Newport Heart Medical Group Address, Hours

In 1994, Newport Heart Medical Group started its journey. Dr. Haskell, Dr. Levin, and Dr. Gainer together form a cardiology specialty group. This medical group is originally located in the Lido medical building at 361 Hospital road. This medical group building completed in 1999 and over the next few years several more cardiologists joined the Newport Heart Medical Group.


Newport Heart Medical Group Main Office/North Office

Their two office address

Main office

415 old Newport Boulevard, Suite 200

Newport Beach, CA 92663

Phone Number- 949 548 9611

Fax Number- 949 548 9958


North Office

Newport Heart Medical Group

455 Old Newport Boulevard, 2nd Floor

Newport Beach, CA 92663

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm


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Newport Heart Medical Group Doctors/ Providers

Newport Heart Medical Group Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

Dr. Richard Haskell

From Stanford University in 1975, Dr. Richard received his bachelor’s degree. In 1979 he completed his doctor of medicine degree at UCLA. From Harbor-UCLA medical center he completed his internal medicine residency. Dr. Richard is a board-certified internal medicine and cardiovascular disease.


Desmond Levin- Doctor of Newport Heart Medical Group

Desmond attended the Johannesburg medical school in south Africa. Dr. Levin received his doctor of medicine degree from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg in 1981. Desmond is board certified in Internal medicine and Cardiovascular disease.


Dr. Bonnie Gainer

In 1979 Dr. Bonnie receive her bachelor of arts degree from California State Polytechnic University. Bonnie completed her doctor of medicine degree from Loma Londa University School of medicine in 1984. Dr. Bonnie is certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases. She also completed the qualification in Interventional Cardiology.


Neala Hunter- Doctor of Newport Heart Medical Group

From Oklahoma University Dr. Neala completed her bachelor and doctor of medicine degree in 1989. Dr. Neala completed her residency in internal medicine at California University. Dr. Neala is board certified in Cardiovascular Diseases, Internal medicine, Cardiac Electrophysiology. She speaks fluent Spanish.


Dr. Jeffrey Bruss

In 1982, Dr. Jeffrey completed his doctor of medicine degree from the University of Cape Town. From Albert Einstein Medical Center he completed his Internal medicine residency, the cardiology fellowship. Dr. Jeffrey is board certified in Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease, and Internal Medicine.


Carey O’Bryan- Doctor of Newport Heart Medical Group

Dr. Carey completed his doctor of medicine degree at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. For three years he serves as a cardiologist in the Air Force. He is board-certified in Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease.


Dr. Michael Panutich

In 2000, he completed his doctor of medicine degree from New York Medical College. From the Mayo Clinic, he completed his residency. He specializes in the management of cardiac arrhythmias.

Bachelor Degree

In 1995 from Michigan University in Biology and Philosophy


Jorge M. Castellanos- Doctor of Newport Heart Medical Group

Dr. Jorge receives his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 2001. In 2010 he completed his internal medicine residency at the University of California, San Francisco.


Nuclear Medicine

Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

Interventional Cardiology

Cardiovascular Disease



Dr. Arturo Dominguez

In 2003, from the University of Texas Dr. Arturo receive his bachelor’s degree.

In 2007 he completed his medical school at UT Southwestern Medical school, Dallas, Texas. He also completed his cardiology fellowship training.

Internal Medicine

From Duke University.


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