to work globally. The 2019 employer ranking by Great Place to Work and FORTUNE magazine adjudged it as the fourth best place to work.

That selection came from 8,000 plus organizations and a survey of 12 million employees worldwide to select the 25 Best Workplaces in the world. The criteria were trust, the relationship of employees with the management and other staff, and excellence in their jobs. 

DHL management points out the survey result as a validation of their reputation as a global company with a customer-centric passion and work that offers the best quality everywhere, and answering is DHL Good any time.


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