McDonalds Iced Vanilla Latte in 2024 (Calories, Caffine)

We share detailed information on Mcdonalds Iced Vanilla Latte. McDonald’s McCafe is a part of McDonald’s that everyone loves.

From a sunny day to a cold winter make, McDonald’s has every kind of comforting beverage available for their customers.

And among the top coffee beverages at McDonald’s, the iced vanilla latte is the highest of all.

The iced Vanilla latte and the french vanilla latte are equally soothing, and based on your mood and weather; you can choose the best beverage for you.



What is Mcdonalds Iced Vanilla Latte?

What is McDonalds Iced Vanilla Latte

Who wouldn’t like to start their day with a delicious McDonald’s iced Vanilla latte on a hot summer day?

This popular beverage uses bold espresso, whole milk, and French Vanilla syrup.

This beverage is exclusively made as a McDonald’s exceptional coffee.

Its bold espresso is dark roasted caffeine that gives the coffee a rich, roasted, and smoky flavor; the French Vanilla syrup gives the iced vanilla latte the perfect amount of smoothness and sweetens the coffee.

Then all these mixed with the whole milk makes the coffee light and sweet, and finally, the added ice makes the coffee beverage chilled, which is precisely what people need on a sunny day. 


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How many calories are in a McDonalds iced vanilla latte?

It’s difficult to avoid such delicious beverages even when trying to cut down your calories.

On a stressed and sunny day, the best thing that can soothe you is the Ices vanilla latte, but still, it’s better to know the calorie level of a beverage before having it.

The calorie level for the small-sized vanilla latte is around 210 cal, then in the medium size, it is 260 cal, and finally, In the large vanilla latte, the calorie amount is 360 calorie.

So, if you want an iced Vanilla latte, it will be better if you stick to the small ones.


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What is the difference between McDonald’s iced coffee and an iced latte?

McDonald’s iced latte does sound fancier than iced coffee. But we can assure you there isn’t a massive difference between them.

Mcdonald’s iced coffees are made like standard iced coffees where you add milk, coffee, sugar, and ice.

And in the case of McDonald’s iced latte, McDonald’s adds espresso shots instead of plain coffee.

After that, the latte requires cold milk and then ice. It’s the same as the hot latte but in a cold version.


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How many calories is a large iced vanilla latte from McDonald’s?

Having large coffee is a thing, they are people who love having large coffee or iced lattes, they are refreshing, and you can also have them for a long time while Chatting with your friends or working.

And if you love large coffee beverages, you must also like McDonald’s iced vanilla latte, so let’s talk about the calories you will consume if you have a large Vanilla latte.

Well, In the large vanilla latte, the calorie amount is 360cals, and if you have one large Vanilla latte there, you’ll cover a big part of your daily calorie intake. 


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Does McDonalds iced vanilla latte have caffeine?

Does McDonalds iced vanilla latte have caffeine

Yes, Mcdonald’s iced vanilla latte does have caffeine. It is made of espresso shorts which makes it a coffee beverage.

But if you want to know the exact amount of caffeine available in McDonald’s iced vanilla latte, then according to USDA National Nutrient Database, a large Vanilla latte has around 173 mg of caffeine available.

If you consume an iced Vanilla latte almost daily, then it’s better to stick to the small one so you won’t get addicted. 


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How much sugar is in a McDonalds vanilla latte?

Having a perfectly brewed coffee is a serious obsession for many people, and McDonald’s vanilla latte is one of those unique coffees that satisfy that obsession.

The sweetener in the coffee is perfectly balanced, and the coffee base you can choose the base you want in the Vanilla latte. 

It can be difficult for you if you have a health issue or are cutting down your daily sugar intake, but you should at least know the sugar amount you have each day.

Well, the amount of sugar in a Vanilla latte is hugely based on its size.

In the small-sized Vanilla latte, the sugar amount is around 30g, then in the medium vanilla latte, it is 38g of sugar, and in the large one, it has 47g of sugar.

So, think if it is good for your health or diet to consume this amount of sugar. 


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Are iced lattes stronger than coffee?

If you have ever had a latte and coffee, then you know their taste difference.

Even though the ingredients in both iced latte and coffee are quite the same, you can easily distinguish their different taste.

In the iced latte, the milk usage it is pretty high; thus, even though espresso is used in latte it is not at all strong like the coffee. 


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What is Mcdonalds Vanilla Latte Price?

Mcdonald’s vanilla latte is a loved coffee beverage at many places, but the price of the Mcdonald’s vanilla latte mostly depends on the location or country you are in.

In the United States, The Small is $2.29, the medium size is around $3, and the large size Vanilla latte in the US is $3.59. 

In Canada, the French Vanilla latte of small size costs around $2.79, then the medium size costs $3.29, and finally, the large McDonald’s French vanilla latte is valued at $3.69.

In the UK, there isn’t any vanilla latte available you can only get a plain latte in regular and large sizes; the regular McDonald’s latte costs around £1.99, and the large one costs £2.29.

Then, overall the McDonald’s vanilla latte price on average in different places in the United States is, 

● In North Carolina, the average price of a McDonald’s vanilla latte is $2.99

● In Tennessee, the average price of MacDonald’s French vanilla latte is 2.39

● In Los Angeles, the average price is $2

● In Oklahoma, the average price of a vanilla latte is $2

● In New York, the average price of French Vanilla is $3.59


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Is Mcdonalds Vanilla Lattee Good?

It is a concern whether the coffee is good or not for the coffee person.

Mcdonald’s vanilla latte is one of the finest hot coffees you can try.

It is rich and smooth and has a slight taste of vanilla that won’t overwhelm your coffee taste.

When the vanilla latte is served to you, and you take a sip of the warm beverage, you’ll feel the pleasant aroma of that coffee, and the taste is perfect, not too sweet or bitter.

And the foam above the vanilla latte coffee is good but could be better. 

But if you want to measure the goodness of the Mcdonald’s Vanilla latte through its calories.

Then The calorie of the Mcdonald’s Vanilla latte is mainly based on its liquid base of the latte.

Apart from that, the ingredients of the Vanilla latte are the same, and its calorie balance is fixed.

But when you choose the liquid base, it has its calorie balance.

The whole milk and French vanilla syrup have more calories than espresso and water. 

In the end, you understand that if you are a coffee lover, you will definitely love McDonald’s Vanilla latte.

No matter how much you love coffee from McDonald’s, you must keep the calorie, caffeine, and sugar intake in mind. 


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