Kohls Dress Code in 2024 (**Updated**)

In this article, we share detailed information on Kohls Dress Code.

Everyone knows about Kohl’s as a highly reputed and famous retail store chain in the United States.

Customers can purchase clothing, jewelry, beauty products, furniture, footwear, bedding, appliances, electronics, and many other things from the Kohl’s store.

The Kohl’s store was first established in 1962; from there, Kohl’s has come a long way, and now they have more than 1150 stores available all over the United States.

And at those stores, there are thousands of employees working.

So, to avoid any confusion, it’s important that the employees, especially the new employees, should know about Kohl’s dress code.

As the primary thing, the Kohl’s store will provide the lanyard and badge.

But formation is not enough, so this article about Kohl’s dress code is here to guide you.



What is Kohls Dress Code?

At Kohl’s, they prefer the dress code to be business casual.

Kohl’s is quite flexible about their dress code, so they avoid a range of options from which the employees can choose what to wear.

Among the top and bottom wear, they have options like shirts, denim, skirts, etc.

According to the dress code, Kohl’s allows employees to choose their preferred color, style, and clothing material.

But, still, there are many Kohl’s stores that follow the black dress code, and it’s helpful when customers try to locate the employees.

If you want to know the dress code of Sephora at Kohl’s, that’s similar to Kohl’s, where dark-colored or black business casual attire is also preferred.

And a little bit of makeup is involved. 

Finally, as a part of the dress code, Kohl’s employees must wear Kohl’s issued lanyards and name badges. 


Is Wearing a Shirt at Kohl’s important?

Is Wearing a Shirt at Kohl's important

No, wearing a shirt at Kohl’s isn’t important.

But as it is professional work and Kohl’s employees are there for a job, shirts or business casual attires are mostly preferred.

So wearing black or any color half-sleeve or full-sleeve shirt is always the best top at Kohl’s for the employees. 

Also, the employees can choose a collared or no-collared shirt.

Otherwise, if the employee is not interested in wearing any shirt, then a polo shirt, t-shirt, etc. can be worn.


Is a T-shirt a good option for Kohl’s employees?

Well, Kohl’s is being generous by allowing T-shirts to their employees.

Employees can wear T-shirts at the store, but polo or plain T-shirts are mostly preferred. 

The T-shirt has to be in good condition without wrinkles or any marks.

Also, if the t-shirt has any torn, rips, holes, or any part of the body, then that t-shirt is not allowed for employees at Kohl’s.

Also, the t-shirt has to be a nongraphic t-shirt, or if it has some graphics, it has to be small.

But graphic images or writings are not allowed.

Also, if the t-shirt has any slogan written with a huge company logo, then it’s not allowed as well.

Only T-shirts with no logos or a small size logo are allowed. 


Are hoodies allowed at Kohl’s?

Are hoodies allowed at Kohl's

Unfortunately for employees, hoodies are not allowed at Kohl’s.

People do love to wear something as comfortable as hoodies.

Something like sweatshirts or hoodies are not a perfect outfit for employees.


Why are Spaghetti Strap tops not allowed at Kohl’s?

Spaghetti and gym wear, tank tops, halters, and tube tops are also prohibited. 

During the summertime, the employees look for something comfortable to wear.

So they get curious whether they can wear a Spaghetti strap top.

Wearing something like a Spaghetti strap or tank top is inappropriate for professional work. 

Also, the clothes mentioned above are very revealing and can cause unnecessary attention at the store.

Hence, wearing attire like a sports bra or tank t-shirt is against Kohl’s dress code.


Can Employees wear sweaters during the winter at Kohl’s?

Can Employees wear sweaters during the winter at Kohl's

Yes, employees can wear sweaters at Kohl’s during work hours.

But, the Kohl’s lanyard and name badge should be visible to others.

Besides the sweaters, if the employees want, they can also wear cardigans and jackets. 


Is it necessary to wear black denim at Kohl’s?

No, Kohl’s employees don’t need to wear black denim.

Based on the employees are allowed to wear any colored jeans they can be Black, blue or any other color.

So, Kohl’s jeans’ color isn’t an issue. 

However, a few Kohl’s stores don’t allow colored denim or bottom wear and ask the employees to wear something black.

In that case, the employees have no choice but to wear something black.


Are leggings allowed in Kohl’s?

No leggings are not allowed at Kohl’s.

Not only leggings at Kohl’s, yoga pants, sweatpants, joggers, etc., these kinds of clothing are not allowed.

These types of clothing are way too much body hugging and, hence, not appropriate for professional work.

