Mcdonalds 20 Nuggets Price 2024 (USA, UK, CA, AUS)

This article shares detailed information on Mcdonalds 20 Nuggets Price and other Nuggets-related information.

Everyone knows about McDonald’s and the reasons why it’s so famous.

Currently, McDonald’s has stores in more than 38,000 locations worldwide.

But even though people love McDonald’s food, it still concerns many people how McDonald’s keeps its food prices low, especially the chicken nuggets.

So to answer this question about affordable McDonald’s chicken nuggets, This article is here.



What is Mcdonalds 20 Nuggets Price?

What is Mcdonalds 20 Nuggets Price

There are billions of people who love McDonald’s, and McDonald’s has a few dishes that make McDonald’s the top restaurant chain, which is its fries, hashbrown, and chicken McNuggets.

The chicken McNuggets in McDonald’s are so delicious and affordable that the customers order the McNuggets in bulk.

In the US, the price of a 20-piece chicken McNugget is only $5; that’s so affordable; not only that, if you buy 10 pieces of nuggets, it will cost $4.49, and the 40 pieces will cost only $8.99. 


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What is Mcdonalds Nuggets Price in the UK?

McDonald’s is available worldwide, and the UK is also a place where McDonald’s is hugely loved, so to serve its customers, McDonald’s offers six pieces of chicken McNuggets for £3.19, 9 pieces for £3.49, and £4.99 for 20 pieces.

For McDonald’s nuggets, the price is very affordable. 


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What is Mcdonalds Nuggets Price in Canada?

Like most of the McDonald’s nuggets prices in other countries, the chicken McNuggets price in Canada is a little pricey but equally delicious.

In Canada, you can get chicken McNuggets for around $5.59 for 6 pieces, $6.99 for 10 pieces, and for 20-pieces of McNuggets, which costs $10.29. 


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What is Mcdonalds Nuggets Price in Ireland?

You won’t get McDonald’s nuggets in high quantities in Ireland, but you can always order more if you want.

So, in Ireland, you can get six chicken McNuggets for €2.50 and 9 McNuggets for €4.68. Also, chicken McNuggets meals are available at €7.13 for 6-pieces and €8.00 for 9-pieces.


What is Mcdonalds Nuggets Price in Australia?

Mcdonalds 20 Nuggets Price in Australia

In Australia, the nuggets are so famous among the customers that they have a huge variety of chicken nuggets quantity-set and meals available for it customers.

There you can get Chicken McNuggets 3-pieces for $3,80, 6-pieces for $6,00, 10-pieces for $8,00, 20-pieces for $13,25, and 24-pieces for $9,95.

There are also many McNuggets meals available in Mcdonald’s; a 6-piece McNuggets meal in a small size costs $9,25, a medium meal costs $9,95, and in large McNuggets meal it costs $10,65.  

Then there is a 10-piece chicken McNuggets meal that costs around $10,70 for a small meal, $11,40 for a medium meal, and $12,10 for a large meal.

And finally, the 20-piece chicken McNuggets meal, with a value of $16,45 for a small-sized meal, $17,15 for a medium meal, and $17,85 for a large chicken McNuggets meal.


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How McDonald’s Make their Nuggets?

Before you get the hot chicken McNuggets on your plate, it has to go through a huge process.

First, the Chickens are selected from Mcdonald’s poultry farm, then the Chickens are cut into different parts, and among all the parts, only the breasts are used to make chicken McNuggets; no dark meat is used in the nugget recipe.

After separating the chicken breast from all the other parts, the chicken breast is collected in a huge bucket and then sent to the grinding machine.

Then after the Chicken is finely ground, all the ingredients are put and mixed into it.

After that, the chicken mixture is shaped, put into a batter, tempura, and then finally sent to the fryer for partial fry.

And then, the semi-cooked nuggets are sent to the McDonald’s restaurant, where they are cooked and served.  



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How can McDonald’s sell 20 nuggets for $5?

Mcdonalds 20 Nuggets Price (Nugget Afordable Strategy)

There are two types of people in McDonald’s, one who gets the food and eats it, and the second one is those who love the food but also analyze the facts.

So for the analysts, McDonald’s makes 20 chicken nuggets for $5 by following a few clever business strategies.

● McDonald’s has their own poultry farm from where it gets its Chicken and does not have to buy it from other farmers.

● The chicken nuggets are not made in different McDonald’s restaurants; 95% of the nugget-making is done at the factory.

● Most of the nugget-making work is done by machines. Hence, not many workers are required to make McNuggets.

● The sale of chicken nuggets at McDonald’s is quite high; hence in the factories, the Chicken is made in huge batches and sent to McDonald’s restaurants. 

● And when the cook in McDonald’s restaurant fries the nuggets, it hardly takes some time, so it also doesn’t occupy the stove for long. 

This is why Mcdonald’s can maintain the quality and taste in all the restaurants and keep its price as low as $5 for 20 nuggets. 


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How many Calories are in McDonald’s Nuggets?

Even though you know about the McDonald’s nuggets calories through this article, you still can’t keep yourself away from the Chicken McNuggets for long.

So, only to let you know, if you consume 6-chicken McNuggets, which is around 100g, your calorie intake is around 298 calories.

For 10 chicken McNuggets, it’s 480 calories; for 20 chicken nuggets, the calorie intake is 830 calories, but it is mainly served for two. 

So, in the end, you can see that Chicken McNuggets are more or less affordable in most countries, and despite the different countries, the quality never suffers.

But consuming too many McNuggets is not good, so it’s better if you stick to 6 McNuggets rather than ten pieces. 


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