Mansfield Health Center in Mansfield, Hours, Rheumatology

Mansfield Health Center Physicians and medical professionals are very much experienced and they are committed to providing health care to their patients. This Health center is available for 24 hours and they can also provide quick access to major Highways.



Mansfield Health Center Phone Number/ Hours

Mansfield Health Center


200 Copeland Drive, Mansfield, MA 020-48

Phone Number- 508 339 4144

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

8 am to 6 pm

Friday- 8 am to 5 pm


Urgent Care Hours

Monday to Thursday

8 am to 6 pm


8 am to 5 pm


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Mansfield Health Center Services

Their services include Urgent care services and Rheumatology Services

Urgent Care Services

In this section, they have experienced Physician assistants and Nurse practitioners. They can treat your acute illness and Injuries. They are also available for residents.


Mansfield Health Center Rheumatology Services

Mansfield health care rheumatologists are very experienced and provide high-quality care to their patients. They treat rheumatic disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, Vasculitis syndromes, Joint, muscle, and skin-related injuries, Gout, and many others. Their main goal is to provide quality individualized care according to the patient medical profile.



Mansfield health care accepts the major insurance plans and also many commercial plans.


Scheduling Appointments

This health care staff helps you to schedule your appointments during a time that most convenient for You.


Laboratory and Radiology services 

Their Lab and radiology staff are highly experienced and their goal is to provide accurate and timely analysis to the provider.


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Mansfield Health Center Doctors/Providers

Their doctors or providers include

1〉 John C. Shaver, MD

Mansfield Health Center

John is a board-certified by internal medicine.

Medical School

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Residency Training

Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center


2〉 Stephanie Muriglan, MD, MS, MAT

Mansfield Health Center

Stephanie is a board-certified in Family Medicine

Medical School

Saint George’s University, Grenda

Residency Training

The University of Massachusetts- Fitchburg


3〉 Matthew Plosker, MD

Matthew Plosker, MD

Matthew is board certified in Family Medicine.

Medical School

Ross University School of Medicine

Residency Training

University of Massachusetts Medical School


4〉 NancyAnn Walsh, FNP

NancyAnn Walsh, FNP

Nancy is a nurse practitioner in family medicine.

Nursing School

University of Massachusetts


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5〉 Pamela Lord Vosshell, FNP-BC

Pamela Lord Vosshell, FNP-BC

Pamela is a Nurse practitioner in Family Medicine.

Nursing School

Ohio State University


6〉 Linda Beadle, FNP, RNC

Mansfield Health Center

Linda completed her nursing school from Northeastern University. She is a nurse practitioner in Family Medicine.


7〉 Beth Dombrowski, FNP-BC

Mansfield Health Center Rheumatology

Beth completed her nursing from the MGH Institute of Health Profession.


8〉 Scot Sallaway, PA-C, MHP

Mansfield Health Center Rheumatology

Scot is a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine. He is a certified Physician Assistant. He completed his degree from Northeastern University.


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