Jos A Bank Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

It’s an American company whose main product is men’s attire and suits.

Its root is in California. Jos A Bank is a giant company. So many people think about whether they will allow a return or not.

However the company has a robust Jos A Bank Return Policy. 

This policy is formulated for the sake of their customers.

A customer can return any item after purchase, and in hand, they can get their amount back.

The longing to look attractive among the male crowd was fulfilled by two Banks, Charles & Joseph, in 1905.

They launched a men-centric brand called JOS A BANK.



What is Jos A Bank Return Policy? 

It does not always ensure that a customer will invariably feel happy with the item after every purchase.

Sometimes they may be aggrieved with their purchase. Or maybe they received an incorrect-sized attire or suit.

What will they do then?

You are going to be given a brief on this matter below.

This brand has already introduced a Jos A Bank Return Policy for disappointed customers

As per this return policy, if a customer becomes disheartened with their products after purchase, they can surely return that item within 90 days.

The return must be done within 90 days in-store.

On the other hand, the customer will get in-store credit as a refund if they return the item after 90 days.

Jos A Bank is always concerned with its services.

They never intentionally deliver you a wrong product or a disputed item.

Still, if you seldom receive any disputed item, you can return it within their given timeline.

There are two multiple options available for purchasing. One by attending stores around your city.

And another is online through their official website. You can return your item with the help of both ways.

But the original receipt and proper packaging are all needed when returning.

If you have paid them via credit card, your refund will also be delivered to your card.

And if you return the item with a return label, they will withdraw $7 from your amount.

No used or water-washed product should be approved for return. Even the products’ tags are required.

As Jos A Bank’s return policy believes in authenticity, the labels are a must.


Jos A Bank Return Policy for Dress Shirt Monograms 

Jos A Bank Return Policy for Dress Shirt Monograms 

If you want monograms, Jos A Bank can do them for you.

As per your choice, they will make monograms after the confirmation of your order.

But as per Jos A Bank Return Policy, you will not be allowed if you want to return attire attached with monograms.

Even exchange is also not allowed for monograms.


How to make Jos a Bank Return by Mail?

Now it is so easy to return an item sitting at home. Jos A Bank permits you to return a product via mail. The steps are explained below.

  • First, visit the official portal of Jos A Bank. You must sign in to their website with a valid email address. 
  • Now, check out the order list. From that list, you will get your purchased item which you want to return. 
  • Click on that item. And also, provide a description of why you are eager to return that item.
  • Fill out the complete form with all the necessary information, from your good name to your Order ID number. And confirm the return.


Process of returning an item via mail with a prepaid return label

  • Select the thing you need to return before opening your store account.
  • On your return bundle, fix the bring the name back.
  • Please drop off your bundle at any FedEx site, after which you can follow it effectively until it gets to the stockroom where the store keeps its stock, with a $7 return delivering charge deducted from your discount.


How to make Jos a Bank Return By Post office?

Jos A Bank Return Policy by Post office

If you are not comfortable returning the product via mail, you can also take the help of the post office.

  • At the very first step, visit your nearest post office.
  • Give them your product. They will perfectly wrap the parcel with all your documents. 
  • Then, they will measure the item and decide the price of shipping.
  • After getting the shipping cost, your parcel will be moved to your given address.


How to make a Jos a Bank in-store return? 

If you physically pay for your product by visiting the Jos A Bank store, you must contact that store to return your item. Following are the steps regarding this.

  • First, visit your preferable store of Jos A Bank.
  • Try to communicate with the store manager or the customer service provider.
  • Next, show your product with the original purchase bill. 
  • They may inquire about the reason for your return. Tell them your reasons.
  • Then, wrap the item nicely and attach the bill with your identity proof, order ID number, and all.
  • After a close check, they will move forward with the refund process.


Jos A Bank Return Policy for Unfinished Pants 

Jos A Bank Return Policy for Unfinished Pants 

If you receive unfinished pants, you can immediately contact their helpline number.

You need to return the pants with accurate measurements with all documents.

They will prepare the entire pantry after getting the parcel from you.


When will I get a refund from Jos A Bank? 

Jos A Bank is one of the fairest brands. They are very strict with Jos A Bank Return Policy.

If you have purchased an item worth $50 or more, your refund will be credited to your account within ten business days.


Final Thoughts

This Jos A Bank brand has been gradually expanding its business worldwide.

It has about 200 stores, more than five tailoring hubs, and three distribution headquarters.

Still, the brand is very loyal to its Jos A Bank Return Policy.

 As a result, no customer is left upset after purchasing from Jos A Bank.


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