Long and Mcquade Return Policy in 2024 (**Return Guide**)

Long and Mcquade has introduced a very convenient, customer-friendly return policy to satisfy the customers from the deep core of their hearts.

Long and Mcquade Return Policy is no exception to a company’s success.

A return policy is the guideline customers must follow to return their products online or in-store and get a full money-back guarantee.



What is the Long and Mcquade Return Policy?

Long Mcquade allows customers to return or exchange their products on or before 30 days from the date of purchase or shipping.

The company will provide a full refund for your original method of payment.

You must ensure that the product you return is in its original condition as you received it.

All the original accessories, as well as packaging, must be included in your return package. 

You have to pay an amount as a restocking fee for returning financed products and special order items. 

The company allows you to initiate a return or exchange for the product with missing accessories, packaging, or products that are not in their original condition.

You have to pay the replacement cost or the product devaluation. 

If you have received a free shipping allowance for your purchase, it will be deducted from your final refundable amount.

The company will not provide you with a refund for the shipping insurance. 


How to make a return to Long and Mcquade?

Long and Mcquade Return Policy Process

Long Mcquade allows you to make web store returns by visiting any of their retail store locations all across Canada. You may also send your product back directly to the distribution center of Long Mcquade. 

If you want to return your product to a store, you must bring your order number along with the product. 

If you want to return your product directly to the distribution center of Long Mcquade, you have to keep in mind the following things: 

  • You have to fill out the return form completely and include it inside your return package. 
  • You must pack the product you want to return in its original packaging. 
  • The product you want to return must be as new as you received it. 
  • You must place all the accessories, manuals, and literature inside the return package. 
  • You need to use the original shipping carton or an alternate box to secure the shipment of your product. 

You need to ship back your return package to the following address: 

Web Store Returns

Long & McQuade

580 Granite Court

Pickering ON L1W 3Y8


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What products are exceptions in the Long and Mcquade Return Policy?

Long and Mcquade Return Policy Exceptions

The exceptions of the Long and Mcquade return policy are as follows: 

  • Special order items. 
  • Computer software
  • Products with accompanying software that has been registered
  • Print music (books and sheet music)
  • Harmonicas
  • Earplugs and in-ear monitors
  • Reeds


Can I return my online purchase to the Long and Mcquade retail store?

You can return your online purchase to the Long and Mcquade retail store. All you need to do is to bring a copy of your receipt. You will get the best possible assistance from your local Long and Mcquade retail store. 


How Long do I have to return my online order items?

You must return the product within 30 days if you want a full refund. The products you are returning must be new in condition. You need to pack the product in its original packaging.

Some exceptions exist special orders, computer software, print music, harmonicas, and earplugs/in-ear monitors. If you have purchased any item as a Christmas gift after 1st November, it will be eligible to be returned on or before 15th January.

You may also return your product by visiting your local Long Mcquade store location or contacting them to arrange a return. 



We have provided all the information about the Long and Mcquade Return Policy. You must remember the return exceptions when you try to make a return for your product. All the products must be returned within the given deadline. 


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