10 Most Popular International Shipping Services (UPDATED)

In this article, we share the 10 most popular international shipping services.

International logistics companies are the backbone of the E-commerce industry’s growth, providing on-time and effective goods and commodities transportation services to every corner of the world.

As we know that e-commerce is the future of technology, collaborating with reliable, affordable, and international shipping companies is important for your customer’s ultimate satisfaction and exceptional growth.

The concept of online shopping is continuously growing; innovation and evolution have become the keys to success in the logistics industry to establish your company as a leading international shipment solution.

So, here, we are enlisting the top 10 most popular international shipping companies. Therefore, make sure that you give it a thorough read till the end and choose the one that suits your business needs.
So, let’s dig in.



Overview of International Shipping Services

International shipping is a process of transporting goods and commodities, named as parcels, domestically and internationally. 

Based on a supply chain process having strict rules and regulations, international shipping services help online retailers and vendors sell their products and services to an international audience, as well as enabling you to deliver the parcels to your loved ones within the country or globally. 

From following the government-based import and export rules and paperwork needed to protecting the parcels from loss, theft, and mishandling, international shipping services ensure smooth and trouble-free experiences for their customers, serving them with effective and reliable services. 


Top 10 Most Popular International Shipping Services Around the World 

Popular International Shipping Services Around the World 

Below we share the most popular shipping services


Founded in 1969, DHL is a leading international logistic company, providing a wide variety of effective, affordable, and customer-friendly services, including courier and parcel deliveries, supply chain management, freight forwarding, inventory management, and fulfillment centers. 

DHL’s headquarters in Bonn, Germany, provides exceptional logistic experience, shipping tools, and tracking features. 



Providing exceptional international shipping services to more than 200 countries, FedEx, established in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, is one of the customer’s prior choices for logistic solutions. 

FedEx has its headquarters in Tennessee, United States, and offers an extensive range of logistic services like tools for shipment services, tracking and monitoring services, domestic and global deliveries, temperature-controlled delivery services, bulk shipments, and customer clearance services. 


DB Schenker

Offering goods and commodities transportation services to more than 2000 locations all around the world, DB Schenker was established in 1872 by Gottfried Schenker and had its headquarters in Germany. 

DB Schenker offers the fastest land, air, and ocean freight and is well-known for its budget-friendly pricing structures and effective and accurate delivery schedules.

Having more than 70 branches all over Europe, DB Schenker is an excellent option for shipping solutions. 



Abbreviated for United Parcel Services, UPS is the world’s largest billion-dollar shipment corporation, providing both domestic and international delivery services to more than 200 countries worldwide. 

Founded in 1907 by James E. Casey, UPS has its headquarters in Georgia, United States, and offers various logistics services, including import and export, freight forwarding, courier express services, inventory and warehouse management, fulfillment services, as well as worldwide delivery services. 


TNT Express

Founded by Ke Thomas in 1946, TNT Express offers door-to-door delivery services, air freight, ocean freight, land freights, as well as heavy freight services.

Moreover, TNT provides courier express services and an online tracking feature. 

Having headquarters in the Netherlands, TNT Express provides customized pricing quotes according to the parcels and delivery details and provides quick and satisfactory shipment services to the United States, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Italy, Germany, China, and other countries. 



Aramex is an Emirati multinational shipment company founded in 1982 and well-known for innovative logistics solutions and customer-friendly services.

Aramex offers exceptional domestic and international delivery express services as well as air, road, and ocean freights, warehouse and inventory management, and customer clearance services. 

Aramex provides shipment options to a wide range of countries globally and offers real-time parcel tracking services for a seamless and risk-free delivery experience. 



Abbreviated for United States Postal Services, it was founded in 1971 in Washington, DC, by the United States Congress.

USPS provides a wide range of domestic and international delivery options, with a seamless and trouble-free experience, ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction and affordability. 

Moreover, USPS provides delivery services to military addresses at domestic rates, even if the deliveries are on an overseas basis.

It also provides real-time visibility and tracking features to decrease loss, theft, and other risks of the delivery experience. 


Royal Mail

Owned by the United Kingdom’s government, Royal Mail was founded by Henry VII in 1516 and has its headquarters in London.

It provides quick delivery services of 2 to 3 business days for domestic deliveries and offers a variety of shipping services for international services like international economy, tracking, international standards and signed, and other services for a smooth experience.  


Japan Post

Having headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, Post is a leading and well-known international logistic company, offering letters and good transportation, as well as stamp sales, deposits, loans, and insurance products. 

Founded in 2006, Japan Post provides real-time tracking technology of parcels as well as budget-friendly rates for ultimate customer satisfaction and an effectively reliable experience. 


Canada Post

Formerly known as Royal Mail Canada, it is the oldest shipping and transportation company in Canada.

Owned by the Post Office Department of the Canadian Government, it has its headquarters in Ontario and offers courier services, freight forwarding, and logistics shipment services. 

Canada Post is widely known for its reliability and affordability.

It is the greatest logistic option, whether you want to deliver heavy and sensitive products or simple letters or documents. 


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Factors to Consider When Choosing an International Shipping Service

Factors to Consider When Choosing an International Shipping Service

Below we share some factors

Shipping Needs and Requirements

The shipping needs and requirements vary depending on the type of delivery, size and features of the parcel, and your desired location.

From government-based regulations to the protection and effective handling of parcels, make sure that your potential shipping partner truly understands your shipping needs and fulfills them seamlessly. 


Cost Considerations

Managing shipping costs, especially for bulk deliveries, temperature-controlled parcels, and heavy freights, is quite important for a budget-friendly and quality shipping experience.

Therefore, comparing pricing factors before finalizing your logistics company and negotiating rates with the carrier is critical. 


Transit Times and Reliability

Safe and on-time deliveries, as promised by the companies, are the utmost of the logistics businesses.

So, choosing the carrier that consistently meets its deadlines of estimated delivery schedules along with maintaining high-quality standards is important for ensuring a trouble-free and seamless experience. 


Coverage and Destinations Served

Not all logistics businesses will be covering your desired delivery location.

Moreover, the available international locations determine how reliable and authentic the shipping company is.

So, carefully consider the covered areas and locations as well as locations for the offices of the company, and then choose your shipping partner. 


Customer Support and Tracking Capabilities

Transparency is the backbone of ultimate customer satisfaction, so finding the one that offers advanced tracking features, real-time visibility, and responsive customer support is important to tackle possible risks, delays, and troubles in the shipment process. 



In today’s highly competitive logistics industry, finding your perfect shipping partner that is not only reliable but budget-friendly is quite difficult.

However, by thoroughly considering the non-negotiable aspects like reliability, authenticity, and on-time deliveries, you can choose the one that fulfills your shipment needs and requirements. 


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