Is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken in 2024? (USA, UK, Australia)

Mcdonald’s is one of the reputed food joints having stores in several countries.

Therefore, people from different communities come here to enjoy incredible delicacies, especially the Happy Meal services.

The burgers are the primary attraction of this food joint.

However, a few instances confused the Muslim community about whether McDonald’ is safe for them.

Hence, in their language, a common question that several McDonald’s stores got to hear is, “Is McDolands Halal“?

It implies whether the restaurant sells halal meat or not.

We have tried to cover the answer to this vital question in this article.

If you are also interested in whether McDonald’ is appropriate for Muslims, please thoroughly check this content.



What Is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken?

What Is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken

According to Muslim custom, any animal slaughtered by the hands of any Muslim will be considered Halal.

Moreover, machine slaughtering will not be considered to be Halal by any means.

Food joints like McDonald’s and others often use machine-slaughtered meat and chicken.

So, the Muslim community doubts whether McDonald’ is safe for them.

But it will be a great relief for the natives of the Muslim country that McDonald’s sells halal chicken in Muslim-dominating nations.

As most of the McDonald’s outlets are in those countries, the local Muslim customers prefer this brand for the excellent and safe dishes.

Halal chicken refers to the chicken killed by a Muslim’s hand and presented after draining out all the blood.

Muslims never intake animal blood; hence, they require the animals to be devoid of any blood after the slaughtering process.

Mcdonald’s Halal Chicken follows all these rules and presents top-quality chicken for the consumers.

If you are a Muslim, you need not worry about food at Mcdonalds’. If you are confused regarding is McDonald’s halal or not, remove all your doubts now.


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Does Mcdonald’s serve Halal chicken?

Yes. Mcdonald’s serves Halal chicken of premium quality.

However, you can get pure halal chicken primarily in Muslim-dominated countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc.

Furthermore, it also has the Halal Certificate and the items are approved by MJCHT (Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust).

Mcdonald’s Halal chicken is unavailable in many countries like Germany, the USA, the UK, etc.

The brand only sells specific products containing halal items locally.

So, we can say that McDonald’ is partially halal and not wholly.

Since Mcdonald’s halal chicken is not very common in the local market of several developed nations like Canada, America, the UK, and others, the item is mostly unavailable there.

So, to get halal chicken in those countries, the consumers have to opt for the specific packaged halal products only.

The Fresh Items of restaurants may not serve halal chicken on the spot.


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Is Mcdonalds Halal in the United States?

Is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken (USA)

Mcdonald’s Halal products are certified by the authorized trust of the Muslims.

Therefore, it follows all the customs and makes the food safe for Muslim consumers.

But there are restrictions on selling Halal products in the US.

Although the UK outlets allow the serving of Halal chicken, you will find only a few local and specific food items involving halal chicken.

If you are in the US, significantly less possibility is there to obtain McDonald’s Halal chicken or meat.

The same theory applies to countries like Canada and Germany.

Consumers from other religions do not prefer halal chicken. Hence, they often complain about the sale of the same.

To avoid any conflict, the company has reduced its Halal chicken items in most countries, except the Muslim nations.


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Is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken in the UK?

The outlets of Mcdonalds‘ are present in almost all countries around the globe.

Therefore, it is correct to state McDonald’ as a global eatery brand.

Not only in the USA, but the people of the United Kingdom also prefer the incredible products of the shop.

Mcdonald’s certified halal products so Muslims can consume the food without tension.

In the UK, the brand sells halal and non-halal items according to the customers’ preferences.

Is McDonalds halal?” is the common query of Muslim customers.

But in the UK, the shop clarified that it sells pure quality certified Halal chicken for Muslim Communities.


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Is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken in Australia?

Is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken (Australia)

According to some Muslims, just uttering the word “Bismillah” will make any chicken or meat Halal.

However, most people in the community consider the freshly killed animal by the hands of a Muslim after draining the blood to be a proper Halal item.

Mcdonald’s follows the second process and ensures that it serves pure Halal chicken.

Moreover, it also has a certificate from the Muslim Trust regarding the Halal chicken.

However, the local market of Australia has little demand for Halal products.

Hence, in this country, McDonald’s principally serves non-halal chicken.

Only some specific outlets sell Halal Chicken on demand following the unique Halal menu options.

The Halal certificate of McDonald’ has a list of certain items containing Halal chicken.

Therefore, consumers must order only those selected products to enjoy Halal chicken.

The brand does not sell any other item in Australia except these listed ones containing Halal chicken.


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What is Mcdonalds Halal Chicken Cost? 

The specific cost of Mcdonalds’ Halal Chicken is not available with certainty.

As it does not sell Halal chicken items in the USA, the question of the cost does not arise.

Moreover, it is rare in European countries and includes only a handful of sellers.

So, the costs keep revising as per the company terms and are different from all other chicken items.


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Wrap Up

Islamic Law allows only the consumption of Halal chicken for the Muslim community as the legal way of consuming the product.

However, not all restaurants follow the rule of serving chicken in this way.

But McDonald’ sells certified Halal chicken in all Muslim-dominated countries and advertises it on its website.

Due to several complaints and low demand, it has stopped selling Halal Chicken in the USA and several other developed nations

It is often the main question, Is Mcdonalds halal? The answer is not a prominent one, as the brand follows a partial system in this matter.

In the UK, Australia, etc., halal chicken is available at only some stores with the Halal certificate.

So, if a person is keen to have only halal chicken, it may not be fulfilled in the United States of America.


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