Does Mcdonalds Owns Chipotle in 2024?

This article focuses on the question, “Does Mcdonalds Owns Chipotle.”

McDonald’s is a famous fast food destination serving more than 120 countries worldwide, such as America, Canada, Australia UK, etc.

Chipotle is a Mexican Grill American fast Food chain; now Chipotle operates restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France.

It might seem like McDonald’s, and Chipotle is not very different from each other; the first one is famous for its fried menu at low prices, while the second one gives attention to fresh food to provide. But when it comes to the ownership of the stores, there are many things you should know.



Does McDonald Own Chipotle?

No, McDonald’s never owned Chipotle. It would be shocking to many people if they discovered that Chipotle is a part of McDonald’s, but this is not the case.

McDonald’s corporation was indeed a major investor of Chipotle in 1998, but McDonald’s fully deprived itself of Chipotle in 2006 due to many reasons. 


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When did McDonald’s buy Chipotle?

Does Mcdonalds Owns Chipotle1

McDonald’s never brought Chipotle.

But it is true that in the late 90s, McDonald’s owned most of the shares of Chipotle, and McDonald’s invested around $360 million in Chipotle and took $1.5 billion from it.

But later, in 2006, due to many business issues, McDonald’s corporation brought itself out of the Chipotle business and heat and the shares to the company itself.


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Why did McDonald’s invest in Chipotle?

It is a very thoughtful question; When McDonald’s was so famous even in that era, why did the company decide to invest in a small restaurant chain like Chipotle?

At that time, McDonald’s thought running Chipotle would be a great way to expand its business.

And the restaurants expanded from 16 restaurants in 1998 to around 500 restaurants in 2005.

That’s a significant jump from a small establishment to a bigger one. 

But, in 2006, it separated itself from Chipotle, and Many reasons have grown behind this separation; McDonald wanted to advise Chipotle to run a larger chain.

They tried to change the name to Chipotle Fresh Mexican grill, and they thought it would be better to compete with other Mexican food chains like Baja Fresh.

Then they suggested serving breakfast. McDonald’s wanted to change their menu in a different part of the country.

Then open a drive-thru area for easy purchase of the customers who want to pick up their orders on the way to their work.

But Chipotle ignored all the suggestions and kept doing things their way; in 2006, McDonald’s decided to get out from Chipotle and sold all their shares to Chipotle back to their chain.


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Did Mcdonald’s ever invest in Chipotle?

Does Mcdonalds Owns Chipotle

Yes, in 1998, McDonald’s was the primary investor of Chipotle; at that time, Chipotle had around 16 restaurants, and McDonald’s had 90% shares of that Mexican restaurant.

McDonald’s Corporation helped Chipotle achieve great goals, but Chipotle had different business ideas in mind; thus, it soon started ignoring the inputs and decisions made by McDonald’s Corporation.

And being annoyed and challenging to do business with, McDonald’s sold all the shares to Chipotle itself, as it was the deal.

But the real reason Chipotle became so famous was the poor move of McDonald’s to sell all shares of Chipotle.

After that, as Chipotle learned all the business moves from Mcdonald’s, it started making its own decisions after getting 90% of the share back, and Chipotle tripled its number of locations.

And now has over 2,000 locations, with 29 out in the United States without stopping.


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What Percentage of Chipotle Does Mcdonald’s Own?

When McDonald’s bought shares in 1998, the corporation bought 90% of its shares. At that time, keep only wasn’t even a Mexican food chain.

McDonald’s invested around $360 billion, and from the huge sum of money, it took only $1.5 billion, so McDonald’s didn’t even get a massive benefit from Chipotle.

But by investing and selling all the shares, McDonald’s helped Chipotle grow into a huge Mexican fast food chain. And whether McDonald’s liked it or not, Chipotle became one of the biggest competitors in America.


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Who is Chipotle’s largest shareholder?

Currently, The Vanguard Group, Inc. It is the largest shareholder of Chipotle, with 2,505,977 shares, which is 9.04% of the company. 

The second largest shareholder is T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., with 7.57% ownership of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., which is the 2,097,340 shares.

And then in the third position is BlackRock Fund Advisors, with 1,304,749 shares and a 4.71% stake.

The founder of Chipotle, Steve Ells, is the biggest shareholder in the 2020 report. He has won 119.104 shares in Chipotle directly and 112.259 shares indirectly through other trusts.

In the end, all your queries about the relationship between McDonald’s and Chipotle are clarified.

So, currently, McDonald’s has no business relationship with Chipotle, but surely the hand of McDonald’s on Chipotle’s success is quite significant. Therefore now you can stop analyzing their history and enjoy their food. 


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