Mcdonalds Vs Subway in 2024 (Stores, Product, Price, Taste)

Mcdonalds Vs Subway. Which one is better? McDonald’s and Subway are among the most famous fast-food chains worldwide, and people always discuss which is the best.

Both McDonald’s and Subway have specialties and business strategies that made them as successful as they are now.

The question is which one is better, but you must go through this article to understand the difference between McDonald’s and Subway.



Mcdonalds Vs Subway

Mcdonalds Vs Subway (Difference)

Below we share both companies’s Store Range, Product Range, Taste, Prices, health and target audiences.

1〉 Store Range 

There is always a conflict between McDonald’s and Subway to create the most significant number of stores worldwide.

But creating a store takes work. It requires proper location and equipment.

And among all these issues, Subway has managed to have more than 37,000 restaurants in around 104 countries, and McDonald’s has more than 40,000 restaurants in about 120 countries.

So even though Subway was in the lead a few years back the number of McDonald’s locations shows that McDonald’s will always find a way to suppress its business rivals.


2〉 Product Range

If you want to compare the product range between Subway and McDonald’s, then, in that case, McDonald’s easily wins the competition.

In the US, Subway has around 14 different types of sandwich, whereas McDonald’s have only 6 of them.

Here comes the twist, Subway has nothing much to serve apart from sandwiches; In Subway, you can have sandwiches, salads, pizza, breakfast, a few drinks, cookies, etc.

Then at McDonald’s, you can order between breakfast sandwiches, burger nuggets, happy meals price and sides, coffee bakery beverages, etc. So you can easily understand where you can find a variety of delicious foods.


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3〉 Healthy 

Nowadays, people are serious about their health, and that’s why they go through healthy adoption of foods for weight management.

And as Subway has quite a variety of healthy foods, it attracts food lovers towards it like a magnet.

But you don’t know that, even if you choose a more nutritious food option at Subway, there isn’t much of a difference in calories in Subway or McDonald’s food.

If you buy an average sandwich at Subway there, it has more than 600 calories, and the average McDonald’s sandwich is around 460 calories which is lower than the subway.

Side dishes contain an average of 35 calories at Subway, whereas it’s 201 calories at McDonald’s.

So, it’s true that Subway has healthier options on their menu, but only some options are healthy.

And on the other hand, McDonald’s always focuses on the taste, So McDonald’s health coverage in food is relatively low. 


4〉 Price Range

Another reason people love McDonald’s is that it’s affordable, and on the other side, if you like Subway, it can get quite heavy for your wallet.

At Subway, to buy a quality salad, you have to spend a minimum of $7, and at McDonald’s, you can buy a full meal for yourself at 7 dollars. And when you look at the menu of Subway and McDonald’s, it will make this statement quite clear. 


5〉 Taste 

To taste McDonald’s and Subway food, the scale of taste, McDonald’s is way ahead of Subway.

It may sound bad, but fatty foods always taste good.

McDonald’s foods are a guilty pleasure of many; most foods are fried, tasty, and crunchy, and you can have coffee and soft drink beverages besides your favorite McDonald’s dishes.

Subway focuses so much on healthy food that sometimes the taste gets compromised; the excessive salads and sauces are not something most people like, so you have to watch the making process and ensure that the sauce is not excessive.

But at McDonald’s and Subway, you can customize your food according to your taste. 


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6〉 Target Audience 

It is important to have a wide range of target audiences to make a business grow successfully; Subway’s target audience is mostly young adults to adults; they are the ones who understand the idea of healthy food.

There aren’t many snacks or beverages available to fulfill customers’ needs. But in McDonald’s, the target audience is kids to adults.

In McDonald’s, based on your mood, you can choose what you want; for kids, there are snacks, happy meals, etc., available also; at some McDonald’s restaurants, they have a playground outside the restaurant for kids.

Then for adults, there is a wide variety of food; if you want to have night snacks, you can order nuggets or french fries, along with your favorite beverage, soft drink, or coffee.

And if you want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at McDonald’s there, they have a separate menu based on that.

So, covering all types of needs and requirements of customers attracts more customers and helps the business to grow. 


Why is Mcdonalds more successful than Subway?

Mcdonalds Vs Subway (Why Mcdonalds More Successful than Subway)

For many, this is not even a question, McDonald’s is always the first choice of everyone, but then customers go to Subway for health reasons. Even after that, Mcdonald’s is quite famous than Subway; here are the reasons why,

● Pocket friendly

If you ever go to McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants, you will know that McDonald’s is way more affordable than them.

In McDonald’s, you can have 20 nuggets at $5, and in Subway or other fast food restaurants, you will get nothing.

So, whether you are a college student or a grown adult going out with friends both ways, McDonald’s is an affordable and perfect place for you.


● Food and beverage variety  

In McDonald’s, the food and beverage options are quite extensive. There from sandwiches to coffee, you get a huge variety of food options.

You can decide all the snacks, meals, or beverages you want to be based on your mood and occasion. There you can also customize your order the way you like


● Vegetarian options

Supporting the previous point, in McDonald’s, you do not only get a variety of foods to buy, but you get a huge amount of vegetarian food options as well.

In the present world, as many people are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, in support of that, Mcdonald’s has many vegetarian dishes that includes snacks, burger, sandwich, meals, etc. So, they want to try fast food and know where they must go.



● Different menu 

McDonald’s follows different meals for different parts of the day. For breakfast, McDonald’s serves hash browns, egg muffins, etc.

You can order happy meals or customize your meal during lunch, and the same system is available for dinner. So the customers don’t need to order the same thing every time they visit Mcdonald’s as they have special menus. 


● Better taste

Even though the point is mentioned earlier In the article, it is a significant reason for McDonald’s success.

No matter what snacks or meals you choose, every one of them is filled with taste as the food at McDonald’s is cheap, that’s why people can easily buy a sufficient amount of food to satisfy their taste buds.


● Fast service 

McDonald’s also takes fast service quite seriously. If Mcdonald’s keeps you waiting for your order for so long, then they offer you a special discount for your next order most of the time. They always prefer to serve their customers quality food as soon as possible.


● Drive-thru

Another reason for McDonald’s success is its drive-thru facility. Even though other restaurants have this facility, McDonald’s is the one that makes the process famous.

In the US, many McDonald’s locations make the fast buying process easier for customers using the drive-thru. 

Ultimately, you can understand that no matter how healthy Subway foods are, they can’t stand against McDonald’s taste.

So even though you love McDonald’s food so much, you should still consider the health aspects and keep your fast food intake in check.


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