Nike Return Policy in 2024 (**Complete Return Guide**)

After purchasing from this famous multinational corporation, if you are not satisfied with your Purchase.

You can easily return it by knowing the Nike Return Policy.



What is Nike Return Policy?

Nike introduced a return policy because it helps the customer with the advantage of claiming a return & exchange of their purchased product for any reason within 60 long days. Although some exceptions apply to some of their products that are not included in that policy. 

And even if you exceed the 60-day limit and still long for a return, even so, there are ways to get it done.


Nike Return Policy For Defective Of Faulty Items?

Nike Return Policy For Defective Of Faulty Items

There is also a Nike Return Policy for defective items. One can claim through the following ways –

● If purchased through apps, the order barcode or the number would be enough.

● If purchased from a store, an original receipt would be necessary.

● For Nike Members, only the phone number or email address would be needed.

● This policy is applicable for items purchased from a Nike Clearance store too.


Do I Need A Original Receipt For Nike In-store Return?

Yes, having an original receipt for returning a product bought from a Nike store is necessary.

However, even after you lose your receipt, you can still get a return if you are one of the Nike Members (in that case, all you have to provide is either your email address or phone number) or your items are unused and not worn in any parts.


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What To Do If I Don’t Have An Original Receipt For Nike Return?

In case you lost your original receipt, don’t worry; there are still options through which you can claim a return, such as –

● Provide your Nike membership details or scan the Nike Pass while checking out.

● Make sure your returning item is never washed and damaged anywhere.


What Are The Exceptions In Nike Return Policy?

Nike Return Policy Exceptions

 some items are excluded from it; for instance –

● For Apple Watch Nike, if bought online, one must return the item not more than 14 days from the receiving date.

And for in-store purchases, the deadline is 14 days with a valid receipt.

● Any gift cards.

● Non-returnable marked items.

● Products bought from Nike Clearance store.


How Long Does It Take To Get My Refund From Nike?

Once you provide all the necessary details regarding your claim, they ensure that your request gets processed at a maximum of two to five working days and issue a refund to your claim.


Can You Return Nike Shoes To Nike Outlet?

Yes, Nike has its official outlets. Whether you have bought from the official online Nike outlet at or a Nike store, in either case, you can return your Nike shoes to the Nike outlet as it is bound to accept items from all of its official stores as per their return policy.

However, while you are in this process, make sure you visit the genuine outlet, as numerous fake outlets are being opened by third parties to dupe Nike customers.


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Can You Return Nikes If Their Air Bubble Pops?

As per the Nike Return Policy, one is allowed to exchange their shoes if the duration is within two years; nonetheless, there are some terms and conditions on the side of the company.

The company will accept the return only within two years from the manufacturing date and if the shoes have any material flaws.


Can You Return A Nike Outlet Purchase To a Regular Nike Store?

Yes, as per the Nike Return Policy, one can return any products (exceptions applicable) that are purchased from a Nike outlet or Nike factory to any regular Nike stores if the condition of the products matches the company terms.

However, you may have to provide the original receipt of the purchased item or your email address (or phone number) in case you have a Nike Membership to request your claim.

However, it is advisable to contact them before filing a claim as the policy might not be effective in case of merchandise changes (in this case, an item bought from a Nike outlet will not be accepted in a regular Nike store).


How Can You Return Nike ID Shoes?

In case you find an issue with your Nike ID shoes after purchasing them, you can go for a return without any hesitation.

You could still ask for a return if they were made following customization.

You can do so by visiting the store you had purchased from or any Nike store; even the outlet stores will accept your request and go through the necessary steps to provide you with a refund.


Can I Return My Nike Shoes After Wearing?

Yes, you can return them as long as you have them under the warranty period from your purchase date.

However, whether you would get a refund or replacement solely depends on the decision of the reseller.


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