Mcdonalds Apple Pie Potato in 2024 (Ingredients, Who Bake)

In this article, we share detailed information on Mcdonalds Apple Pie Potato.

From the due to the frequent apple pie to seasonal specials you just had to wait for all year, McDonald’s pies are a perennial fan favorite.

In connection with that, Pumpkin & Creme Pies has begun to emerge on a few McDonald’s menus around the nation.

According to Mashed, McDonald’s has produced more than 40 distinct pie types worldwide.

There are classic flavors like cherry, lemon, and chocolate, along with more unusual flavors like s’mores, sweet potato mango-passionfruit, and a salty bacon-potato pie.

The apple pie at Mickey D’s has seen quite a few changes: As of 1992, the filling is produced with six distinct varieties of apples and is baked rather than deep-fried.



What Is McDonalds Apple Pie Potato?

The renowned apple pie was the first dessert offered by McDonald’s, which debuted in 1968 (a year after the Big Mac). Since then, it has grown rapidly into a menu mainstay with a religious following.

It has such a devoted following that there was a national controversy in 1992 when McDonald’s switched the pie from fried to baked.

Today’s pies are cooked, brimming with apple flavor, and capped with such a lattice crust.

The apples and the thickening utilized in the filling are the two reasons customers can’t receive good apple pie.

It is one of McDonald’s desserts that is healthier.

Apple pie from McDonald’s is a treat, but it won’t ruin your diet like most other McDonald’s sweets.

A baked apple pie contains 230 to 240 calories, 16 g of sugar, and 11 grams of fat.

Unless any of these Greek words mean “potato,” the ingredients listed on their website indicate no.

Wheat-based starch makes the delicious crust, while corn starch is used to thicken the apple filling.


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What Ingredients Are In McDonald’s Apple Pie?

Mcdonalds Apple Pie Potato (Ingredients)

100% American-grown apples are used in McDonald’s baked apple pie recipes, including a lattice crust that is baked to perfection and dusted with powdered sugar.

Apple pie from McDonald’s has 230 calories. To create your version of Apple Pie A-La-Mode, serve it with a Warm Caramel Sundae.


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Who Bakes McDonalds Apple Pies?

Over the past 50 years, Bama Industries in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been the sole manufacturer of pies for US McDonald’s.

Bama produces over 2 million pies for McDonald’s daily with the help of around 800 workers who labor nonstop at three plants.

The pies are made in Tulsa, but they are baked right there at every McDonald’s restaurant in the country.


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What Happened To McDonalds Original Apple Pie?

Mcdonalds Apple Pie Potato1

Unfortunately, you won’t be biting into a fried apple pie’s golden, crispy outside if you choose to eat an apple pie at McDonald’s today. This is the outcome of a significant shift in 1992.

McDonald’s began baking apple pies in 1992 rather than frying them. Unfortunately, not very successful.

The restaurant mostly followed the original recipe, but flavor and texture were lost when they switched from frying to baking.

The decision by McDonald’s to switch from traditional fried pies to a baked variant has been the subject of some discussion.

Some people think the development of diet foods or low-fat options in the 1990s was an effort to tap into this new low-fat eating culture.

Even though the baking version is not significantly healthier than that of the fried one, some people are not persuaded this was the cause.


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Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Fry Their Apple Pies?

McDonald’s apple pies were deep-fried, not baked, up until 1992.

Because consumers were becoming more concerned about eating healthily and fried foods meant more fat, the chain changed the recipe.

However, it may be argued that, in this instance, health was put above taste.

This past September, McDonald’s made news when it revealed some modifications to the recipe for its apple pie.

Among other improvements, the latest iteration has a lattice top, sliced apples rather than chopped apples, and a stronger cinnamon-flavored filling.


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Why Are McDonald’s Apple Pies So Excellent?

Mcdonalds Apple Pie Potato (Why it is so excillent)

Over the years, McDonald’s has released a variety of pies, such as cherry pie, strawberry & crème, or holiday pies. Still, none have achieved the same popularity as the classic apple pie.

Although McDonald’s stuffs their pies full of apples, the pie’s apple flavor comes from various apples, not just those six.

McDonald’s uses a unique thickening ingredient that gives the filling extra apple flavor.

A processed thickener agent is commonly used in pie fillings to keep the filling in place and jelly-like.

But McDonald’s utilizes an apple powder that has been dried. The powder not just to thicken the filling but also enhances the delicious additional apple flavor.


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Apple Pies From Mcdonalds Are Frozen?

The restaurant claims on its site that its apple pies are freshly cooked every day, despite the possibility that you could think the pastry arrived frozen.


Are The Apples In McDonald’s Apple Pies Real?

Yes, there are actual apple dice in the pie at McDonald’s. The specific kind can change from season to season, but we prefer sweet apples and just a few sour.

Read the complete list of ingredients for our apple pies. Apple slices from McDonald’s are a healthy, delectable side dish made from actual apples.

Our apple slices always are crisp and juicy thanks to carefully chosen types, providing a delightful snack containing 15 calories per serving.

Not only one or two apples are used by McDonald’s. So if you believe you can make McDonald’s famous dessert at home, put away your Lady Smiths and Red Delicious.

Instead, Mickey D’s uses six different varieties of American-grown apples for their pies: Jonagold, Fuji, Red Delicious, Gal, Rome, and Ida Red.

Additionally, the apples were sliced rather than diced, so each bite would have substantial apple bits.


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Is There Lard In McDonald’s Apple Pie?

There isn’t a single animal item in the steaming dessert pocket, which is filled with actual apples, oil palm, high-fructose cane sugar, spice, brown sugar, salt, stuff called “apple powder,” and a variety of other ingredients. That’s correct; there won’t be any butter, lard, or angry celebrity activists.


Can Vegetarians Eat Apple Pie At McDonalds?

Depending on how stringent of a vegan you are, McDonald’s apple pie might or might not be vegan.

McDonald’s apple pie is vegan in most nations, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

However, the McDonald’s apple pie recipe includes milk in places like Australia.

Cross-contamination with dairy products is another possibility to take into account.

The apple pies in the UK don’t contain any ingredients of animal origin.

We cannot, however, describe them as acceptable for vegetarians because they were fried in oil that might have come in contact without oil that had previously been used to fry poultry and fish products.


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