Old Navy Return Policy in 2024 (**Complete Return Guide**)

After purchasing from one of the well-known retail brands of America, Old Navy.

If you are not satisfied with your Purchase. Don’t worry; you can easily return it by knowing the Old Navy Return Policy.

Old Navy is one of the most well-known retailing brands of America booster.

It deals with a vast collection of accessories.

It started its journey in 1994 and now expanded its branches to more than 1000 locations.



What is Old Navy Return Policy?

Old Navy Return Policy allows customers to return or exchange any item within 30 days of purchase.

After that, either the customer can shop from online stores or they can buy from offline stores; the return policy will be the same.

In the case of online purchases, the 30 days return policy starts from the day of shipping the item or product.

In some cases, after 30 days, there is still a chance for the customer to return or exchange.

But then it will depend on the store whether they will accept it or not.

If the customer lost the bill or receipt and still wants some refund or exchange, in that case, the store employees can take out the details through the customer’s debit or credit card, but the customer must have his or her photo ID with him.

The only restriction is that a customer can’t return any kind of used or washed clothes here.

Any clearance or Final sale items cannot be returned because they have some special discounts on them.


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How to return the old Navy by mail?

Old Navy Return Policy return by Mail

Customers can initiate the return to Old Navy by mail; also, The return policy by mail has the following steps-

  • First, the customer must go to the Return page of their online portal, and then enter the order number with the zip code.


  • In the next step, the customer has to create a prepaid old Navy return shipping label.


  • After that, the customer has to place the packing slip in the box and the item he or she wants to return. 


  • Then the shipping label must be attached to the product. Finally, the customer has to send the item back to the retailer through the ups or USPS services.


  • The customer will get a mail when Old Navy receives the item. Then they will release a refund, but in the case of cash or money refund, it can take some time, like it needs ten working days to credit the customer’s bank account.


How to return old navy products/items in a store?

It’s very convenient for customers to return to the store, and there are also a few easy steps customers can go to any Old Navy store as per her comfortable location.

The customer must carry the product he or she wants to return and ask the store person for the return.


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How to create a mailing label for old Navy returns?

Old Navy Return Policy creating return label

To create a mailing label for an Old Navy, customers have to go through their Interactive return process, where they can easily create the mailing label by entering their order ID and ZIP Code.


How to return more than one brand to the old Navy?

Customers can buy many branded things from old Navy, which can belong to a different brand; in the case of more than one brand, if a customer goes for the return, they have to pack the items in a box; the original packaging is preferable.

Then they must follow the same interactive return process for getting the label and packing slip and do their return.


Old Navy Return Policy without tags

Old Navy always accepts the return of any item without tags, but the conditions are very simple: the item should not be used, washed, or worn for a long time.


Old Navy Return Policy without original receipts

No original receipts are required for the return to the old Navy.

If customers still lose the original receipts, they can do the return easily.

The old navy person can easily take out the order or item details from the customer’s credit or debit card.


Will the old Navy accept returns past 30 days?

Generally, there is a 30 day from the day of shipping for the old navy return, but in case a customer wants a return after 30 days, then it depends on the store credit, and totally up to the store person whether they will accept the return or not.


Did the old Navy change its return policy?

Yes, now old Navy is giving a return policy for 30 days for both online and offline shopping.

In the case of online shopping, the return countdown will start from the day of shipping the item.


Return Gap items at Old Navy

In the case of Gap items, the return timing will remain the same at 30 days; in the case of online shopping, it will start the day of shipping the item.

Final sale items will not be returned or exchanged; any item washed or worn can’t be returned or exchanged.

But if the customer buys some items from Gap’s online website, they must return them to a Gap retail store; they will not return them by the old Navy.



Here are all the details for the old Navy return and exchange policy.

Now customers have to go through it once before initiating any return.

Before returning to any particular company, if you know the return instructions. It can help you during your return.


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