Olive Garden Dress code in 2024 (Updated)

In this article, we share detailed information on the “Olive Garden Dress Code“.

Olive Garden is one of the best destinations to have a fun dinner with your friends and family.

It’s a casual dining restaurant chain where people can try their excellent Italian-American cuisine.

The foods out there are also affordable, so from school students to adults, Olive Garden is preferred by all.

Now, because of the huge demand, Olive Garden has so many outlets available all over the world.

The United States has more than 1800 Olive Garden restaurants available.

So, it’s natural that Olive Garden has so many employees working at the restaurant.

And for the employees, there are dress codes available that they have to follow.

So, to properly understand the Olive Garden restaurant employee dress code, this article is here to help.



What is the Olive Garden Dress Code?

What is the Olive Garden Dress Code

A few years back, the host Olive Garden uniform was a white shirt, black pants, and tie.

The attire is now changed to a black button-down full-sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes.

The shirt has to be cleanly tucked in with the bottom wear.

And if anyone is interested in wearing a belt and socks, it must also be black. 

And in case a particular Olive Garden restaurant doesn’t have them as their uniforms.

In that case, the management will provide you with an Olive Garden logoed apron, which the employees can wear over their black clothing.

The cook has to wear a black T-shirt along with a black bottoms.

The attire must be nicely fitted, and they must wear a hairnet and beard net or mask to avoid unpleasant incidents. 


Does Olive Garden provide its uniform for free?

At Olive Garden, they generally don’t provide free uniforms to the employees.

The Employees must purchase olive green logoed shirts or t-shirts from the company.

Or if they want, they can wear a regular black full-sleeve shirt as well. 

But if the Olive Garden restaurant has an apron as a part of their dress code, then Olive Garden provides it free of cost. 


Do employees have to wear shirts while working at Olive Garden?

Do employees have to wear shirts while working at Olive Garden

Yes, while working, the employees of Olive Garden have to wear black shirts.

The dress code of an Olive Garden restaurant is very straightforward, and it’s mentioned that the host or hostess and the waiter or waitress have to wear a black button-down full-sleeve shirt. 

For the chef, assistant chef, or other position of work, the dress code is slightly different, where wearing a black full-sleeve shirt is unnecessary.

But a shirt is the safest option for all the Olive Garden employees. 


During winter, do the Olive Garden employees are allowed to wear sweaters?

No proper dress code is mentioned about wearing a jacket or a sweater during work hours in Olive Garden.

In restaurants, wearing a sweater or jacket is probably not allowed. 

But if required, you can ask the management whether, At The Olive Garden restaurant, wearing a sweater is allowed or not.

And still, if it’s not allowed, you can wear an undershirt under the Olive Garden uniform.


Are employees allowed to wear jeans at Olive Garden?

Well, jeans are something that people love to wear very much.

And many people who find jeans comfortable think of wearing them at work.

But unfortunately, jeans are not allowed at Olive Garden. 

So, as a bottom, the employees can wear black slacks, Khaki, chino, etc.

But still, if you are determined to wear black jeans at Olive Garden, you can ask the restaurant management.

And if you are lucky the management might allow you to wear black jeans. 


Are leggings allowed at Olive Garden?

The Olive Garden employees working as a waiter or waitresses are not allowed to wear leggings at Olive Garden.

But a few Olive Garden restaurants enable the cooks to wear black leggings while working.

Wearing clothing like yoga pants, sweatpants, capris, leggings, etc., is mostly prohibited at Olive Garden.

But if you are lucky, the restaurant management might allow you to wear something comfortable while cooking.


Are Olive Garden employees allowed to wear skirts?

Well, skirts are not allowed for the employees at most of the Olive Garden restaurants.

But for the hostesses, wearing a black knee-length skirt is a part of the dress code.

So if the restaurant management allows it, the hostesses can wear a black knee-length skirt with a black full-sleeve shirt. 


Are the employees allowed to wear colorful shoes at Olive Garden?

At Olive Garden, for the employees, no colorful shoes are allowed.

The dress code is black, and it’s also for the shoes.

At Olive Garden restaurants, especially in the kitchen, it’s easier to get your shoes dirty.

That’s why black is the preferred color.


Do the employees can wear sneakers at Olive Garden while working?

At Olive Garden, it is mentioned in the dress code that the employees have to wear something that is slip-resistant.

At Olive Garden, the floors are messy and oily, especially in the kitchen.

So, to avoid any further mess, wearing slippery footwear like sneakers or Converse is not allowed.

So, the employees can wear boots, loafers, oxford, monk straps, etc., while working at Olive Garden.

If the management allows, the employees can also wear black athletic shoes. 


Can Olive Garden employees wear Sandals?

No employees are not allowed to wear sandals at the Olive Garden restaurant.

Sandals are quite comfortable and easy to move, but the employees have to wear something with a closed toe.

Also, the feet stay safe while carrying all the food because of the closed-toe shoes.

Hence, anything like sandals, slippers, flip flops, etc., are not allowed at the restaurant for the employees. 


Are hats or caps allowed at Olive Garden?

Unfortunately, caps or hats are not allowed at Olive Garden restaurants.

Only if the employee has any religious or health reason for wearing a cap or hat will Olive Garden management allow it.

But from that, while working, if any employee tries to wear a basketball cap or a cowboy hat, it won’t be allowed at Olive Garden.


Are accessories allowed at Olive Garden?

Yes, at Olive Garden, wearing accessories and jewelry is allowed.

So if an employee is wearing a small necklace, watch bracelet, etc.,

In that case, the restaurant doesn’t have any issue with it.

But too many accessories or jewelry at Olive Garden is not allowed as that can cause unnecessary attention.


Are piercings allowed at Olive Garden for employees?

Piercings are common, and 8 out of 10 people have facial or ear piercing.

Therefore, if the employee has piercings, Olive Garden has no issue. 

But about the jewelry, the employees are allowed to wear small studs or earrings in the ear.

And about the facial piercing, a small nose pin or ring is allowed at Olive Garden.

If the employee has multiple facial piercings, they have to take off the jewelry while working at the restaurant. 


Can Employees have colored hair at Olive Garden?

Yes, employees are allowed to have colored hair at the Olive Garden.

The restaurant management respects the employee’s choices.

That’s why having colored hair isn’t an issue. 

But the hair has to be tied neatly, or if it’s long hair, then employees can braid or make a bun.

Tying the hair isn’t essential if it is shorter than shoulder length. 


What is the dress code for tattoos at Olive Garden?

Employees are allowed to have tattoos at the Olive Garden restaurant.

Tattoos are quite common nowadays; hence, as a result, many employees have them.

Now, even though their employees have tattoos, it’s not that visible because of the dress code. 

But for example, if the employee has tattoos on the back of the hand, neck, or face, then Olive Garden doesn’t have much objection to it.

But if the visible tattoo is something offensive, then it can be a problematic issue.


Are long nails or nail paints allowed at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is fine with employees with long nails, nail extensions, or paints.

Long nails are perfectly fine as long as it’s not bothering with the work at Olive Garden restaurant till then. 

But if you are working as a chef at Olive Garden or any other kitchen work, you are not allowed to have long nails as an Olive Garden employee.

The nails have to be clean and perfectly trimmed. 


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