Publix Pay Rate in 2024 (14 Years old, Weekly, Biweekly)

In this article, we share detailed information on Publix Pay Rate.

For almost a century, Publix has been a familiar name nationwide as the largest employee-owned business in the US.

We will not concentrate on the many variables that made Publix a profitable business today.

What it is like to work for Publix is what we want to know. And how much does Publix pay, specifically?

If you are interested in learning more, head over to the nearby Publix, pick up some snacks and beverages, and let’s get started.



What is Publix Pay Rate?

The typical yearly wage at Publix is $31,485, or $15.14 per hour.

The lowest-paid employees at Publix make $26,000 annually, while the top 10% make almost $36,000. Additionally, salaries differ by department.

The average annual salary for healthcare employees is $45,188.

However, employees in the warehousing division have an average yearly pay of $32,384.

Location can also affect how much Publix employees are paid.

According to our statistics, the highest salaries are earned by Publix employees in Anderson, SC, and Murfreesboro, TN.



Publix Pay Rate (Highest Paying)

The average yearly compensation for Publix employees is $31,485. However, salaries vary according to the position.

At Publix, positions such as team leader, order selector, warehouse selector, and pharmacy manager have significant compensation.

At Publix, a pharmacist manager typically earns $84,461 per year. Front service clerk and deli associate are a couple of the other positions at Publix.

An employee at Publix with the title of front service clerk has an average yearly pay of $29,534.


What Is the Starting Pay at Publix?

At Publix, the beginning salary is $26,000 per year or $12.50 per hour.


How Much Does Publix Pay an Hour?

On average, Publix pays $15.14 per hour.


How much do 15-year-olds at Publix get paid?

If they have a work permit, 15-year-olds at Publix are paid an hourly average of $13.19.

The minimum hiring age at most Publix shops is 16 years old. If the applicant has a legitimate ID, some places will hire a 15-year-old (or even a 14-year-old).


How much do 16-year-olds at Publix get paid?

16-year-olds at Publix make, on average, $13.19 per hour.

A 16-year-old worker will often work as a cashier or front service clerk at a Publix facility. The average hourly wage for these jobs is between $8 and $14.


How much are Publix bonuses?

Competitive salary, employee stock options, and quarterly bonuses between 1700 and 6500 based on location sales and performance.


What Are Publix Work Hours?

Publix Pay Rate (Working Hours)

The departments and teams employees work for at Publix determine the employee’s schedules.

They are renowned for offering their flexible staff hours.

Cashiers work shifts that start early in the morning or late in the afternoon and end late in the evening.

The majority of shifts are eight-hour blocks. However, they might occasionally be shorter or longer.


What advantages does Publix provide?

For both full-time and part-time employees, Publix provides a wide range of benefits, such as employee discounts, reasonably priced health insurance, and paid parental leave.


How Much Does Publix Pay Weekly and Bi-weekly?

Employees at Publix receive their paychecks every week, unlike most employees at supermarket chains, who are paid every two weeks or once a month.

So, how much would a Publix deli cashier make every week? We’ll assume that they make $13.14 per hour and work 40 hours per week for 52 weeks (or 260 days) to get at that figure.

When these factors are considered, a Publix deli clerk can expect to make roughly $105.12 per day or $526 per week. A deli worker at Publix would make about $1,051 every two weeks.

Once more, this only applies to gross salary. You can use a take-home pay calculator to determine how much money you would actually receive at the end of the week after accounting for various taxes and deductibles.


How much does Publix pay 14-year-olds?

We’ll use the typical hourly wage of one of the few entry-level jobs Publix employees under the age of 14 can have. A Publix bagger, for instance, makes about $10.28 per hour.

Therefore, putting their age aside, 14-year-old baggers at Publix can earn the same per-hour wage as adult baggers.

Although children aren’t permitted to work the same hours as adults, their overall income would be less than that of the typical adult Publix employee.


Average Publix Salary per Position

Although the hourly wage at Publix is $13.17 on average, not all employees make that much; some make more, and some less.

Various aspects, including talent, experience, education, department, etc., are typically considered when determining hourly rates.

Following are some wage ranges for various positions at Publix:

At Publix, cashiers typically make $12 per hour. A Publix cashier may make nearly $24,960 a year with this hourly wage (before taxes).

• The average pay for a customer care agent at Publix is $13 per hour, or about $27,040 per year (gross).

• Publix bakery employees make about $13 per hour or $27,040 (gross) per year.

• The annual salary of a Publix store manager is approximately $93,630.

• It may surprise you to learn that Publix pays its general managers an average salary of $121,234 annually.


What Does Publix Pay for Each State?

It is not unexpected that Publix salaries vary across the US states, even for the same positions, given the various living conditions, state legislation, and taxes.

Let’s take a look at the hourly wages for Publix cashiers in several states as an example.

• Florida: The Sunshine State, where Publix was founded, pays cashiers an average of $12.94 per hour.

• Georgia: Georgia’s Publix supermarket cashiers earn $11.89 per hour, which is slightly less than their Florida counterparts’ wages.

• Tennessee: Our data indicate that Tennessee Publix grocery cashiers earn $11.16 per hour.

As you can see, Publix cashiers in Florida make more money per hour than their counterparts in Georgia and Tennessee.

What gives, though? Because market conditions determine Publix’s hourly wage. This implies that the wages reflect the living conditions in different states.

Undoubtedly, Florida’s Publix supermarkets offer the best compensation. Florida’s cost of living is likely significantly greater than Georgia’s or Tennessee’s.


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Employee Benefits at Publix

For both full-time and part-time employees, Publix provides a wide range of benefits, such as employee discounts, reasonably priced health insurance, and paid parental leave.

Not every Publix employee is entitled to the same advantages. These may vary depending on whether they satisfy the eligibility requirements and work full- or part-time.

Let’s look at some of the fundamental perks the business lists for all of its qualified employees:

Group health, dental, and vision coverage; free employee stock ownership programs; annual holiday cash bonuses; 401(k) retirement savings plan with employer matches; and

Paid parental leave; payment for tuition; commendations for service; and an employee help program


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