Is Working At McDonalds Hard? (Pros, Cons, New Employee)

This article focuses on the question, “Is Working At Mcdonalds Hard.” People often go to McDonald’s to get their favorite hash brown and fries, and during these visits, many wonder what it’s like to work there.

Newly graduated college or school students highly prefer working at McDonald’s, but it always worries them that it’s hard-working at McDonald’s.

Well, if working at McDonald’s is that bad, no one would have worked there so far, but still, many queries about McDonald’s work environment can be solved through this article.



Is working At Mcdonalds Hard?

When you work somewhere, you’ll have both good and bad experiences; there is no workplace where you’ll have 100% work satisfaction; there will be situations where you’ll have pressure, competition, etc. And Mcdonald’s restaurants are not different from them. It has pros and cons of working there. 



● Shifts 

There are a lot of shifts available in McDonald’s for its employees. They have morning shifts from 6 am, and then McDonald’s has an afternoon shift, but as the morning shift starts so early, they considered the afternoon shift from 9 am to 10 am.

After that, they have an evening shift that starts at 5:00 pm. Many McDonald’s restaurants are open 24 hours, which is why the range of changes is quite extensive in McDonald’s.


● Flexible work hour

The employees at Mcdonald’s can work at comfortable hours. If any situation occurs and the employee needs to take a leave, the employee can adjust work to another shift on another day.


● Training on the job 

When you join McDonald’s as an employee, the superiors don’t push you instantly to work there. You get proper guidance and training, so you will be fine while working. 


● Insurance

The employees in McDonald’s get various types of insurance options, and the offer is valid for both full-time and part-time Employees. There the employees gate Medical Insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, educational insurance, retirement insurance, etc. 


● Holidays 

In McDonald’s, full-time employees get three weeks off for vacations per year, and part-time employees get a holiday for more than a week. Not only those working at McDonald’s for more than five years get paid leaves. 



● Extra hours 

Sometimes in McDonald’s, when it’s rush hour or any of your coworkers missed their shift, came late, or took an unannounced day off. Then the manager asks you to fill the gap.

Even though it’s an excellent way of earning extra money, it’s still hectic and puts excessive pressure on the employee. 


● Low pay 

Even though most of the employees are pretty satisfied with the fee range in McDonald’s, salaries in a few positions are not enough. Because of days, many employees ask for high incentives or promotions. 


● Stressful work environment

Working at rush hour is not always a good feeling; at that time, there is so much work at McDonald’s. Also, customers are often rude, which makes the work environment or experience quite stressful.


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What are some tips for a new Mcdonald’s Employee?

Is Working At McDonalds Hard

Joining somewhere new is always fine, so it’s good to learn a few things before joining McDonald’s as an employee. 

1. Always listen to your manager, and if you think you don’t understand something or any queries occur in your mind, do ask them.

2. If you are an employee at McDonald’s, you can’t work slowly, and you have to understand your work as soon as possible and also complete your work on time because, remember, customers, don’t like waiting.

3. Always stay attentive and active at work and let the management know through your work that you are eager to learn and work extra hours, even if you don’t.

4. Customers are always your priority, so be patient, greet them and listen to what they are trying to say.

5. Call your superiors or coworkers if the customer is complaining or talking about something that you don’t understand. Don’t waste time.

6. Never raise your voice in front of any customers. If they are being rude, then call the manager.

7. While you are working, don’t leave a mess behind. McDonald’s is very serious about its cleanliness.

8. Never show up at work in McDonald’s drunk or smell like a Cigarette. 

9. Always be polite to your coworkers, and while working, ask your superior’s opinion about your work and then take permission before you leave.

10. And if you ever need sick leave, always let your superiors know before your shift


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Does working at Mcdonald’s look good on a resume?

Working at McDonald’s looks good on a resume. When you showcase your work experience, it distinguishes you from the newbies.

You learn a few extra skills while working somewhere, and your communication skills improve. Also, you get work experience where you face pressure and develop strategies.

All these experiences are something that the recruiter looks forward to, but obviously, your education qualification is also important to land a good job. So, if you worked in McDonald’s, there is no reason to hide it. 


What is the easiest shift at Mcdonald’s?

Is Working At McDonalds Hard

Working in McDonald’s is not a huge pressure or very hectic. The coworkers at McDonald’s are always there to help you out. Also, the working McDonald’s is divided into departments and workers, so it is never chaotic.

But still, if you want to know about a particular shift that is easiest, then it will be the afternoon shift. In the morning shift, McDonald’s face rush hour for breakfast.

In the evening shift, it’s a rush hour for dinner. But lunchtime is more relaxed than breakfast or dinner time. So if you are looking for comfort, you should join the 8 am to 5 pm or 12 pm to 8 pm shifts. 


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Is Mcdonald’s pay a good Salary?

The payments in McDonald’s are mostly based on the experience in the position you’re working in. In McDonald’s, the salary starts from a minimum of $12.

Later, with time, experience, and performance, the individual’s salary increase or stay the same.

But as they follow the broadband compensation system in McDonald’s, there is always healthy competition in the restaurant. Even after the position, the employees work for better positions and incentives. 

In the end, you can understand working at McDonald’s is not that bad. You learn many things, most importantly, learning to work under pressure which may seem bad, but later it comes in handy.

And the salary structure in McDonald’s is average; the crew members earn around $12.50 per hour, the grill cooks fee per hour is $11.40, and for the part-time employees, the fees might be slightly low.

Then the general managers in McDonald’s earn around $18 per hour, so you understand that with time, experience, and qualification, the position, and salary of the employee will get better McDonald’s. So, if you want to work at Mcdonald’s, you should try.


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