Mcdonalds Vs Taco Bell in 2024 (Store, Price, Product Range)

In this article, we are going to discuss Mcdonalds Vs Taco Bell.

Some people love McDonald’s, and another one love Taco Bell, but it’s advantageous for those who love both McDonald’s and Taco Bell, as their tastes are quite delicious.

But the McDonald’s restaurant first started in 1940, and Taco Bell was founded in 1962, which gives almost 22 extra years of experience to McDonald’s.

And with time, no matter how many years of experience both restaurant chains have, they have come a long way.

But still, there is always a winner so let’s find out which is better: McDonald’s or Taco Bell.



Mcdonalds Vs Taco Bell

Below we share all the major ranges of McDonald’s and Taco Bell

Store Ranges

As we know, McDonald’s has been in the market for many years more than Taco Bell; hence it has many more stores than Taco Bell.

So that’s why McDonald’s has around 38,000 stores at 100 locations, and in the USA alone, McDonald’s has more than 13,400 restaurants.

And even though the information about Taco Bell stores worldwide is not clear, in the USA, Taco Bell has more than 7,000 stores. 


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Product Range

Mcdonalds Vs Taco Bell Product Ranges

If you have ever visited both McDonald’s and Taco Bell, then you probably know that The product range in McDonald’s is much higher than Taco Bell.

In Taco Bell, you get a few varieties of tacos and burritos, and that’s it; apart from that, the snacks, sweets, and Beverages are not enough to satisfy the customers.

If you visit McDonald’s, the options you get there are quite extensive, you can get a menu for breakfast, such as sausage burrito, hash browns, etc.

McDonald’s has a variety of snacks, burgers, sandwiches, meals, coffee, sweet treats, cold beverages, etc.

And most of all, these are available in different sizes, so you can choose what you want in what quantity. 


Price Range

Taco Bell food items are costlier than McDonald’s ones; if you have a $5 budget for your lunch, then in McDonald’s, you can easily purchase a full meal with Beverages with that money.

And there is a chance that even after that, you can save a few cents for later use, but in Taco Bell, if you try to have a filling lunch, then it’s not like you can’t purchase anything at $5 but whatever you’ll purchase is not enough to keep your stomach full for a long time.

Taco Bell, a plate of salad, costs around $3.

So even though there is not a huge difference between the price range of McDonald’s and Taco Bell, still, in McDonald’s, you can still get more varieties at low cost.


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Target Audience 

The target audience at McDonald’s is much wider than at Taco Bell.

Many people don’t like tacos, especially children, but when it’s about burgers, french fries, etc.

You will find many customers for that; even McDonald’s has special meals for children, making the experience more fun for everyone. 


Which restaurant chain provides a better work environment?

Mcdonalds Vs Taco Bell (Work Enviroment)

In the work environment, beating any of these restaurants is quite hard. 

If we talk about McDonald’s, McDonald’s has a healthy work environment where colleagues help each other unless necessary; the manager or the team head won’t ask you to do extra time.

Also, McDonald’s has many work shifts available, so finding a perfect shift for working both full-time and part-time isn’t an issue; even if you work the night shift at McDonald’s, it is still safe.

But during rush hour, the situation sometimes gets tense and messy, but If you need help to understand anything, you can always ask your superiors. 

In Taco Bell, the work environment is very much healthy and respectable. In Taco Bell, unpaid extra work hours are not a thing.

You can easily go there work your shift and go home.

The manager always respects and behaves politely toward the employee.

But you should learn the work out there as fast as possible so that you don’t have to ask your superiors for help all the time.

Apart from that, if you follow the teamwork working at Taco Bell is quite peaceful.


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Which restaurant chain has a better benefits plan for the employees?

Regarding benefits plants, we must say both restaurants offer quite similar offers.

In McDonald’s, the employees get insurance, leaves, retirement plans, etc.

And in Taco Bell, employees get the same thing. McDonald’s and Taco Bell have health, vision, and dental insurance, but Mcdonald’s also has disability insurance, and Taco Bell has life insurance.

Then both restaurants follow competitive pay, so based on the performance, the salary increases; apart from that, in these restaurants, the employees can get sick leave, paternity and maternity leaves, sick leaves, education support, etc.

So more or less both restaurant changes offer the same benefits but there will be some differences which you will know after you visit the place for a job in person.


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Is Taco Bell healthier than McDonald’s?

Mcdonalds Vs Taco Bell (Healthier One)

When the question is about which food is healthier in the McDonald’s vs. Taco Bell debate, it’s Taco Bell. There are many reasons why Taco Bell is healthier than McDonald’s.

Well, when you order a taco or burrito at Taco Bell, you will notice that it has so many vegetables with a little bit of mayonnaise or cheese.

Even if you don’t want cheese or mayonnaise in your dish, you can easily customize them with Fresca style or ask them to put avocado in your days to make it creamy.

Also, you can ask them to put in extra meat or beans to make your dish healthier.

But in McDonald’s, if you order a burger, sandwiches, etc., you will notice it has quite a lot of cheese, mayonnaise, etc., and the patties you will find inside are oily and full of calories.

And even though you try to customize it with healthy substances like a rounded salad, it will ruin the taste of the day.

Also, the buns or the beard of the burger has its calories, so no matter how much you try to customize the McDonald’s burger or sandwich, it will either destroy the taste of the dish or have a lot of unhealthy calories.

Then on the Taco Bell website, when you order a dish online or to check, there in the website you have the feature to calculate the nutritional value of your bite. Also, you can customize your meals while maintaining your diet. But on McDonald’s website, there isn’t any feature like Taco Bell.


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Which has higher-quality meat, McDonalds or Taco Bell?

Suppose you go to Taco Bell and Mcdonald’s.

In that case, you will notice that Taco Bell’s non-veg foods are costlier than McDonald’s; well, there is a reason, to keep the cost minimal, McDonald’s harvests their chicken so that the quality of chicken is perfect.

But other meat sources at McDonald’s, like beef or pork, come from farmers, and to keep the price low, they purchase good quality meat but with a higher amount of fat.

Taco Bell purchases all meats from farmers, and they are the same quality as McDonald’s meat but a little bit low in fat.

Apart from that, there are no differences between McDonald’s and Taco Bell meats.

So, in the end, it is hard to determine which one is better on the topic of McDonald’s vs. Taco Bell, but taking all the points, we can say that McDonald’s is better than Taco Bell.

But if you try to think and decide, you will end up with confusion that Donald’s has more food varieties, but Taco Bell is healthier, so instead of thinking so much, just go for what you want.


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