Jamestown clinic Hours, Phone Number & Providers

On the Olympic Peninsula, Jamestown clinic is the largest family practice facility. Jamestown’s mission is to lead the way in providing great, innovative patients centered care for their communities and tribal communities. Jamestown clinic provides first aid services to indigenous citizens and members of non-tribal communities, and those are looking for communities health care.


Jamestown clinic Hours & Phone Number

Jamestown clinic

808 N 5th Ave

Sequim, WA 98382

Ph No- 360 683 5900

Fax No- 360 583 4800


Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm


10 am to 3 pm

Sunday- Closed


Jamestown clinic Services

Their services include

Family Practice primary care

Preventative primary care

Gynecology-women health

Chronic Disease Management

Annual Wellness visits

Onsite Clinical Pharmacist

Anticoagulant Management

Diabetes Management

Geriatric Care

Casting & Splinting

Joint Injections

Trigger Point Injections

Minor Skin procedures

Some other services include

Orthopedic Services

Behavioral Health

Pharmacy Services

Annual Wellness Visits

Diabetes Educations

James town Family Dental Clinic


Jamestown clinic Providers

Their providers include. Visit the official site for more

Paul Cunningham, MD

Jamestown clinic

In 2003 Dr. Paul joined the Jamestown clinic. Paul is board-certified in family medicine. In his free time, Dr. Paul spending time with his family biking, Hiking, walking his dog petting his cats.


Mike Anderson, PA-C

Jamestown clinic

Dr. Mike was a graduate of the University of Washington. Dr. Mike has a special interest in Geriatric Medicine and Adult medicine.


Molly Martin, DNP

Molly Martin, DNP

She is a Deputy Director of the population health clinical manager. She has a special interest in Geriatric care, Wellness, healthy aging, and chronic disease management.

Molly enjoys kayaking, hiking, and spending time with his husband and two dogs.


Jay Berry, MD

Jay Berry, MD

Dr. Jay received his undergraduate degree at Loma Linda University. Dr. Jay enjoys hiking and snow skiing.


Diane Root-Racing, ARNP

Jamestown clinic

In 1995 she received her master’s degree from the University of Washington. Dr. Diane is a certified family nurse practitioner and Gerontological. Since 2007 she worked at Jamestown clinic.

Outside the profession, she likes to enjoy hiking, reading, Photography.


Connie Walker, PA-C

Connie Walker, PA-C

In 1992 Dr. Connie received her undergraduate degree from Montana state university. She completed her physician assistant degree in 1999.


Bonnie Plochee, ARNP

Jamestown clinic

Sine 2008 Bonnie is a family nurse practitioner. She has more than 30 years of experience. From the University of Missouri, St Louis she completed her graduation. Outside the profession, she likes Fishing, reading, Hiking, Kayaking, and canning.


Allison Unthank, MD

Allison Unthank, MD

Dr. Allison interested in unde3rserve care, women’s health, and addiction medicine. Allison completed her studies from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.


Don Manuele, MD

Jamestown clinic

After 25 years of private practice, Dr. Don joins the Jamestown clinic. Outside the profession, he likes to enjoy outdoors and hiking. Manuele also has a lot of other interests.


Lisa Wu, MD

Lisa Wu, MD

In 2005 Dr. Lisa graduate from the Tulane university school of medicine. She also holds a degree in Tropical medicine. Lisa loves to spend her free time with her family.


David Rodgers, MD

Jamestown clinic

Dr. David enjoys sports medicine and especially enjoy all type of procedures including dermatology, injections, and casting, Splinting. Dr. David likes to enjoy hiking, running, and road biking and performing music.


Tracy Young, ARNP

Tracy Young, ARNP

Tracy young specialized in Gastrointestinal disorders and liver disease for 13 years. Young received her bachelor of science in nursing from Boise state university and her master from Gonzaga.


Candace Byers, PA-C

Jamestown clinic

Dr. Candate graduate from the primary care association program at Stanford medical center in 1988. In Jamestown clinic, she is a primary care provider.