Paramount urgent care Windermere, Casselberry, Insurance

Paramount Urgent Care to take care of all your treatment needs here. This urgent care has seven locations all around Orlando and surrounding areas. Paramount care provides you with fast and efficient services from Knowledgeable professionals. They always want to keep you in the loop, so they can make informed decisions about your well-being together. Their facilities make a great alternative to the long wait at your local emergency room.

Paramount Urgent Care Windermere/Casselberry

Paramount Urgent care has a 7 locations

1〉 Lady Lake/Villages

Paramount Urgent Care

805 E CR 466 (map)

Lady Lake/Village, FL 32159

Next to the summit, near rolling acres Road

Ph No- 352 674 9218


2〉 Clermont

Paramount Urgent Care

628 US HWY 27 (map)

Clermont, FL 34714

Cagan’s Crossing Shopping Areas

Ph No- 352 242 1988

Time- 9 am to 7 pm daily

3〉 Orlando

Paramount Urgent Care

8972 Turkey Lake Road South (map)

Orlando, FL 32819

Next to Walmart Plaza on Turkey Lake Road

Ph No- 407 226 1906

4〉 Oviedo


1984 Alafaya Trail (map)

Oviedo FL 32765

Ph No- 407 542 0346

5〉 Paramount Urgent Care Windermere


5845 Winter Garden Vineland Road (map)

Windermere, FL

Corner of 535 and Ficquette

Adjacent to Windermere High School

Ph No- 407 203 1682


6〉 Lee Vista

Paramount Urgent Care

5833. Goldenrod Road (map)

Orlando, FL 32822

Ph No- 407 810 8777

Time- 9 am to 7 pm daily


7〉 Paramount Urgent Care Casselberry

Paramount Urgent Care

3950 US 17/92, Suite 1040 (map)

Casselberry, FL 32707

Hwy 17-92 Across From Home Depot

Ph No- 407 960 2188

Time- 9 am to 7 pm daily


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It’s Services

Paramount’s urgent care main goal is to provide you with a more affordable and faster alternative to a traditional emergency room to visit. Their medical staff covering all types of topics from pediatrics to Geriatrics.

On-Site Urgent care

They treat patients of all ages with the following urgent care needs

Intravenous Therapy


Acute Pains

Burn Care




In pediatrics, they provide the following services




Food Poisoning

Skin Condition such as Rashes, Eczema, Poison

Stomach and Digestive Conditions


Family Medicine

Paramount urgent care offers affordable, Convenient on-site prescriptions and saves you time on trips to the pharmacy.


Inflammatory Disorders


Acid Reflux

Food Poisoning

Respiratory Conditions

Elevated Blood Pressure

Skin conditions like Eczema, Poison, Ivy, Rashes, and Shingles


Corporate Medicine

They Conduct the Following

Worker Compensation

Wellness Management

Smoking Cessation

Drug and alcohol testing

Company Physicals

Bus Driver Examinations

Auto Accident Injuries

Pre-employment Drug Screening



Paramount Urgent care provides 100% confidential testing for the following


Hepatitis A, B, and C


Bacterial Vaginosis

Herpes Type 1 and 2





Tests, Labs, and Screenings

They offer a wide variety of screenings and testing from drug and alcohol testing to HIV screenings.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Influenza Testing

Mono Testing


Pregnancy Testing

Prostate-specific Antigen


Rapid Strep Testing


STD/HIV Testing

Thyroid Stimulating Hormones

Complete Metabolic Panel

Complete Blood Count

Lipid Panel


Vision Screening

Blood Pressure Screening

Cholesterol with Glucose Screening

Hemocuts Screenings

Hepatitis A and B screening

Electronic screening

Free Blood


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Paramount Urgent Care Insurance

Paramount urgent care does everything in its power to work with you and your insurance providers to get you fast, affordable and effective care. They also accept travel insurance.


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