Lagrange Veterinary Clinic Hours, Address, Phone Number

Lagrange Veterinary Clinic offers the best quality of care for small and large animals. They are using modern equipment including an in-house laboratory and surgical area. For your pet’s overnight stay, they will provide him or her comfort and care after surgery.

Lagrange Veterinary Clinic Lagrange Hours/ Address

The address is

1005 N Detroit

LaGrange, IN 46761

Phone Number- 260 463 2157

Fax Number- 260 463 2165

Email- [email protected]

Appointments Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 11 am

Sunday- Closed

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Saturday- 7:30 am to 12 pm

Sunday- Closed


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The Veterinary Clinic Services

They offer treatment to the following number of pets including Dogs, Cats, Small Farm Animals, Large Farm Animals.

Small Animals

Large Animals

Equine Medicine and Reproduction


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Lagrange Veterinary Clinic Doctors & Staff

Lagrange Veterinary Clinic Doctors

Their Doctors and Staff include

Dr. Hilary Christner

Dr. Hilary started her career as a Kennel Staff. Christner completed her bachelor of science degree from Purdue University. In 2007 she completed her Doctor of the veterinary degree from Ross University. In 2019 she become the new owner of this veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Hilary’s special area of interest includes canine and equine medicine with an Emphasis on Theriogenology.


Dr. Rodney Bauermeister

Dr. Rodney completed his Doctor of a veterinary degree in 1992 from Purdue University. After his graduation, he joined this veterinary clinic in 1992 as well. Dr. Rodney’s areas of interest include Feline and Canine Medicine.


Heather B

In 2009, Heather joined this veterinary clinic as a registered veterinary technician. Heather completed her graduation from an international business college in Fort Wayne. In her home, she has two dogs and two cats.



Crafts, Being Outdoors


Mackenzie M

In September 2016, Mackenzie joined this Veterinary Clinic. Mackenzie completed her graduation from IBC, Vet Tech Institute in Fort Wayne. In her home, she has three cats and one Dog.


Jamie G

In March 2018, Jamie joined the veterinary Clinic. Jamie completed her graduation from IBC. In her free time, Jamie loves to enjoy Hiking, gardening, traveling.


Claire D

In 2016 Claire was hired for Clean Kennels. In August 2019 she completed her graduation from IBC. She has three care names is Patrick, Puzzles, and Pops.


Dr. Bollinger

In 1975, Dr. Bollinger completed his graduation fromĀ  Purdue University. For more than 39 years he has been practicing veterinary medicine at Lagrange Veterinary Clinic.


Gardening, Fishing, and Tinkering


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