Northlake Animal Hospital Hours, Phone Number

Northlake Animal Hospital is a full veterinary service clinic. The hospital is located in Lake Park, FL. Northlake Hospital offers services to the North Palm Beach, Lake Park, Palm Beach Gardens area. The Hospital team’s main goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with their clients. This hospital offer service includes Preventive Care, Full services dental care, Laser Therapy, Grooming, Surgery.



Northlake Animal Hospital Hours/ Phone Number

The address is

1428 10th Street (map)

Lake Park, FL 33403

Phone Number- 561 848 4391

Fax Number- 561 848 1448

Email- [email protected]

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm


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Northlake Animal Hospital Services

Their services include

Wellness Plans Grooming
Digital Imaging Boarding
Behavior and Nutrition Laser Therapy
Dermatology Senior Care
Surgery Diagnostics
Dental Care Travel
Emergency Kitten and Puppy Visits
Euthanasia Vaccinations & Preventive Care
Comprehensive Physical Exams


Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies Toxicity Trauma
Seizure Medication Overdose Hit by automobile
Diabetic Crisis Ingestion of House Products Attacked by another animal
Severe Dehydration Ingestion of human food to pets
Heart Failure
Internal Bleeding



Here are some sign and symptoms include

Excessive Licking, Chewing Hair Loss
Changes in the Skin Runny, itchy eyes
Itchy Ears Head-Shaking
Body Odor Foot Chewing


Wellness Plans

All of their plans include services like

Thyroid Tests Urinalysis
Vaccinations Parasite Testing
Nail Trimming Flea Prevention
Disease Detection Via Blood Test Annual Physicals
many more


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Northlake Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors include

Dr. Nikki Mazzaschi

Northlake Animal Hospital Doctors

Dr. Nikki native of Laconia, New Hampshire. She completed her bachelor’s in Biology from New Hampshire University. Dr. Nikki works for many years as a veterinary technician after her graduation. Dr. Nikki’s veterinary interests include animal behavior, internal medicine. From the Tufts Cuming school of veterinary medicine, Dr. Jay completed her veterinary degree.


Dr. Jay Katz

Northlake Animal Hospital Doctors

Dr. Jay’s veterinary interests include Pain Management, Dermatology, Surgery, Senior Care. From Boston University he completed his study in Philosophy.


Traveling, Yoga, Basketball, Soccer, Scuba Diving.


Dr. Chelsea Curry

Northlake Animal Hospital Doctors

Dr. Chelsea was born and grew up in Lakeland, FL. From Florida University Dr. Chelsea completed her both bachelor in Biology and Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Chelsea’s veterinary interests include Holistic Medicine, Neurology, Integrative.


Other Staffs

Names Information
Pat For more than 25 years she worked as a veterinary technician.
Esther Esther native of North Carolina. She has more than 17 years of experience in the veterinary field.
Tereza She completed her Pre-veterinary medicine from Murry State University
Austin Austin has 11 years of experience in the veterinary field.
Lauren Lauren native of Pennsylvania. She completed her master’s degree from Louisiana State University.
Charlie At her very young age, she is passionate about animals.
Gigi She was born and grew up in Italy.
Nicole Nicole was born and grew up in Jupiter. Her hobbies include horseback riding, Cooking
Hector Hector has more than 19 years of experience in the Veterinary field.


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