Moosejaw Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

As the products of Moosejaw are pretty different from other brands, many people feel scared about whether they will get any return policy or not.

However, there is already a robust Moosejaw Return Policy. 

This return policy is thought to be formulated for customers who lack convenience after purchasing any item from Moosejaw.

The return policy is an excellent opportunity to return, refund, and exchange for many customers.

Bill Schulman was a teacher who operated several summer camps.

He had two bosom friends, David Jaffe and Robert Wolfe.

They suddenly decided to begin a retailing business of tracking equipment.

The three men launched Moosejaw in 1992 in Michigan. It is an online e-commerce site with just 11 stores.

The fundamental products of Moosejaw are – essential costumes for hiking, mountain climbing, etc.



What is Moosejaw Return Policy? 

What is Moosejaw Return Policy

Compared to other hiking or tracking costume brands, Moosejaw possesses a far better Moosejaw return policy for their lovely customers worldwide.

The return policy will surprise you.

According to this return policy, customers can return an item anytime.

But the item should be as good as the newly bought.

There is no time limitation for returning a product.

Their condition is that the product must be in a retail situation.

Instead of returning that one, you can either get your payment back or go for an exchange.

But if there is any kind of stain that sticks to that item or apparel, they will not agree to return that one. Scurfs are usually not accepted as per this return policy.

Nevertheless, you must return the rooftop tent and drone within 15 days, and the electronic gadgets within 30 days from the purchase date.

As Moosejaw delivers a hard copy of the return label, $7.95 will be cut from your amount as a shipping cost.


How do I make my Moosejaw Return?

For returning a product to Moosejaw, a receipt is not mandatory.

Moosejaw just asks for a proof copy of the purchase.

The proof can be a receipt, bill, confirmation of the order, or  ID Number.

Now to send back a product to Moosejaw, you are suggested to choose one option – either via mail or by visiting the store.

You will need a FedEx or USP with their provided return label for returning a product.

For an in-store return, there are approx. 11 stores. Choose your nearest one.


I lost my original return label; what do I include with my Return?

A return label is the most important document for returning any item.

Whenever someone wishes to return an item, they have to ask for a return label.

Without a return label, the company does not agree to accept the Return.

But if you lost your original return label, you can find the label in your email.

The company first sends the return label to your email address.

You can show that mail after communicating with their customer service.


If I receive any order as a gift, how can I return or exchange it?

No, the products you have received as a gift can’t be returned. 



What are the non-returnable Moosejaw items?

Moosejaw Return Policy non returnable items

Some items of Moosejaw are non-returnable. They are in the following.

  • Foods 
  • Load carrying tools 
  • Gift cards 
  • The items bought from the final sale


If I purchase any items from, can I return it in-store?

You may not want to return any product online. For this, you can return them in-store. 

  • First, go to Moosejaw’s official website to find your nearest store. 
  • Next, pack your product parcel with receipt, tags, etc.
  • Hold an identity proof with that parcel. 

The store manager or staff will scrutiny the items. If they meet their allotted conditions, you will be assured of getting your payment back.


If I purchase any item from the Moosejaw store, can I return it online?

There are some essential steps if you prefer to send your disliked item via mail.

  • First, you need a verified account on
  • Next, you can see a ‘Return & Exchange’ page.
  • You must fill out the return form and apply for a return label. 
  • After getting the return label, pack your item with all the necessary statements. 
  • Then, contact a shipping service and send your item back to Moosejaw.


How long does Moosejaw take to return electronic items?

Moosejaw also has a great variety of electronic gadgets.

If you dislike any electronic item after buying it, you can also return it.

But if you keep your product for many days, it may cause damage.

Therefore, within 30 days, as per Moosejaw Return Policy, you must return that electronic gadget.


How long does Moosejaw take to return my Drone?

The condition for Drone is nearly the same as electronic gadgets.

Therefore, you need to return the Drone within just 15 days. The essential proofs must be submitted with the Drone.


Is original packaging mandatory for Moosejaw Return? 

Electronic gadgets, tents, and Drones are a must to return in the company’s original packaging.

But for the other products, you will not be obliged to pack in the original packaging.


Moosejaw Return Policy for International Customers

You can mail the thing for Return through your favored transporter on the off chance that you don’t dwell in the United States.

Address:- Madison Heights, Michigan 48071 Moosejaw Returns/Exchanges 1500 East Avis Drive

Ensure you have bought the thing utilizing the web installment techniques since COD isn’t allowed. The expense of global delivery will be deducted from the discount. Until the brand gets the conveyance, you ought to, without a doubt, get the following number.



Indeed, you will not get the happiest deal like Moosejaw Return Policy in other companies. Just maintain all the conditions and shop a lot.


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