Also, capris are not allowed, but if any Kohl’s wants to wear them, it has to be around the mid-calf length.


Do employees wear trousers at Kohl’s?

Do employees wear trousers at Kohl's

Employees who are interested in wearing trousers are free to wear them at Kohl’s.

But as they follow a business casual dress code, that’s why wearing trousers is not at all necessary. 

Besides trousers and jeans, employees can wear many other options, such as chino, capris, khaki, etc.

So, there is no need to wear something formal when Kohl’s allows access to comfortable clothing.


Can Employees wear skirts while working at Kohl’s?

Yes, Kohl’s employees are allowed to wear skirts.

Skirts with a plain blouse are a great option to carry a professional look.

But as an employee at Kohl’s, People are not allowed to wear skirts shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

The skirt has to be long enough so that it won’t distract others. And side slits are not allowed as well. 

Besides that, if anyone tries to wear shorts or a short skirt while working at Kohl’s, it’s prohibited for the employees.


Are Sandals Allowed at Kohl’s?

Sandals are very comfortable footwear for regular usage, and many people also wear them at their workplace.

But at Kohl’s, wearing sandals while working is not allowed. 

Also, the employees can’t wear any open-toed footwear at Kohl’s store.

So, as a result, besides flip flops and slippers, crocs and sports sandals are also prohibited.


Can Employees wear sneakers at Kohl’s?

Sneakers would be a great option for employees at Kohl’s.

The store management encourages the employees to wear footwear that are closed-toe shoes.

Therefore, the employees can wear sneakers, loafers, tennis shoes, boots, etc. 

Also, open-heeled shoes are allowed in Kohl’s; as an employee, if you find any open-heeled footwear, then you can wear it for comfort. 


While working at Kohl’s Can Employees wear hats?

There isn’t any proper information regarding wearing hats at Kohl’s.

But the management doesn’t allow wearing a hat or baseball cap at the store while working. 

So unless the employee has any religious or valid reason, Kohl’s store management won’t allow its employees to wear hats or baseball caps while working.


What is the dress code for tattoos at Kohl’s?

At Kohl’s, employees are allowed to have tattoos.

So those with sleeve tattoos or tattoos on their legs don’t have to worry about covering it, as Kohl’s respects individuality. 

But, if the tattoo is designed or written offensive, it can’t stay visible in front of the customers.

Kohl’s always tries to avoid any unnecessary issues at any cost.

So, to avoid distractions for the customers, the employee would be asked to cover their tattoos by wearing a full-sleeve shirt or full-length pants.

If any employee has a visible neck or facial tattoo, the employee has to talk directly with the store management.

As in many Kohl’s stores, facial tattoos are prohibited, especially at Kohl’s Sephora. 


Can Employees have coloured hair at Kohl’s?

Kohl’s has no specific dress code about hair color or styling.

So, as Kohl’s respects their employees’ choices, that’s why having colored hair is allowed at the store. 

It is fine if the employee has natural hair color, but employees with colors such as neon red, pink, etc., have to talk separately with Kohl’s management.

Having brightly colored hair can cause some destruction; hence, a few Kohl’s stores might not allow it or will likely ask you to style it in a bun or braids. 


Are piercings allowed at Kohl’s for employees?

In this era, having piercings is quite common as it’s a great way of styling yourself.

Understanding that at Kohl’s, employees are allowed to have multiple piercings. 

Now, the employees want to wear some jewelry, then they can wear small studs or earrings.

If the Kohl’s employees have facial piercings, a small nose pin or jewelry around the eyebrows is fine.

But wearing too much jewelry for facial piercing is not allowed.


Is it necessary to wear makeup while working at Kohl’s?

No, while working at Kohl’s, having nails manicured nails are not important.

The employees can simply work at the store without makeup, or if they want, they can wear light makeup. 

But if the employee is a member of Sephora at Kohl’s, having something slightly visible is important.

Those employees are representing Kohl’s at the same time; hence, the proper clothing is essential.

Also, about the nails, it would be nice if Kohl’s Sephora employees had manicured or nice-looking nails.

It will make the employee look presentable while working at Kohl’s Sephora.


What is the dress code at Kohl’s Sephora?

Kohl’s Sephora dress code is quite similar to Kohl’s dress code.

Here the employees have to wear a black or dark-colored top.

Denim, trousers, skirts, or any other business casual bottom wear.

Then, a Pump, small heels, tennis shoes, or any informal shoes are allowed, and a little makeup.

The above dress code that Kohl’s Sephora employees must wear while working.

Also, the Kohl’s badge and lanyard are very important things they can’t avoid.


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