Lush Return Policy in 2023 (Afterpay, Paypal)

Though the brand has numerous products, people always think twice about collecting a product from Lush. Because they are concerned about the return policy. The happiest news is that the Lush Return Policy is validated at the time of the purchase. 

Trichologist Mr. Mark Constantine first initiated and commenced a start-up of cosmetics. In 1995 with the backbone support of his wife and another five personalities, he became courageous to launch a cosmetics brand named Lush Retail Ltd. It has its root in the Dorset of the United Kingdom. Today it has more than 900 stores all over the world.
The products they retail are – various types of moisturizers, creams, shampoos, soaps, body shampoo, scrubs, etc. They manufacture products for both hair and skin. It’s contended that the products are all vegan.



What is the Lush Return Policy?

A piece of cloth or a gadget can be returned easily to the stores. But it is pretty challenging to get the advantage of a return policy. When it comes to liquid products or color cosmetics, the customers of each corner have a hidden wish to get the privilege of a return policy. 

A return policy is an agreement that is made for the sake of every type of customer. If they are disheartened after purchasing any product from a store or online, they are given a chance to return it and get their payment back. 

According to the Lush Return Policy, each customer is offered a fair return policy. They have a 90 days term in their return policy. If any customer becomes disappointed after buying any product from Lush, they can return the product within 90 days from their date of purchase.

Two different types of modes are available in return. One is online, and another is in-store. The customers who purchased the product from an offline store must return it within their given days from the date of purchase from the store. On the other hand, the customers who purchased any item online also have to return the product within their allotted time from the date of shipment.


Lush Return Policy for online purchase

Lush Return Policy for online purchase

Today’s modern world likes to shop anything online instead of attending a shop physically. As lush also has its online e-commerce site, many customers always connect with them online. And this is the reason why lash has introduced its large written policy for online purchases. In the following, the steps of returning online will be explained briefly.

 First, you must sign in to their store; the store staff will receive your product and start checking. They will inform you if you are eligible to get a refund.


What is Lush Return Policy if I purchase with Afterpay?

Yes, Lush will approve your return if you want to purchase with Afterpay but in a specific condition. With their lush return policy, a customer can only return a product with the help of Afterpay within U.S. stores


What is the Lush return Policy if I purchase with PayPal?

Lush Return Policy by purchase with paypal

Still, Lush can’t initiate any steps for returning are purchased with PayPal. If you still want to return your product, you have to contact their customer service team for this matter. 


If I lost my original receipt, what can I do in return?

The original receipt is vital at the moment of returning an item. It is highly needed as per their return policy. If you lost the receipt, you need to dial their customer care number as soon as possible.


Is Lush accepting returns without Prior Authorization?

Lush is always careful at the moment of delivery for any kind of item. Still, if they mistakenly deliver you a wrong or damaged item, you immediately have to contact their customer care number. If the product is in their stock, they must send that product without charging any extra cost. But if there is no stock of that specific item or it is a seasonal item only, they will assure you of a refund. 


How long does Lush take to refund?

Lush will make your refund in the same process you used during purchasing. After checking your returned item, they immediately start their refund process if they think the product is okay. Within just 3 to 5 business days, you can get your refund.


Does Lush take back empty containers?

Lush always use containers that are BPA-free and worthy of reusing. So you can take back the empty containers for recycling to Lush. You will be gifted a face mask free after returning the containers.


Which Lush containers can you return?

Mainly the clean and undisputed containers are only allowed to return. They can recycle the containers for future purposes.



If you have any doubts about the return policy, this article is just for you to clarify all your doubts. Lush is promising in their return policy. So don’t be afraid more. 


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