Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital Kitty Hawk, Turning Stone

Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital proudly offers pet care services to Selma, New Braunfels, Marion, Cibolo, Schertz, Garden Ridge, and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. In 1985 the animal hospital is started by Dr. Cottingham along with his wife Carolina and two employees. Kitty Hospital is accredited with AAHA.



Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital Kitty Hawk/ Turning Stone

Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital

They offer services in two locations include

Kitty Hawk

1534 Kitty Hawk Road

Universal City, TX 78148

Phone Number- 210 658 3574

Fax Number- 210 658 2590


Turning Stone

2539 FM 1103

Cibolo, TX 78108

Phone Number- 210 658 3575

Fax Number- 210 874 6610


Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 1 pm

Sunday- Closed


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Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital Services

Their services include

General  Preventive
General Pet Wellness Microchipping
Dental Services Flea and Parasite Prevention
Puppy/Kitten Wellness Vaccinations


Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery Spay and Neuter
Mass Removal Cystotomy
Eye Surgeries Laceration Repairs
Exploratory Surgeries CCL Repairs
Fracture Repairs


Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Stance Analyzer

Class IV Therapeutic Laser

Biofeedback Weight Analysis


Internal Medicine




End of Life Services




Additional Services


Water Treadmill


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can treat many health issues in dogs

Muscle, Ligament, Tendon Back Pain
Ear Infections Hot Spots and Open Wounds
Arthritis/ Hip Dysplasia Degenerative Disc Disease
Anal Gland Infections


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Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital Doctors

Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors include

1〉 Dr. Randy Cottingham, DVM

In 1977, Dr. Randy completed his graduation from Kansas State University. Since 1982 Dr. Randy working in the San Antonio area. He has 11 children.


2〉 Dr. James Horger, DVM

From Texas A&M University Dr. James completed his graduation in 1980. In 1989 he joined this hospital as an associate veterinarian.


3〉 Dr. Richard Kline, DVM

Dr. Richard completed his veterinary degree from Texas A&M University. In May 2008 Dr. Richard joined the Practice. He has more than 25 years of experience.


4〉 Dr. Amie Hopper, DVM

In June 2013 Dr. Amie joined this Animal Hospital.

Veterinary Degree

Texas A&M University in 2013


5〉 Dr. Griffiths, DVM

From Massey University, Dr. Griffiths completed her graduation. Since her childhood, she wants to become a veterinarian. Most of the time she works in Small animal walk-in practice.


Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, and Hiking


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