McDonalds Dehydrated Onions in 2024 (!!DETAILED!!)

The dehydrated onions found at McDonald’s are nothing but common onions.

Therefore, if you think McDonalds dehydrated onions are mainly flavored veggies or unique items, please consider your thoughts again.

No exceptional ingredients are used to prepare these onions.

However, you will get these onions in special packaging instead of losing form after rehydrating them.

The employees of the food giant make the dry onions go through a unique rehydrating process by keeping them soaked in water for a particular time.

You will find these fantastic onions on most McDonald’s food items, like sandwiches, burgers, etc. Do you wish to enhance your knowledge of these tasty onion slices?

Keep reading the content and learn about one of the most common toppings of McDonald’s food items.



What are Mcdonalds Dehydrated Onions?

The employees of McDonald’s collect the standard dry onions available in the local market.

After that, they store them in packaged form in the factory after mincing the onions.

Now, the prep person at the store takes a small tub used for straining with multiple holes at the bottom.

In the next step, they will put the minced onions into this container and place this utensil inside another water-filled tub.

They soak the dry onions in this way and carry out the rehydration process.

After this, they will keep the rehydrated onions inside the refrigerator for an average duration of two hours.

It will help the onions dry up faster and ensure a great aftertaste while having the onions with your favorite food.

Finally, you will get the famous dehydrated onions of McDonald’s.


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Does Mcdonalds Use Dehydrate Onions?

McDonalds Dehydrated Onions1

Mcdonald’s dehydrated onions are typical toppings or ingredients that the famous food chain uses for most of its products.

However, you will get different types of onions for every item you order.

Therefore, these dehydrated onions are only sometimes used.

According to the order placed, you can also enjoy other styles of onions.

So, the brand uses ordinary onions and specially processed dehydrated ones to decorate your burgers, hamburgers, or sandwiches.


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Why do Mcdonald’s onions taste so good?

Mcdonald’s food items can become an addiction due to the fabulous tastes and flavors.

However, another significant ingredient to enhance this state is the onion.

Now, many may think, how can onions be so special? Well, McDonald’s onions genuinely taste incredibly good.

A burger is irresistible primarily for the tasty onions.

The goodness of the onions will take you to another world as you take the lovely bites.

McDonald’s onions are not like the usual ones.

Instead of the common onions, the store prefers to put the dehydrated ones to give a distinct flavor to your favorite items.

Moreover, Mcdonalds dehydrated onions first go through the rehydration process, and then the specialists refrigerate them to eliminate moisture.

However, if you want fresh onion slices, please mention them when placing the order.

You can easily differentiate the two types by observing the pattern of the cuts.

You will find the fresh onions in slivered form and dehydrated ones in copped form.

However, most customers consider adding dehydrated onions as the secret ingredient for such a heavenly taste.

The marvelous process of rehydrating the dry onions by soaking in a tub of water and then dehydrating them ensures you get the best taste.


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How long does it take dehydrated onions to rehydrate at McDonald’s?

At McDonald’s, the dehydrated onions are soaked again in water for rehydration.

The bowl should be microwave-proof.

The staff will then put this bowl with onions in the microwave for a 30-minute on medium heat.

After this, the machine is switched off, and the onions are allowed to cool down for about 15 minutes.

They will wait until the entire water gets absorbed within the onions.


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Is it possible to make McDonald’s onions?

McDonalds Dehydrated Onions

Yes, it is possible to make McDonald’s onions at your home.

You have to follow the soaking process and keep some patience.

The taste can differ slightly, but it will be a fantastic experience. Bring regular onions from the market and dice them.

Now, put the onions under water for about 30 seconds, or it can also be up to 1 minute.

Some enzymes on the outer portion of the onions will wash away due to this process and bring the same effect as the McDonald’s ones.

You can keep them soaked in water for some time and then put them in the fridge for cooling.

For the rehydration process, you can use the regular strainer.

As you take the onions finally out in dehydrated form, you can notice the change.

Prepare a sandwich using these onions; they will undoubtedly taste fabulous, just like the McDonald’s dehydrated onions.


What are those little onions on McDonald’s hamburgers?

Have you noticed those little pieces of onions on the hamburgers available at McDonald’s?

Those are special onions of the store in dehydrated form.

The flavors of these onions are better than the freshly chopped ones as you put them on the meatloaf. Soaking for an hour can give the best results.

If you are preparing the same at home, please ensure that you are storing the dehydrated onions in a sealed container to be in a good state for a long time.


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How does McDonald’s chop their onions?

McDonalds Dehydrated Onions

Mcdonalds dehydrated onions generally come in dice.

The store staff first brings the dry onions and then cuts these veggies into small dice.

They put the pieces into a tub of water, soak the onions, and use a strainer to filter the water.

The dehydrated ones are thus minced, but you will get the fresh onions in slivered slices.


Are dehydrated onions real onions?

Yes, of course. The dehydrated onions that McDonald’s use is regular onions.

To add a different flavor, the shop people rehydrate the dry onions and finally dehydrate them after refrigeration.



Mcdonald’s will undoubtedly make your mouth water with its brilliant delicacies.

However, the onions taste different here than in any other place.

This happens only because of the McDonalds dehydrated onions, which come in this special form due to the employees’ hard work.

The special process can only bring such great taste to regular onions by performing the rehydration and dehydration processes.