Peacehealth urgent care West 11th, Gateway, Valley River

Peacehealth urgent care clinic provides health care services to their patient who urgently needs to see doctor, especially on weekends and evening. Please call 911 for any emergency conditions. PeaceHealth care also offers convenient care. They provide services with their experienced and caring staff.


PeaceHealth Urgent Care West 11th/Gateway/Valley River

Their Urgent care locations include

1〉 West 11th

PeaceHealth Urgent Care West 11th

3321 West 11th Avenue (map)

Eugene, OR 97402

541 222 7200

Daily- 8 am to 7 pm


2〉 Peacehealth Gateway

860 Beltline Road (map)

Springfield, OR 97477

541 222 6005

Daily- 8 am to 7 pm


3〉 Peacehealth Valley River

PeaceHealth Urgent Care Valley River

860 Beltline Road (map)

Springfield, OR 97477

541 222 6005

Daily- 8 am to 7 pm


PeaceHealth Urgent Care treated Conditions Include

They treated conditions include

Cuts and BruisesPossible Fractures
Sprains and StrainsUrinary Tract Infections
Severe colds and FluStrep Throat
Ear InfectionsSinus Infections
Allergies and AsthmaEye Injuries


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This Urgent Care also Offer

Convenient Hours

Lab and imaging services

For follow up to your doctor direct referral avaialble.

Provide healthcare service by their experienced doctors and staff.


PeaceHealth Urgent Care Behavioral Health Services

In their behavioral health center they treat both voluntary and involuntary adults with Psychiatric illness. The clinical services include

Nursing Care

Nutritional Therapy

Medication Management

Milieu therapy

Occupational therapy

Recreationtional therapy assessment and treatment

Social work assessment and dischanre planning

History and Physical Taken by a Physician. Their staff include Family Physicians, Mental health associates, Registered Nurses and Psychiatrist, Social workers, Occupational therapist.


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