Lost Costco Card- What Happen if i Lose My Card?(2024)

Costco offers many benefits to its cardholders.

If you are an active Cardholder and regularly purchase from Costco, then you know what beneficial offers Costco provides to its Cardholders.

What happens if you Lost Costco Card?

Is there any solution? Not to worry, we share detailed information on this topic.



Can Someone Use My Lost Costco Card?

All Costco cards have the member’s photo ID on the back, making it difficult to use a lost Costco card.

Costco cashiers are advised to always check the photo on the back to ensure the consumer is using the card issued to them. However, someone may get away with a stolen card.

Cashiers often do not verify the photo on the back of the card when asked to do so.

This is the only way someone can escape his stolen Costco card.

 If you lose your Costco card, you must report the lost card online or in person.

A Costco representative will issue a new card with your new membership number.

The easiest way to verify that your lost Costco card has not been used fraudulently is.


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Can I Replace My Costco Card Online?

Lost Costco Card

Costco cards cannot be replaced online. Y

ou must go to the nearest camp if you want a new card.

When you enter the campsite, go directly to the member’s desk.

An ID is required as proof of identity to ensure you receive a new card with the correct membership.

However, if your current map is destroyed, you must go to your camp and get a new one.

Costco memberships can be renewed online. Costco will not ship replacement cards.


Will Costco replace a lost membership card?

The only way to get a new Costco card is to drive to the nearest department store.

Upon arrival at the camp, staff will escort you to the membership desk and ask for your ID upon entry.

Upon membership confirmation, a replacement card will be issued free of charge.

After switching your Costco card, you can immediately start shopping with your new card.

All Costco card redemptions are always done at the warehouse, regardless of motive.

It’s best to make sure your ID matches your membership number.

Notify the clerk at Costco at his member desk that you have lost your card and need your card reissued.


What if I can’t find my Costco card?

You can find your Costco membership number at:

· Back of membership card. This is a 12-digit number and you can omit leading zeros.

· To the right of the photo is Citi’s Costco Anywhere Visa card below the signature line.

· Billing Summary Section of Annual Update Letter.

If you can’t find your card or renewal notice, we recommend stopping by your nearest Costco membership desk.


Can I get Costco gas if I forget my card?

A great strategy to reduce purchasing costs at this store is to join Costco.

Many items can be purchased at member discount prices, and some items have free shipping. But what options do you have if you leave your card at home?

If you forget your card, you can still shop at Costco.

You must request a temporary card for shopping at the Service Desk.

After providing your ID and name, we will check your customer number to confirm you are a member before proceeding.

If you lose your card, we will send you a replacement card.


If One forgets to Carry The Card Or Lose His Card, Then What To Do?

Please notify Costco as soon as possible if you lose your membership card so we can cancel the missing card.

Visit the membership desk at your neighborhood warehouse to get started.

Bring photo identification showing your current residential address to the membership counter at your nearby warehouse to obtain a replacement card.

After that, you can have a new card printed by our membership department.

OR You must visit the membership department to get a temporary pass or a new membership card if you forget your Costco card.

Utilizing the temporary card to purchase items at Costco; Requesting a temporary shopping card at the membership desk.

They will ask to see your ID to confirm your identity and check your membership number.

You’ll be handed a temporary card after your identity has been confirmed, which you can use to make purchases at Costco.

Purchase what you need, then pay at the register.


How much is a Costco card?

Lost Costco Card

 Costco Membership has three different types, each giving you access to any Costco store worldwide.

 1. The cheapest option for customers not affiliated with a

company is the Gold Star Membership. Her two adults over 18 residing at the same address can use the membership for $60 per year.

 2. Business Membership also costs $60 annually but is only available to business owners who wish to purchase the merchandise for both personal use and sale.

Membership is a total of cards; additional cardholders can be added for $60 annually.

To qualify for Business Membership, you must present three types of Business ID or Business License (this is the only membership category that allows new members to be added.

 3. Executive Membership includes two Household Cards and an annual cost of $120. In addition to a 2% annual return on qualifying Costco purchases, this tier offers additional savings on Costco services and select Costco travel packages. A prudent purchase may justify the higher price.

For example, spending $3,000 annually on eligible products such as groceries, furniture, and appliances will return $60 (the cost of a tier upgrade). Purchase a Gold Star Membership before upgrading your account to an Executive Membership.


How many Costco cards can you have per household?

Primary Members (and Affiliate Members with Business Memberships) must, in addition to their Membership Card, pay for her 18+ living at the same address.

You can also gift a family card to residents of Members.

Upon picking up the card at her desk, the household cardholder must present identification proof that they reside at the same address as the primary member or affiliate member.

Visit your local Costco Member counter to add a new Household Cardholder.


Can I use my dad’s Costco card without him?

Costco membership cards are non-transferable, but there are other ways to reward your family.

Cardholders can invite up to two guests each time they visit the warehouse. Remember, only Costco members can purchase.

So instead of borrowing your father’s card, you can accompany him to Costco as a guest.

There are other ways to get Costco membership benefits without actually having a membership card.

The Household Card can be given free from the primary member to the second resident.

If a family member already has a Costco membership card, you can add your name to the family card.

You can add individuals to your household in the account details section.

If you use someone else’s card at Costco, make sure that person is with you. Then you can shop there.

Please note that the account holder must be present when paying for purchases.


Can I use someone else’s credit card at Costco?

Normally when you go to Costco, you’ll see “out of stock” or “limited quantity” signs, but another problem unrelated to the offer – check Credit Cards Might Not Be Accepted When Out – You may be surprised.

Only Visa-enabled credit cards can be used to shop at Costco.

Costco customers were previously limited to cards issued by Amex, which changed in 2016 when Visa became the retailer’s sole credit card network.

If your preferred payment method is a credit card supported by another network, you may experience problems during the checkout process.

Credit cards accepted at Costco warehouses and credit card validations accepted on Costco.com and the Costco app are described below.

You can use the Costco co-branded card when shopping at Costco customers cannot use credit cards offered by the other three major networks: American Express, MasterCard, or Discover, at Costco’s warehouses due to Visa’s agreement.


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