Palos Hospital Address, Locations, Services & Doctors

Palos Hospital is not only a hospital, but it is also a fully integrated community-based health care system. It is consisting of the Palos health south campus, Palos medical group, and Palos hospital in the Orland Park. This hospital has 425 licensed beds and more than 600 doctors.

In 2020 this hospital achieves America 50 best Hospital Award. This hospital has more than 3000 employees and 900 volunteers. On March 19, 1972, Palos started their healthcare journey.



Palos Hospital Address/ Locations

Their locations include

1〉 Palos Hospital

Palos Hospital

12251 South 80th Avenue (map)

Palos Heights, IL 60463

Ph No- 708 923 4000


2〉 Palos Health South Campus Main

Palos Hospital

15300 West Avenue (map)

Orland Park, IL 60462

Ph No- 708 460 5550


3〉 St. George Ambulatory Clinic

Palos Hospital

12251 South 80th Avenue (map)

Suite 1780

Palos Heights, IL 60463

Ph No- 708 923 4400


4〉 Women Health Center

Palos Hospital

15300 West Avenue (map)

Suite 120

Orland Park, IL 60462

Ph No- 708 590 5520


5〉 Palos Diabetes & Nutrition

Diabetes & Nutrition

15300 West Avenue (map)

Building D, Suite 122

Orland Park, IL 60462

Ph No- 708 226 2626


6〉 Palos Health Physical Therapy at Orland Park Health & Fitness Center

Physical Therapy at Orland Park

15430 West Avenue (map)

Orland Park, IL 60462

Ph No- 708 923 5050


7〉 Palos Health Surgery Center

Palos Health Surgery Center

15300 West Avenue (map)

Suite 260

Orland Park, IL 60

Ph No- 708 981 3660


8〉 Palos Imaging & Diagnostics

Palos Hospital

15300 West Avenue (map)

Building B, Suite 100

Orland Park, IL 60463

Ph No- 708 226 2500


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Palos Hospital Medical Services

Palos Hospital

Their Medical Services include

Cardiovascular Care

Palos hospital offers the continuum of cardiovascular services. So you can receive care near your home.



With the help of their top Surgeons, skilled nurses, and extensive physical therapy you can get back to the most out of their activities.


Women’s Health

Palos hospital health services provide empathetic care and they can assist you at every stage of your life.


Maternity Care

This hospital can help you to start or join your family in a caring and comfortable environment.


Home Health

If you or your family member require any home health this hospital home services all time available for you.


Behavioral Health

They offer very high-quality Behavioral Health services. Because mental and behavioral health is very important for everyone’s health.


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Palos Hospital Doctors/ Physicians

We mention some Hospital doctor’s names. Visit here


1〉 Tamer Abdelrahman, MD

Tamer Abdelrahman, MD

Specialty- Radiation Oncology

Loyola University Medical Center

Maywood, IL

888 584 7888


2〉 Mohamad A. Abdessanmad, MD

Mohamad A. Abdessanmad, MD

Specialty- Nephrology

Kidney and Hypertension Associates LTD

Orland Park, IL

Kidney & Hypertension Associates, Ltd

Chicago, IL

708 251 4190


3〉 Majed Afana, MD

Palos Hospital Doctors

Specialty- Cardiology- Interventional

Physician Office Building at Palos Hospital

708 923 4200


4〉 Ahmad Agha, MD

Palos Hospital Doctors

Specialty- Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonology

Agha Medical

708 385 6000


5〉 Tarek Ahdab, MD

Tarek Ahdab, MD

Specialty- Cardiology

Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, SC

Orland Park, IL

708 923 7650


6〉 Sameen Ahmad, MD

Sameen Ahmad, MD

Sameen is a Psychiatry specialist in Palos Hospital.

Physician Office Building

Palos Heights, IL

708 923 7878


7〉 Vasia Ahmed, MD

Palos Hospital Doctors

Vasia Ahmed is a Hematology/Oncology specialist in Palos Hospital.

Alpha Med Physicians Group, LLC

Tinley Park, IL

708 342 1900


8〉 Akash Ahuja, MD

Palos Hospital Doctors

Specialty- Nephrology

Southwest Nephrology Associates, SC

Evergreen Park, IL

708 371 5308


9〉 Ayesha Akbar, MD

Ayesha Akbar, MD

Specialty- Internal Medicine

Frankfort Medical Clinic

Frankfort, IL

815 464 7212


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10〉 Noorain Akhtar, MD

Noorain Akhtar, MD

Noorain is a family medicine specialist in Palos Hospital.

Palos Health South Campus

Orland Park, IL

708 349 0747


11〉 Nouri Al- Khaled, MD

Palos Hospital Doctors

Specialty- Cardiology

Consultants in Cardiology & Electrophysiology

Evergreen Park, IL

708 346 5562


12〉 Mohammad Al-Khudari, MD

Palos Hospital Doctors

Mohammad is an ophthalmology specialist in Palos Hospital.

Family Eye Physicians

Oak Lawn, IL

708 226 9393


13〉 Anas Al- Lababidi, MD

Anas Al- Lababidi, MD

Specialty- Critical Care medicine and Pulmonology

Agha Medical

Morris, IL

815 729 0111


14〉 Mohammad Al-Massalkhi, MD

Mohammad Al-Massalkhi, MD

Mohammad is a critical care and Pulmolology specialties in Palos Hospital.

Midwest Pulmonary Associates, SC

Lombard, IL

773 585 4033


15〉 Fouad Al- Qwwashmi, MD

Palos Hospital Doctors

Specialty- Obstetrics, and Gynecology

Midwest Women’s Health Care center

Orland Park, IL

708 429 2020


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