Nike Gift Card in 2024 (How to Get, Expire Check Balance)

Nike Gift Card acts as a boon for the sportsperson.

Furthermore, it is a great inspiration for the kids. Such a health-boosting card ensures that the kids take immense interest in participating in Marathon kids.

One use of this card donates 1% of the total value for the kids’ growth and supports them in different running activities.

The motto of the Nike Gift Card is a gift that gives you back.

It is indeed an attractive choice when buying Nike footwear or apparel.

You can redeem these cards at any Nike store or buy products online at

An incredible discount is waiting for you as you purchase any sportswear from Nike.



What is Nike Gift Card?

The Nike Gift Card is an easily transferrable gift card for buying any Nike brand product.

Furthermore, you can redeem it online while purchasing Nike shoes or other equipment.

But you have to know the SSIPL stores that accept these gift cards. 

You can obtain both physical cards from Nike or apply for the E-Gift cards.

However, the most significant issue in this respect is one-time use.

In the US, you can get it in different denominations like $70, $25, $100, $75, etc.

It is a fantastic gift for any sports lover. It is beneficial to obtain the sports kit of their choice with the help of this card.

Load the card after getting it with any amount you like and start using it. It can be a great alternative to cash or any cards.


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Can you get a gift card for Nike?

Nike Gift Card

Yes surely. This gift card will allow you to redeem it in several stores of Nike for purchasing any product of this brand.

It acts like a fantastic alternative for liquid money and ensures that you obtain a Nike item for a discounted price. You can get this card in both physical and digital forms.

The application for these gift cards can be made online, or you can express your wish to buy them at any Nike retail store.

After purchase, Nike will send it to your address by mail. You can conveniently use the card for shopping at Nike-owned retail stores in various parts of the US. Moreover, the Converse stores also allow the use of these cards issued by Nike.

On the other hand, purchasing a digital card is easier, and it takes only two hours to receive the e-card at an email address.

Download Nike App today to enjoy the benefits of the digital card from Nike. Moreover, you can also use it digitally to purchase anything from or


Where can a Nike gift card be used?

You can use the Nike Gift Card any time at the Nike retail stores throughout the United States and other parts of the world.

The online purchase facility is also there with the help of these gift cards. However, you can still buy the products of Nike through this card. The Converse goods also qualify for purchase by swiping this card.


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Can you use a Nike gift card online?

Nike Gift Card

Yes, you can use this Gift Card online. The card can be in the E-card form also.

You can utilize the incredible card for purchasing Nike and Converse products online through, Nike App, or

But the use of physical cards can be for multiple times, whereas the digital version has only one-time use.


How do I use a Nike gift card?

The use of the card is similar to any promo code. When you are checking out at any Nike or Converse retail store, please tick on the option asking for any promo code or voucher number.

Now, enter the number present on your gift card and select APPLY. Now, you must enter the unique PIN you created after receiving the card or before the first transaction.

Instantly, a deduction of the concerned amount will occur from the card balance as soon as you give the PIN. Thus, your checkout will be at a faster rate.


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How does Nike Gift Card Work?

Nike Gift Card works amazingly and acts like a prepaid card as you use it for making multiple purchases. Please load the card by connecting it to your bank account.

Transfer the funds to your card and make it ready for any time use for buying the Nike items. Go to any Nike retail store or Converse store and place the card when checking out.

Any person bearing this card can use the same for the desired shopping. But this Gift cards do not apply to any restaurant or store.

The card works only for sports goods. Moreover, for every purchase, Nike will give 1%, up to a maximum amount of $300,000, for the running activities of kids.


How to check Nike Gift Card Balance?

After using the card, you can quickly check out the balance by logging into your account of Nike. You will need only the card number and the PIN.

Alternatively, customer care people can also guide you in knowing the balance of your Nike gift card.


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Does the Nike Gift Card work at other stores?

Apart from Nike, the gift card issued by this brand is usable for Converse and Hurley products through the website of and

Also, the customer can buy any sportswear or kit from Converse and Hurley stores with this card.


Does Nike Gift Card Expire?

Many people consider this Gift Card a fabulous gift as it does not come with any particular expiry date. Therefore, the holder of this card can freely use it whenever they want, without worrying about the validity dates.


Does Nike Gift Card have to be activated?

You can purchase the Gift Card online or in physical form from the physical stores or online mode. At the initial stage, the card will have zero balance.

You must activate the card at home after pickup or receipt of the same via email. To activate the card, you have to open an account on Follow a few steps, and you are ready to use the card.

· Log in and enter the card number.

· Create a specific PIN, and do not share this with anyone.

· Go to the My Account page on and provide the PIN and card number.

· Provide your phone number and email address, and let the verification complete.

· After this process, you will be notified about the card’s activation.


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Gift cards are always an attractive medium to pay for your purchases.

Besides, Nike will be the best option if you are a sports lover or in the habit of wearing sports shoes or other apparel.

In such case, nothing can be a better choice than a Nike Gift Card.

You will get immense benefits with this one card and make your shopping smoother.