Quince Return Policy in 2024 (Damage, Free Return, Refund)

If you want to return a Quince item to the company, you must do it within the first 365 days of purchasing it.

It might look like false information, but Quince does allow its customers to return a purchased item within a year. 

Keeping the return time aside, we know that people are so much into fashion, and they always try to purchase the best quality possible at an affordable price.

For that, Quince is the perfect destination. At Quince, customers can purchase a huge variety of luxury items.

There, besides clothing, jewelry, etc., fashionable items, you can also purchase luxury home goods.

As Quince is the manufacturer of most of these items and maintains its business in the M2C system, its products are also very affordable. 

But even after all these at Quince, a few customers had to return their purchased items for their reasons.

And for that, knowing about the Quince return policy is important before trying things randomly.



What is the Quince return policy?

Fashion is always trendy and always in demand, more of all of its luxury than it has a great influence on our lifestyle.

From Quince, the luxury fashion items and home goods you can purchase are a great combination of affordable and great quality, and because of this, Quince items have great demand.

But still, if any customer wants to return their purchased item to Quince, then the rules of returning items are,

The customer must return their item within 365 days from the purchase date. 

● At the time of return, the product must have the tags available at the product.

● The original packaging should be intact.

● The bedding must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and undamaged; even the same rules are for fashion items.

● The bedding may be washed or used, but it has to be returned within 365 days. 

● For hygienic concerns, Quince asks that customers wear underwear when first trying on their underwear purchase. 

● Proof of order is also important, so always keep it with you. 

Etc. These are the main rules of the Quince return policy, so follow these if you want to return your item.


How to return the product to Quince?

How to return the product to Quince

Quince is a great place to make yourself look nicely representable for any occasion, giving your home a beautiful charm.

But no matter how much customers prefer Quince clothing and bedding items, but still, for some reason, need to return them. So, to return your Quince items,

● First, log in to your Quince account, and if you don’t have a Quince account, you can use the email address you used at Quince.

● Then, go to the My Orders page, 

● After that, you’ll notice an option called My Orders & Returns.

● Then, go to the Return or Replace Items; you can select the item you want to return or exchange.

● After your return process is done at the website, you will receive a mail at your email address, where you will get your Quince return shipping label.

● After that, pack your Quince item thoroughly and carefully to make sure that the item won’t get damaged at the time of return.

● Then, stick the Quince return label at the top or side of the box.

● Then, drop it off at the Quince-mentioned carrier service office.

This way, your return is done, and if somehow you lost your Quince label, in that case, you can retrieve it again from the Quince website’s Return and Replace page. 


Quince return policy for damaged items?

When Quince delivers an item to the customer, always make sure that the item is in perfect condition.

And as they manufacture luxury items available at the Quince, they always ensure that they are perfectly made.

But still, if any customer receives a damaged item from Quince, that case returns it whenever they want within the first 365 days of purchase.

The customer can also contact Quince customer service for guidance. 


What products does Quince not accept as a return?

What products does Quince not accept as a return

Well, at every brand or company, there are a few items the company doesn’t accept in return.

In Quince, they accept most items for return, even used bedding items. But still, 

● Some items are customized and limited edition items that are not accepted for return at Quince. 

● Also, jewelry with special zodiac signs or charms. 

● Then, items that are purchased from final sale promotions are not refundable. 

● Apart from that, order items, mirrors, etc. Quince accepts these items for return, it’s true, but for that, the customers have to pay a $35 restocking fee. 

Etc. These are the main items that Quince doesn’t accept for returns.


Does Quince have a free return?

Yes, at Quince, all the items you try to return are free of cost, as you can get a free Quince return label from the website.

All of us enjoy purchasing and using fashion and home goods from Quince.

After that, when we have to return it, no one likes the feeling of it.

But still, you have to return it as you can’t have an item that doesn’t fit you, so that’s why Quince has the free return option available for the customers.

They can easily download and print the Quince return label from the website. and use it to return their items.


How much time will it take to get a refund from Quince?

How much time will it take to get a refund from Quince

Well, at Quince, you can return your item within 365 days of purchase, and returning any clothing or home goods is a huge period.

But still, if you want, you can return your Quince item after a week of getting it; after the return is done, the item will go through a quality checking process, and after that, within 5 to 8 business days, you will receive your refund in your original payment form. 

But some customers return the items right before 365 days, and in that case, if your bank doesn’t accept a refund 365 days post-transaction, in that case, you will receive store credit instead of a monetary refund.

But if you try to return your Quince item before 180 days and you used PayPal to order your Quince item, then PayPal will accept a refund before 180 days.

But after that, store credit is the only option for a refund. 


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