McDonalds Chocolate Dip Cone in 2024 (Calories, Cost)

In this article, we share detailed information about Mcdonalds Chocolate Dip Cone.

McDonald’s has always been a happy place; people have fond memories of visiting it and enjoying their favorite meals.

It is where all kinds happily want their meals without complaining about the food.

The menu at McDonald’s consists of various exciting items sufficient for anyone to lift their mood if they are having a bad day.

The happy meal at McDonald’s makes you nostalgic. It reminds you of the good old days.

The Chocolate dip cone is an integral part of McDonald’s. It was used to serve your favorite ice cream.



What is McDonalds Chocolate Dip Cone?

What is McDonalds Chocolate Dip Cone

There is practically no one in this universe who dislikes ice cream.

Whether it is summer or winter, ice creams are loved throughout the year.

Irrespective of the age difference, it is loved by all. The milky, creamy texture and mouth-watering flavors make it a religious experience.

Now, ice cream comes in different shapes and sizes.

They are served in different ways. Some people like it scoped, while some like it soft-served.

Similarly, some people prefer it on the stick. Ice cream is also served in a cup. At Mcdonald’s, you get ice cream served in a crunchy cone.

But the difference in opinion still lies in the fact of whether ice cream should be served in a cone or it should be served in a cup.

The concept of ice cream served in a waffle cone was first introduced at a fair. It was an accidental outcome.

The vendor ran out of ice cream cups, so he quickly rolled the waffle cone into a conical shape and served the ice cream inside the cone.

After this incident, he never had to turn back in his life.

Soon his accidental idea brought a remarkable impact on ice cream lovers.

The chocolate dip cone at McDonald’s is a perfect blend of crispy and crunchy and field with three swirls of your favorite soft-serve ice cream, making an anti-gravitational peak structure.

The chocolate dip cone is like the show-stopper of his entire show. You get crispy chocolate waffles every time you bite into the cone.  


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What happened to the dip cone at McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, it is not continued anymore.

As per the authority, the chocolate fudge used to dip the waffle cone got burnt every time it was left unattended.

Because of this, they had to discard it every single time.

It was a common occurrence in almost every branch of McDonald’s.

It resulted from the employee’s casualty because they had to stop selling this item.

Even though the customers loved the chocolate dip cone, ultimately, the corporation decided to end this and discontinue this item from their menu.

It was agreed to keep in mind that employees would save time heating, cleaning, and dipping the cones in hot chocolate fudge.

Instead, they could use that extra time more productively.


Does McDonald’s still do chocolate dipped?

McDonalds Chocolate Dip Cone

No, not anymore. As per the orders of the governing body, they have stopped serving chocolate dip at McDonald’s Because it was found that either the ice cream from the cone fell inside the hot fudge or it changed its appearance before it could even make it to the customer.

Therefore the chocolate dip is not continued at McDonald’s anymore.


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How many calories are in a chocolate-dipped cone from McDonald’s?

The chocolate dip cone consists of 281.00 Cal.

So, if you desire to gain your hands on this, you need first go for a run. Otherwise, indulging in it once in a while is fine.

If you want a low-calorie option, consider trying something with a low-calorie count.

It has neither too many nor too few calories.

Hence you can include it when you go out for a cheat meal. But now it is not continued at any McDonald’s store anymore.

Therefore, you might have to settle down for something else.

McDonald’s discontinued the item from their Happy Meal menu.


How much does McDonald’s Chocolate Dip cone cost?  

The McDonald’s chocolate dip cone is priced at $0.99.

You get a soft serve and vanilla ice cream dipped in hot chocolate at this price.

The outer shell is nice and hard; you taste the creamy goodness once you bite it.

Like you get the taste of heaven for $0.99 bucks. McDonald’s doing a great job.

They are helping their customers to keep the child inside them alive.


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