Mcdonalds Pepsi in 2024 (Will Mcdonalds Ever Sell Pepsi)

Mcdonalds Pepsi. What! It sounds a little different. Don’t worry.

We try to clear up all of your Confusion. McDonald’s is not just a food place; it is a place where people love to have the food and beverages of their choice.

And currently, The availability of Pepsi in McDonald’s is a concern of many, those who don’t like Coke often wonder if McDonald’s will ever sell Pepsi.

And even though the answer is obvious, people still look for hope.

And from that hope in our mind, many questions arose about McDonald’s.

So This article is here to clear all those mind conflicts between McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Coke.



Mcdonalds Pepsi (Will Mcdonalds Ever Sell Pepsi)?

Mcdonalds Pepsi (Will Mcdonalds ever sell Pepsi)

The chances are very low, but it’s not impossible. So far, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have had a great business bond for over 65 years.

Even though they faced a few disagreements before, McDonald’s still prefers to maintain the relationship between them as well as possible. 

There was an incident in the past that could end up with McDonald’s selling Pepsi.

In the late 90s, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola had a severe business disagreement that almost broke the deal between these two companies.

At that time, McDonald’s thought about a business deal with PepsiCo, but ultimately McDonald’s and Coca-Cola sorted things out between them.

And from there, the relationship between McDonald’s and Coca-Cola grew stronger.

Both McDonald’s and Coca-Cola desire to continue their business together for the long run as it is profitable for both companies. 


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Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell Pepsi?

Many people love the taste of Pepsi and wonder why McDonald’s doesn’t sell Pepsi.

If there is Pepsi, the customers can choose between what they want. But to find out why McDonald’s doesn’t sell Pepsi, there are a few reasons, 

● Strong bond 

McDonald’s shares a huge bond with Coca-Cola, they have been together in business since 1955, and at that time, Coca-Cola was the leading brand of soft drinks; Together, both McDonald’s and Coca-Cola became a part of their respective fast food and beverage chain.

From that day on, even though McDonald’s and Coca-Cola didn’t have an official agreement, still, McDonald’s still decided to avoid PepsiCo beverages.


● Variety

Coca-Cola has been a Beverage brand with a huge variety of carbonated sodas for many years.

McDonald’s took advantage of all the Coca-Cola beverages and started selling them and their restaurant.

However, Coca-Cola in McDonald’s made a great profit as the customers love having carbonated drinks for themselves at low cost.


● Competitor relationship

PepsiCo has a partnership relationship with KFC. This is also why McDonald’s doesn’t connect with PepsiCo.

KFC is a massive competitor of McDonald’s, and McDonald’s always avoided the brands connected with its business rival.

And if McDonald’s started selling PepsiCo carbonate drinks, it would create another business disagreement or rivalry. 


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Why does Mcdonald’s only serve Coca-cola Company Beverages?

We love having soft drinks besides our McDonald’s burgers or nuggets.

But in McDonald’s, even though the customers demand Pepsi or Pepsi soft drink products, McDonald’s didn’t do anything about that.

Well, to answer that question, for many years since 1955, McDonald’s tied a relationship with Coca-Cola.

From that day on, McDonald’s has had an excellent relationship with the Coca-Cola brand, and McDonald’s prefers to keep that relationship that way.

That’s why to avoid any conflict, McDonald’s stays loyal to Coca-Cola and sells Coca-Cola soft drinks like Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc.

So if you are wondering whether you can have a Pepsi soft drink in the USA soon, the answer is disappointing.

But McDonald’s sells Pepsi in a few places in Europe, but they stick to Coke for soft drinks. 

Apart from that, by doing business with Coca-Cola, McDonald’s earns a good margin yearly.

And there are a few places where Coke are not available, and through those places, McDonald’s makes a handsome income as you can get Coca-Cola product at every McDonald’s restaurant. 


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Why can’t Coke and Pepsi be in the same restaurant?

Mcdonalds Pepsi

There is no proper reason why Coke and Pepsi can’t be in the same restaurant.

Many customers like Pepsi over Coke and openly expressed their desire to have Pepsi in McDonald’s restaurants.

But the decision is based on McDonald’s; Coca-Cola has no official agreement not to serve any Pepsi product.

But McDonald’s is always trying to keep a healthy business relationship with Coca-Cola, and they don’t want to blow it up; just because McDonald’s wants to serve everything in its restaurants.

If McDonald’s started selling Pepsi soft drinks, then there is a chance Coca-Cola might not take it easy.

So, for carbonated beverages, McDonald’s prefers to sell Coke over Pepsi. But there are a few places where Coca-Cola sells a few Pepsi products like orange juice, water, etc.


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What Profit Margin does Mcdonald’s have on selling sodas?

Well, the profit of selling soda at McDonald’s involves many business strategies.

But if you want to know if there is any profit by selling sodas, in that case, the profit is very low; McDonald’s sells sodas at $1 for any size you want.

So you can predict that there isn’t much profit left after someone buys a large-size soda for only $1.

But there comes the business strategy; McDonald started the $1 soda plan in 2017 because many fast food competitors were growing in the market, and McDonald’s needed more customers to do their business successfully.

So when McDonald’s started giving soda at $1, so many customers started getting in.

Once they got inside McDonald’s, they didn’t get a soda and get out of the restaurant; most of the customers preferred some nuggets, fries, burgers, etc.

For themselves, or took it home, and that’s how McDonald’s rapidly increased customers by selling Coca-Cola carbonated beverages.

Also, as McDonald’s buys Coca-Cola sodas in bulk, that’s why the price is negotiable for McDonald’s; hence by even selling sodas, they don’t run into a loss. 


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