Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing in 2024 (Best Alternatives)

Here we share Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing & its alternatives. Piggly Wiggly is one of the renowned names for grocery chains.

They are often known for the high-quality goods and services they provide.

But grocery chains are also known for providing Check cashing services to their customers without a bank nearby.

But unlike large grocery chains, Piggly Wiggly does not provide Check Cashing services to their customers.

According to the authorities, they do not cash personal checks, payrolls, or any other type of checks from their establishment.

The store associates mentioned that they do not provide Check cashing services from any of their stores.



What is the Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing Policy?

Piggly Wiggly is well known among consumers for not providing Check cashing services to their customers. Let me illustrate this if you need to learn about it.

Grocery stores usually provide Check cashing facilities to their customers.

And most interesting, they do not differentiate checks; you can easily cash them.

But Piggly Wiggly is peculiar in this case. Usually, you will only find one store from this grocery chain offering check cashing services.it is most unlikely of their nature, so you must visit your nearby banks or any other supermarket to cash your checks.

The store has a very clear policy, even though all the stores are owned and function independently.

You will only find a store that follows their policy. The store owners have a strict house policy of not providing Check cashing facilities to their consumers. 

Even though they also mentioned that Piggly Wiggly stores are owned and operated independently, the store policy might vary from place to place.

Even if certain stores agree to provide such services, then there will likely be certain restrictions that will limit your Check cashing.


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Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing Alternatives?

Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing Alternatives

Even though Piggly Wiggly does not provide Check cashing services, there are various other stores apart from Piggly Wiggly that provide this kind of service to their customers; hence there is nothing to worry about because here’s a list of those places that you can visit to avail for Check cashing facility.

1〉 Advance Financial

Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing Alternative (Advance Financial)

This establishment is well known among the masses for providing all kinds of Check cashing services to consumers.

The most interesting fact about advanced financial is that they allow you to cash your government checks from 1%.


Types of checks

At advance financial, they allow you to cash various checks for a minimum amount.

You can avail of payroll, government checks, money orders, and personal checks. Moreover, they allow you to cashier’s checks and insurance money orders as well.



You must submit a valid –government-issued photo ID to prove your accurate identification.


Minimum Fee

For advance financial Check cashing, they have different fees for different kinds of checks.

For instance, you must pay $3 for a payroll, $2 for a government check, and $5 for a money order. They also allow personal checks for a $5 per check fee.


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2〉 PLS check cashing store.

PLS for Check Cashing

The PLS check cashing store uses photo ID as proof of accurate identification. As compared to traditionally using Certegy.

This Check cashing store is quite popular among customers for providing smooth Check cashing services.

Types of checks

PLS check cashing services allow you to issue all kinds of checks. For instance, you can also issue personal, out-of-state, and government checks.

Moreover, they also provide Check cashing services for payrolls and money orders.


At PIS Check cashing, they only ask for your government–issued photo ID for verification.

A valid ID proof is only required to issue your checks and get money in return. 

Minimum fee

Their processing fee is very low compared to other institutions. Their rate starts from 1% + $1 on every transition.

Be it your Tax refund or state paycheck, you can visit PLS 24*7 and easily withdraw your money.


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3〉 Check into Cash

Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing Alter

It is popularly known as your one-stop destination for all your monetary needs.

At Check into cash, you can issue all kinds of checks and withdraw money from your Check.

Types of checks

You can issue a wide range of checks at Check into cash. They allow you to issue cashier’s checks, government checks, payroll, and money orders.

You can also withdraw money by issuing money orders, tax refunds, and many more.


You must issue a valid government–issued photo ID and your Check into your cash membership receipt.

When you visit, they ask for your enrolment receipt and check into cash to withdraw money from them.

Minimum fee

At Check into cash, they charge 17.5% for all monetary transactions.

They accept all kinds of Checks, and in return, they issue you cash. But they have a fixed fee for every tarnation.


4〉 Speedy Cash

Piggly Wiggly Check Cashing Alternative (Speedy Cashl)

This instruction goes literally by its name. You can get instant money without any hassle at speedy cash.

They offer many facilities and allow you to issue various checks per your requirements.

Types of Checks

They allow you to issue various checks, from personal to payroll.

Government to insurance policy checks. You can use speedy cash to convert your money order into quick cash.



They only ask you to submit your valid government photo ID at speedy cash.

It is the only valid document you must submit and withdraw money. 


Minimum Fee

When it comes to charging fees, they usually have a minimum check cashing fee of $2 per Check.

Besides that, you usually charge 2-2.5% of the check amount when you issue a payroll or a government check to cash.


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5〉 Community Financial Service Centre ( CFSC)

Community Financial Service Centre

CFSC is a renowned intuition that has provided Check cashing services to people for some time.

Let’s look at their basic criteria when you avail of their Check cashing services.

Types of checks

You can issue government checks, business checks, insurance policy checks, payroll, and other personal statements.

They also accept tax refund checks and personal payrolls. You will get money in exchange for all these kinds of checks.



When you use CFCS for Check cashing services, you will likely be asked to provide certain documents to complete the verification process.

You will be asked to submit your social security number and contact number along with a government–issued photo ID.

You will be asked to submit all these documents at CFSC when you avail of their services.


Minimum Fee 

No useful information was found.


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