Kroger Boost Membership in 2024 (?? How It is Work ??)

Kroger, America’s leading grocery supermarket chain, has launched a paid membership program called Kroger Boost under its Kroger Plus loyalty program.

The Kroger Boost Membership is attractive with two options for customers—an annual fee of $59, which entails unlimited no-fee delivery within 24 hours, and Kroger rapid delivery in two hours for a $99 annual fee.

Kroger’s top brass envisions the underlying annual savings on delivery to the tune of almost $900 will swell the Kroger Boost as an instant hit.

Kroger Boost is already out in divisions such as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Ohio, and Columbia.

The target is to cover the maximum stores with Kroger Boost membership by the end of 2022.

To qualify for the Kroger Boost paid membership program, the minimum order has to be $35.



How does Kroger Boost Membership Work?

Kroger Loyalty programs benefits stand applicable to free and Boost members, from exclusive product prices to fuel point eligibility. 

The Boost means a top-up of more benefits on what you already have. 

Boost members get the most privileged double fuel points on qualifying items with every pickup, in-store order, and delivery.

 The 2X Fuel Points and Free Delivery benefits will be activated within 1 hour of purchase.

The email confirmation on benefit activation will be sent to the registered email address.


What is the rationale for transitions from a free Kroger Plus to paid Boost member program?

According to Bill Bennett, Kroger’s vice president Kroger 

Boost is an “accelerant” to expanding the online grocery service of Kroger.

Kroger is bolstering its customer base to compete with giants like Walmart and Amazon for a greater market share.

Kroger’s online business is on hyper-growth with a focus on higher efficacy of Kroger’s Delivery business driven by Ocado automated fulfillment centers that are scaling up.


How Kroger Boost looks different from other retailer programs?

Kroger Boost Membership Difference

Most membership programs of retailers revolve around a single price point of around $100.

Kroger has a flexible approach with a $59 option and a $99 choice regarding the annual fee.

The second notable aspect is Kroger offering a “welcome kit” to all Boost members.

The kit offers $100 plus from top labels, including Kroger. This takes out the cost burden on the first-year membership. 


What are the Benefits of Kroger cards?

Kroger Boost Membership Benefits

For frequent users, a paid membership like Boost would be ideal. 

Kroger Boost membership advantages include exclusive coupons and discounts, fuel points, and access to many special sales and promotions blitz.


What is the difference between Kroger Free Membership and Boost Membership?

Kroger launched the Kroger Boost program in November 2021 as a paid membership program committing charges-free delivery and doubling of fuel points or gas rewards.

For $59 a year, get free next-day delivery on grocery orders

For $99 a year, free grocery delivery under two hours

Kroger Boost members will earn two fuel points on every $1 spent on groceries and general merchandise.

For 100 fuel points, shoppers get a discount of $0.10 per gallon of fuel and $1 off per gallon.


Why is Kroger offering Boost with an annual subscription?

 Kroger perceives these days, that customers are looking for better ways to shop for groceries with fewer trips and want to save money. 

 That is why an elevated approach entailing fresh food and household essentials is working behind the Boost program.

Customers used to pay $9.95 to $11.95 for delivery. Boost will end that.

Under Boost, Kroger, with the $59 Boost membership, offers a saving of $663 a year. The savings rise to $935 per year if the Boost membership of $99 is adopted. Under Boost, free delivery applies for any order worth $35 or more.

Kroger aims to win families’ hearts via the free delivery ingrained in Boost paid membership with the potential for savings up to $1000 a year.

 The words of Yael Cosset, Senior Vice President for Kroger, are loud when he says Kroger is offering a best-in-class experience with zero compromises on fresh and quality products to customers in the way they want and at the right time. 

The launch of Boost has good timing as customers are facing pressures of inflation and surging fuel prices.

Boost is adding more punch to savings from Kroger’s free loyalty program. Boost exposes members to exclusive savings on many of Kroger’s affiliate brands, such as Murray’s Cheese, Home Chef, Vitacost, Private Selection, and Simple Truth. 

In short, Boost is a harbinger of a wholesome shopping experience adding health to the body and wallet.


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