Pitman Animal Hospital Pitman Hours, Phone Number

In 1987, Pitman Animal Hospital was started by Dr. Robert, one door facility. The current location of the veterinary hospital was open in March 2004. Today this hospital is a multi-doctor practice and they are experienced in many different areas.


Pitman Animal Hospital Pitman Hours/ Phone Number

Pitman Animal Hospital Pitman

The address is

654 North Delsea Dr.

Pitman, NJ 08071

Phone Number- 856 582 7500

Fax Number- 856 589 5607

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 8 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm

Sunday- Closed

They closed their hospital on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year Evening.


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Pitman Animal Hospital Services

Pitman Animal Hospital Pitman

They offer services that include

Preventive Health Care ServicesHealth and Client Services
Diagnostic ServicesPet Surgery
Pet Dental CareEmergency Services


Preventive Health Care Services

Parasite Prevention and TreatmentRoutine Blood Work
Preventive MedicationVaccinations
Senior Pet CareMicrochipping


Health and Client Services

AcupunctureNutritional Counseling
Puppy and Obedience ClassesTherapeutic Laser
Difficult Choice


Its benefits include

ArthritisHip Dysplasia
Seizures DisordersSoft-Tissue injuries
KeratoconjunctivitisLick Granulomas
Neurological ConditionsPain and Nausea related to Cancer
Chronic Digestive DisordersSpinal Cord Disorders


Diagnostic Services

It includes

GlaucomaOur Veterinary Lab


Surgical Services

It includes

Orthopedic Surgery

ACL RepairPatella Corrections
Femoral Head resectionsFracture Repair
Internal and External Fixations


Soft Tissue Surgery

Abdominal SurgeriesUrinary System Surgeries
Neuters and SpaysCancer Surgeries
Wound Repair ProceduresReconstructive Surgeries
Ear, Nose, and Throat ProcedureSelective Thoracic Surgeries
Hernia RepairsMass Removals
Ophthalmic SurgeriesEmergency Surgeries


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Pitman Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors include

Robert Harris, VMD

Dr. Robert is the owner of this animal hospital. In 1973 he completed his bachelor in Animal Science from Delaware University.

Veterinary Degree

Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Interests

Dr. Robert Veterinary interests include Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery.


American Veterinary Medical Association

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association


Joshua Erde, VMD

Dr. Joshua wants to become a veterinarian at the age of Six. In 1992 Dr. Joshua completed his Undergraduate in Biology from Cook College.

His professional interests include Opthalmology, Surgery, Emergency Medicine.


American Veterinary Medical Association


Other Doctors are

Dana Fite, VMD

Kelly Giffear

Geraldine Kaufman

Genevieve LaFerriere, DVM

Sabra Olsen

Andrea Shinn


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