Kroger Overnight Stocker in 2024 (Work, Salary, Job)

Restocking and setting up shelves for retail stores after business hours, when no customers are present, is the responsibility of Kroger Overnight Stocker.

In grocery and convenience stores, overnight stockers work the night shift stocking the shelves.

An overnight stocker also referred to as a stock clerk, is responsible for taking inventory levels, placing orders for fresh merchandise, and filling shelves.



What Does a Kroger Overnight Stocker Do?

What Does a Kroger Overnight Stocker Do

The Kroger Overnight Stocker oversees completing stocking tasks and assisting the grocery department.

His or her job description comprises tasks including opening products safely, loading, stocking, sorting, cutting, positioning products in the appropriate location, and maximizing product visibility by creating displays, which can result in increased sales.

At Kroger, the Stocker’s job description may include carrying out back-room tasks and counting inventories.

The sales floor and backroom areas could also involve routine housekeeping tasks and spill clean-up.

The Stocker must also exemplify Kroger’s fundamental values: honesty, decency, respect for others, inclusion, and diversity.

He or she acknowledges and greets guests warmly as they approach the department and engages them in a friendly manner to ensure their happiness and a successful connection.

He or she is expected to follow the work schedules that management has established.

TheĀ job description for a Kroger Overnight Stocker and day stocker includes stocking duties such as product ordering, lifting, and stocking as well as facing, blocking, cleaning, and rotating products.

The Stocker must attend to guests’ needs and be able to take or point customers to the things they need.

Additionally, he or she might be given front-end responsibilities like checking and/or sacking.

Kroger stockers carry out a variety of tasks to guarantee excellent customer service and pleasure.

The following job description illustrates the kinds of responsibilities, objectives, tasks, and activities that stockers at Kroger are typically given.

Promote teamwork to provide a positive shopping experience for customers and a secure and comfortable work environment for employees.

In any business area, welcome and assist customers with a smile. This includes conducting price checks, directing them to product locations, helping them access things that are out of their reach, and loading and unloading.

Promptly respond to client inquiries and requests and maintain efficient communication with them. Adhere to Kroger policies when using tools, including box cutters, pallet jacks, forklifts, brooms, and mops. Create and keep displays, and make sure the aisles are filled.

When cutting and sorting grocery stock loads, use the proper case-cutting techniques, and take care to handle the products gently to prevent damage. Correct product placement, product rotation, and working display to shelf items

Sort the inventory per aisle, load it steadily onto pallets or carts, and then move it to the appropriate aisle.

Clean up spills, pick up and compact cardboard pallets or stacks, dispose of used razor blades, and store overstock, among other cleaning tasks on the sales floor or in the backroom.

Also, ensure the individual assignment card is kept up to date with production rates, fixed activities, and piece counts.

Assist cashiers with product substitution and price checks.

Assist with cashier responsibilities such as scanning and processing customer orders, processing coupons and tenders, adhering to front-end scanning processes, and providing outstanding customer service.

Carry out call-related tasks, such as taking calls for the department and assisting callers as needed.

Comply with all sanitary, safety, and food safety processes, guidelines, rules, and programs following Kroger and local, state, and federal health code regulations.


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What are the Requirements, Abilities, and Knowledge for Kroger Overnight Stocker?

Kroger Overnight Stocker Requirments & Ability

To convince the recruiter that you can successfully carry out the role’s function, responsibility, and goal, you must demonstrate specific traits, talents, abilities, knowledge, etc., if you are applying for a stocker position at Kroger.

If you’re interested in the position of Kroger stocker, you must meet the following standards, which are typical requirements imposed by employers:

Strong ability to operate successfully and efficiently in a fast-paced setting; strong interpersonal and customer service communication skills; ability to work in a team atmosphere; friendly, outgoing, and approachable attitude.
Demonstrate superior judgment and decision-making abilities.

Have a working knowledge of addition, subtraction, and counting in mathematics.

Possessing a high school diploma or its equivalent in education is a requirement.

As is having a strong physical capacity that allows you to frequently reach, bend, turn, squat, pull, or push objects weighing up to 2500 pounds, stand, walk, and occasionally carry or lift objects weighing up to 25 pounds.


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How Much Does Kroger Pay for Overnight Stocker?

An overnight stocker makes an average of $11.97 per hour.

Based on seven salaries, an entry-level overnight stocker with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average compensation of $9.80 per hour (tips, bonus, and overtime pay included).

Based on 33 salaries, an entry-level overnight stocker with 1-4 years of experience can expect an average income of $11.97 per hour.

Based on 11 salaries, an average Overnight Stocker in mid-career with 5 to 9 years of experience can expect to make $12.42 per hour.

Based on five salaries, an experienced overnight stocker between 10 and 19 years of experience can expect an average pay of $14.75 per hour.

Employees who are in their late careers (20 years or older) make an average total income of $14.


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What are the Kroger Overnight Stocker Hours?

10 p.m.- 6 a.m. is the time of Kroger night stockers. You must finish the work before the store opens in the morning because it is an overnight shift.


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Kroger Overnight Stockers Interview Questions:

1. What would you do if you observed a staff member stumbling over a box?

Evaluates a candidate’s capacity for cooperative teamwork.


2. Do you have any expertise with inventory software?

Demonstrates the candidate’s proficiency with the software that your retail store utilizes.


3. How do you know you are physically and mentally capable of performing this job?

Evaluates the candidate’s level of physical fitness.


4. What would you do if a shipment of your goods arrived damaged?

Evaluates the candidate’s understanding of appropriate reporting.


5. Why do you think you’ll work well during the night shift?

Evaluates a candidate’s capacity and willingness to work outside of regular hours.


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The sample job description and other information in this article will be useful to you if you are looking for a job with Kroger as a stocker or are just curious about the position’s responsibilities.

You will be able to discover what Kroger stockers do, as well as what hiring managers look for in candidates.


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