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Northside Clinic is a private and independent general practice. This clinic is owned by the GP’s Melbourne. This clinic is owned and operated by several General physicians with many years of experience working in the north of Melbourne.

The clinic is open to everyone but in addition to focusing specifically on sexual health. They providing quality treatment services in a safe and friendly environment for gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, and HIV positive communities in Melbourne north. The clinic offers comprehensive tests for asexually transmitted infections and HIV. They also provide full range and management of the general practice and allied health services.

Northside clinic provides psychology, Osteopathy, and speech pathology services to their patients. Their pathology service available

Monday to Friday– 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 9 am to 12 noon)



Northside Clinic Location

Northside Clinic

370 st. Georges Road. Fitzroy North

Ph No- 03 9485 7700

Fax No- 9486 5718


Northside Clinic Cost

The new appointment fees apply from December 1st, 2018.


Weekdays Price Structure


Item Appointment Type Clinic Fee MBS Rebate
3 Short $25 $17.50
23 Standard $80 $38.20
36 Long $125 $73.95
44 Extended $155 $108.85



Saturday Pricing Structure


3 Short $30 $17.50
23 Standard $85 $38.20
36 Long $135 $73.95
44 Extended $165 $108.85


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Northside Clinic Doctors


1〉 Dr. Richard Moore

Northside Clinic

Richard is a general Practitioners. He has been working as a GP since 1986. He works 4 days per week in Northside clinic also consults at Melbourne sexual health center at the Alfred Hospital. Richard is also interested in Antenatal Care and Paediatrics.

His availability in a clinic is Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday, and Saturdays.



2〉 Dr. Cate Sheppard

Northside Clinic

In 1985 She graduates from Monash University. She is a registered General Practitioners. Several years ago, Cate completed her training in sexual health treatment, attaining fellowship in the chapter of sexual health Physicians.

She works in the northside clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.



3〉 Dr. Kelvin Adams

Northside Clinic

Dr. Kelvin is graduate from the University of Melbourne in 1998. He has worked In Melbourne and Darwin hospital medicine, as well as across the UK, including London for three years. Dr. Kelvin is a registered prescriber of HIV medication and also has an interest in Lesbian health, Gay, HIV medicine, Sports Medicine, Men’s Health, and dermatology. He loves to travel and also interested in infectious disease and travel medicine.


Availability– Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.




4〉 Dr. Jeff Willcox

Dr. Jeff Willcox

Dr. Jeff is one of the 5 owner-director of the clinic. In 1988 he was graduate from Monash University in Medicine. Jeff is a registered prescriber of HIV medications. He is also interested in infectious disease, Travel medicine, and transgender health.


Availability– Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays.




5〉 Dr.Ruth Mcnair

Dr.Ruth Mcnair

From 1993 she works as a General practitioner in Bacchus Marsh, Melton. In 2009 she completed Ph.D. in lesbian and bisexual women’s health. Dr. Ruth has a clinical interest in women’s health including Lesbian, Bisexual women health, Mental Health, Trans Health, and Wellbeing.


Northside Clinic Availability– Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, Saturdays.



6〉 Dr. Thai Lim

Northside Clinic

Dr. Thai work as a pharmacist prior to becoming General Practitioners. Thai completed his medical degree from the University of QLD and completed his training from Royal Children Hospital, Royal Brisbane Hospital, and The Alfred hospital. He knows many languages includes Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien, and Cantonese.


Availability– Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.



7〉 Dr. Gini Skinner 

Northside Clinic

Since 1995 she works as General practitioners. Dr. Gini completed her graduation from Monash University in 1991. She works in a variety of fields including community health and Private General Practitioners in Melbourne. Dr. Ginni is a member of the RACGP and Australian society of HIV Medicine. Gini is also interested in Travel Medicine.


Availability– Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.



8〉 Dr. Michelle Dutton

Dr. Michelle Dutton

In 2008 Dr. Michelle graduate from the University of Australia. She enjoys a variety of General Practice and particularly interest in Child Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing and also Transgender Health.


Availability– Monday, Friday, Saturday per Months.


9〉 Dr. David Spencer

Dr. David Spencer

Dr. David graduates from the University of Sydney and also completed a bachelor of science in Infectious Disease before completing his medical degree. She maintains an interest in Men’s health, Family Medicine, Sexual Health, Mental Health, and dermatology.


10〉 Dr. Will Mitchell

Northside Clinic

Dr. Will graduate from the Australian National University In 2010. He spent three years in Hospital Training at Canberra and Rural NSW. He enjoys general practice including pediatrics, Family Medicine, Men’s Health and Sexual Health. Dr. Will is a registered HIV prescriber and Member of RACGP and ASHM.


Availability– Monday, Friday, and one Saturday per month.


11〉 Dr. Tom Turnbull

Dr. Tom specific skill and experience includes HIV medicine, Sexual Health, Men’s Health, Travel Medicine, PrEP.  He likes to sing in a Choir.


Availability– Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and some Saturdays.



12〉 Dr. Katriona Hill

Dr. Katriona joins this clinic in 2020. She has a particular interest in Early pregnancy management, Contraception, and Sexual Health.


She is available in Northside Clinic -Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays per Month.



13〉 Dr. Erika Tomlinson


Dr. Erika is a long term residence of Victoria. Erika completed her medical degree from Melbourne University and Graduated in 2013. She works across hospitals including Northern, Echuca, Austin, and Mercy Hospital In Victoria.

She is interested in women’s health, Sexual Health, Tiny Humans/Pediatrics, and Palliative Care.


Outside medicine she is also interested in Bike Riding, Running, and Drinking Coffee.


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Northside Clinic Services

They provide services in




Women’s Health

Lesbian, Bisexual & Queer

Women Health

Men Health

Gay/Bi Men’s Health

Trans Health



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Northside Clinic Other Staff

Their staff includes

1〉 Sian Edwards

Sian Edwards

Sian Edwards has been working as a nurse in HIV care for 23 years. Sian experience includes Both educational roles and HIV clinical Nursing.

2〉 Lisa Mikkel (Northside Clinic Staff)

Northside Clinic

From 1990 Lisa started nursing. Her role in this Clinic includes Wound care, Vaccinations, Managing the recall and reminder system, and providing triage assistance and general assessment.

3〉 Vick Harden

Vick has nursing experience in aged care, Hospital, and general practice setting also has a special interest in Vaccination and transgender health. Vick’s role in Northside clinic is Wound care, vaccination, injection, providing triage assistance, and general nursing duties.

4〉 Cheryl Missen

Cheryl Missen

Since 2011 Cheryl work in this Clinic. Now she is a front office manager. If you have any complaints please forward it to her.

5〉 Cyndy Hingston

Northside Clinic

Cyndy joins Northside Clinic in 2015. She is the team leader of reception and responsible for Medical Record transfers.

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