Publix Sushi Menu in 2024 (What types of Sushi they offer)

In this article, we share detailed information on Publix Sushi Menu.

Publix is a marvelous superstore established in 1930.

The US grocery dealer is well-known for its extensive menu of Sushi.

Are you arranging for a grand dinner for your mates? Please depend on this fabulous brand for a unique partying experience.

The dinner will become more cherishing if you have a lovely sushi platter.

Please do not think that only raw seafood will be served from Publix.

As per your wishes, the cooked varieties are also available on the menu.

The low-priced menu is the unique attraction on Wednesdays.

So, your lunch or dinner will become so fabulous after selecting Publix.



What is Publix Sushi Menu?

What are Publix Sushi Menu

Publix offers an exquisite menu of varieties of Sushi. Scroll through the vast options and select your preferences.

The company will deliver the products within the scheduled time to your doorstep.

Your plate will be full of scrumptious dishes as you rely on Publix and its delicious Sushi menu. The best dishes available are as follows;-

· AFC Chef Sampler

· AFC Seabreeze Salad

· AFC Spicy Salmon Roll

· AFC California Roll

· AFC Summer Roll

· AFC Spicy Tuna Roll

· AFC Vegetable Combo

· AFC Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll

· Sushi Delight Tray

· AFC Grilled Dumpling

· Southern Tsunami Wasabi (Grated Sushi)

· Roll and Wrap Roll

· AFC Crunchy Dragon Roll

· Sushi Sushi Plus Trio

· AFC Wrap Delight

· Tsunami Seaside Combo

· AFC Marina Plate

· Fresh Happy Heart Platter

· Tsunami Calamari Salad

· AFC Spicy Tuna with Brown Rice

Many more items are there on the platter.

Furthermore, Publix keeps adding items to its menu to ensure customers feel comfortable with the same products. Sushi’s fantastic taste seems compelling for recurring orders from the store.

If you are also a Sushi fan, never miss these incredible delights from Publix. The ready-to-eat packages are also one of a kind and will impress you highly.


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Which day does Publix sell a $5 Sushi?

Publix Sushi Menu

Publix thinks about the affordability and needs of every customer.

Therefore, you can expect a brilliant dinner without putting pressure on your purchasing power.

Wednesdays are always happier for the Publix fans.

You can get all Sushi items for only $5 from their store.

So, when you arrange a Sushi dinner, try to be in the store on Wednesday.

The famous 5-dollar packages are fabulous, making you thoroughly excited.


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Does Publix have cooked Sushi?

Publix customers get only fresh Sushis every time they shop from this renowned US brand.

Only specialized and trained Sushi chefs prepare the dishes and make them presentable in every aspect.

They cook Sushi rice perfectly and promise to provide only quality food.

However, if you suffer from health-related problems, try to be clear about them.

The chefs will undoubtedly make some appropriate recommendations to keep your diet unhampered.

Therefore, there is no reason to believe you will get only raw Sushi and seafood here.

The handcrafted ideas of the experts will surely provide a mouth-watering effect as soon as you put a piece in your mouth.

So, are you ready to dive into the pool of sushi varieties? Publix is certainly the best option for a raw and cooked sushi menu.


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Does Publix have sushi platters?

Publix Sushi Menu (Platters)

Undoubtedly, you can enjoy multiple sushi items at Publix.

The superstore is a giant in serving delicious sushi platters at affordable costs.

Moreover, you can have different combinations of Sushi items according to your preferences.

Just pick the one you need and place the order online.

Publix will arrange for a hassle-free delivery anywhere in the US, as you specify.

On the occasion of any special event, please do not get bothered about where to get Sushi platters from.

Publix supermarket is always there to ensure the best quality hand-picked seafood to prepare the most delicious sushi platter you have ever had.

The Hybrid Ichi Sushi Platter is the most famous one out of the long list of items on the menu.

Some of the incredible sushi platters are;-

– Sushi Hybrid Mini Platter

– Sushi Happy Heart Platter

– Sushi Hybrid Go Tray

– Hybrid Roku Platter

Get Sushi at unbelievable rates on demand and enjoy the dinner immensely. Quality and taste are the key factors in selecting Publix for Sushi Platters.


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Is Publix salmon good for Sushi?

Raw salmon is good for your health only when you pick it up from a reputed brand.

Publix is one of the renowned grocery stores where freshness is crucial.

No particular definition exists regarding the grade of salmon in preparing Sushi.

However, if you use Publix salmon, the quality will undoubtedly be top-class, ensuring you will not have any health problems.

Experts advise that one should take only frozen salmon for sushi purposes as such a state kills any parasite contained in the raw fish.


How long is Publix sushi good for?

Different durations are there for storing raw and cooked Sushi.

For the former ones, around two hours is the average time if you keep the raw Sushi at room temperature.

But the storage time can be longer for the refrigerator, and the Sushi can remain fresh for up to two days.

On the other hand, do not leave the cooked Sushi at room temperature.

It will be in an excellent state to eat if you store it in the refrigerator for an average period of three to four days.


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What company makes Sushi for Publix?

Publix offers all the sushi items prepared by one exceptional company.

Before the name of every item, you will find the name AFC.

This abbreviation refers to the maker company called Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp.


To Sum Up on Publix Sushi Menu

If Sushi is on your list of favorite food items and you are in America, without any doubt, the first choice for getting the best-quality Sushi is Publix.

The vast options on their menu will surely attract any sushi lover.

So let your dinner party become rocking as you order the most delicious sushi platters from this high-class store.

Keep a variety on the plates by arranging for both cooked and raw Sushi.

Publix is famous for both types and hence a favorite store for hundreds of Americans.

They have stores at multiple points in the country and accept orders online.

So, specify the type of Sushi you want on the booking page of the Publix web page.

The pictures of all the items with the rates are available there.

Selecting the items and placing an order with a click is very convenient.

Make the payment through digital mode and get the delivery at a fixed time. Publix serves you best when it comes to a grand celebration with sushis.


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