New York and Company Return Policy (Online, In- Store)

Among the crowd of retailing brands, New York & Company is too old; people are curious to know about its return policy. Yes, this brand has launched its New York and Company Return Policy for the sake of its worldwide customers. 

One of the oldest and most popular American retailing cores is New York & Company. It was established in 1918. It mainly retails fashionable clothing and contemporary accessories for women. It has been continuing its business through various stores and its e-commerce site.


What are New York and Company Return Policy? 

The most heard term ‘return policy has a notable contribution to the business. Return means to send back or pay back. Each company has a set of rules under the return policy. This policy is composed for the benefit of customers as well as businesses. New York & Company also has a beneficial return policy.

A customer may be upset about a wrong bargain. If they are unhappy with their purchase, they can return the bought one to New York & Company.  New York and Company Return Policy permits all dissatisfied customers to send those products within 45 days after the order date. This rule began on 6th October 2020.

Before 6th October 2020, the timeline was just 15 days after the order date. However, New York & Company Return Policy also has some other rules.

The rules are – 

  • The product you want to return should be the same as the got one.
  • The primary packaging is required to return that item.
  • The price & size tags and other attachments should be retained in the box.
  • The price bill must be attached to the item.
  • No used or washed items are allowed to return to the store.

If a customer can maintain all these conditions mentioned above, they can be assured of a refund or an exchange.


New York and Company in-store Return Process 

New York and Company Return Policy

They are always greeted if someone seeks to visit the store to return an item. For this, they must go through the below steps.

  • First, check your products whether they are completely new or not.
  • Second, start to pack the product in its original packet.
  • Third, take all the necessary documents like – invoices, tags, etc.
  • Fourth, keep any one of your government issues ID proof.

After completing all these steps, go fast to your nearest New York & Company store. The handling charge may not be provided to you by the company.


New York and Company Online Return Process 

New York and Company Return Policy online return

New York & Company Return Policy has different conditions if you are comfortable returning your product online.

  • You may have an account on the website. 
  • Collect the top of the package as proof of invoice. 
  • Next, go to the website’s order list. Circle which item you want to send and submit a brief description of why you returned it.
  • Then, pack the product in its actual packaging. Attach the documents from the receipt to other copies. 
  • Now, request a return label via mail. For the processing fees, $6.95 will be subtracted from your amount.
  • When returning, stick the return label to the parcel and send it to their given mail address. The address is – New York & Company.

229 Hollie Drive

Martinsville, VA 24112

  • The cost of shipping is not paid to you.
  • Once your product is checked, you will be sent a confirmation mail.


New York and Company Return Policy for Safety 

At the distribution centers, the staff is always present to receive your return. But after Covid-19, Safety matters the most. New York & Company increases the time duration of cleaning the stores. They also instruct to sanitize their stores again and again. The staff is ordered to maintain all the precautions. Even if a staff becomes ill, they are not allowed to attend the store. Therefore, the return becomes safe and secure in the centers.


Does New York and Company have a free Return Policy?

According to the New York & Company Return Policy, if the customers are not entirely satisfied with their purchased item, they can return it to New York and Company. For the return, no additional charge is demanded. Just the delivery cost is not refunded. And the return label is charged. 


What is the New York and Company Return Reason code?

As per New York and Company Return Policy, the return reason codes are –

  • Extra short 
  • Extra long 
  • Late received 
  • Wrong product 
  • Sending a gift 
  • Disliked item 
  • Faded fabric or other dispute.


What is the Coupon code Adjustment for New York & Company return? 

New York & Company is co-operative enough to their customers. If any customer skips inputting the coupon code within two days or 48 hours after the purchase, they are granted to put it again. Or for more information, they must contact their customer care service.


What to follow for returning any Purchase to New York & Company 

New York and Company allow you to return an item that is not capable for you. However, you have to follow some rules for returning any item.

  • You should not use the item, or it must not be washed with water.
  • The tax of the item should be retained as it is.
  • The item should be returned in its original packaging.
  • The receipt and other vital papers should be kept in the box.
  • The return should be made within 45 days after your purchase date.



New York and Company Return Policy are authentic and simple to maintain. If you decide to purchase from this brand, don’t do any late.


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