Nautica Return Policy (Online Purchase, In-store Purchase)

The Nautica brand or the company has been in the market for a long time, and people have followed their fashion styles for a long time.

So when people purchase products from the store, there are times when they happen to return the product for some reason, and to return them, there is a return policy that you have to follow as a customer, so that’s why to help you out with that and also give you an idea about how other brands return their products or if the process is better or not, this article is here to help you.



What is Nautica Return Policy?

Nautica is a great brand, and people love to purchase lifestyle products such as clothes, perfume, accessories, etc., for themselves and their families.

But when you have a Purchased product from Nautica, and you want to return it due to a fitting issue or any other reason, then to return that item, you must follow the Nautica product return policy.

If the Nautica product is unused or not damaged by the customers, then the customer can return the product within 60 days of purchase.

If the product is purchased from a Nautica store, in that case, with a valid receipt, the customer can return the product.

If the product is purchased online, then few stores may accept the product return, but the best way to return the Nautica product is through its website.

Without a valid receipt, the customer can’t return the product.

Swimwear or undergarments are not accepted for return at any Nautica store.

You must contact the store for a return if the Nautica product is purchased from a third-party store.


These are the most important return policies Nautica follows at all its stores.


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What is Nautica Return Policy for Online Purchases?

Nautica Return Policy for Online Purchase

Online shopping is the easiest way of shopping currently, and if you purchased something from Nautica and want to return it because of some issue, you have to do it within 30 days of purchase.

And you must know that when you order the product, to get a receipt or email, and for an online return, you have to provide the original or copy or the order number of your purchase item. 

Also, a few Nautica stores can accept the product return if the Nautica products are purchased using a debit or credit card.

But if the online payment for your product is made through Apple pay, Google pay, etc., then the only method of returning your Nautica online purchased product is through the post.

And The most important thing is to get a refund for the Nautica product; you must keep the product undamaged.


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What is Nautica Return Policy for In-store Purchases?

Nautica Return Policy for In-store Purchase

It is better to purchase a Nautica product from the store as the customer can properly try that entire product before purchasing.

But still, for any reason, if a customer has to return a Nautica product, then the customer has to return the product within 60 days undamaged, also with the original receipt.


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What items can not be returned to Nautica?

Mostly all the items you purchase from Neutica are accepted for return by the Nautica store or website. But if the item is swimwear or undergarment, you can’t exchange or return it after you purchase that product from Nautica. 


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How do I return the product to Nautica?

When the Nautica product is not fitting you, or you don’t like it anymore, then There are two ways available for a customer to return a Nautica product, one is through the store, and the second one is online.

Well, in the case of returning the product, in-store return is much easier than online return.

So, if you return the product you purchased from any Nautica store, the return procedure is simple.

All you need to do is to bring the unused Nautica product and its original receipt to the store within the first 60 days of purchase. Then after checking the product of it in food condition, the store will return it for you. 

If the product is purchased from the Nautica website, in that case, to return that product first, you need to go through the return procedure on the website, and it has to be done within the first 30 days of purchasing the Nautica product.

Then pack it perfectly with all its paperwork, attached tag, parts of the accessories, etc. The product should stay undamaged. Then cut the return address label on the return package and send it through FedEx, UPS, etc. Returns

2 Brick Plant Road

South River, NJ 08882-9998

but make sure the original shipping label is covered or removed. Then for the return shipping, all charges must be prepaid for returns COD won’t work.

Then track the product, and when it reaches the mentioned address, everything is perfect; then, you will get your refund within a few days through your original payment method.


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The Return procedure in Levi’s Products 

If you are trying to return a product you purchase for Levi’s, then the procedure is much simpler than Neutica.

If the product is purchased from the store, you can take the product and its original receipt and return the product to the store and get your refund. But to return that product, you must visit Levi’s Store within 30 days with its tag intact and in perfect condition.

And if Levi’s product is purchased online, you have to start your return process from your order details page on Levi’s website.

Then when it’s done then, within a few days, the company will send someone to pick up your return order.

And then after taking the product, you will receive your refund within 15 days. And like the in-store method, Levi’s product return must happen within the first 30 days of purchase and with its tag intact and in perfect condition.


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The Return procedure in Gap Products 

The return procedure at Gap is quite similar to Nautica. So if you want to return the Gap in store-bought products, you must return it within the first 30 days of purchase; with its original receipt and all its tags, accessories, etc., the product must be In perfect condition. And after all the procedure is done, you’ll get your refund and free return of that product.

And when the Gap product is purchased online, like Neutica, the return is only free if it’s returned using a prepaid return shipping label.

Then when you want to return your Gap product, you must have your product perfectly with all the parts, accessories, paperwork, etc.

And after it gets to the Gap Warehouse and all the checkings are done, you can have your refund. But you must know that returning any Gap company product must be done within the first 30 days of purchase and 60 days if it’s a Gap Athleta product.


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