How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost? (2024)

Rhinoplasty is the term that is referred to the surgery that is performed on your nose.

Some patients would have nose surgery to deal with to improve their ability to breathe by altering the look of their nose.

It is why it is essential to know how much rhinoplasty costs.

It is a specialized treatment like selecting an experienced surgeon, which is essential.

So, here is what you need to know while undergoing this surgery!



How much does Rhinoplasty cost? 

According to the statistics derived from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of Rhinoplasty is $5,483.

The average cost is specifically just a portion of the price, although it does not include the operating room facilities, anesthesia, or other related expenses.

Always consult with the plastic surgeon to determine the final cost of undertaking this procedure.

The surgeon’s fee for Rhinoplasty depends on their experience, the kind of procedure, and the geographical location.

Several plastic surgeons are offering financial plans to their patients for Rhinoplasty. So, make sure you are clear about it all.

So, how much does non-surgical Rhinoplasty cost? The cost for Rhinoplasty will be including the following:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

Make sure that you know about the experience of the surgeon you are choosing and whether you are comfortable with him or not while selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon as it is quite important as the final cost for this surgery.


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What does Rhinoplasty mean? 

Rhinoplasty Cost

Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is a procedure scheduled in advance in general other than during a mishap or a bar brawl, or an accident.

After you meet with your surgeon, discuss your plan, check the instances of the past patients, and evaluate your expectations.

When it’s time for surgery, you’ll be sedated with a local anesthetic and placed under conscious sedation.

The majority of patients can go home the same day as their procedure.

The surgeon would carefully arrange incisions during Rhinoplasty to reduce the visible scar.

Closed and Open Rhinoplasty is the two types of rhinoplasty procedures.

All holes were made inside the nose during a closed rhinoplasty, giving no visible scars.

During an open rhinoplasty, the surgeon creates a small incision between the nostrils in the columella area to enable access to various sections of the nose for surgery.



Rhinoplasty surgery is available to patients aged 16 and up, and younger patients may be eligible in some instances.

To evaluate whether a younger patient is a good candidate for surgery, a consultation with an accomplished facial plastic surgeon is required.

Most healthy persons can benefit from nose surgery if they have a reasonable expectation of what to achieve.

The surgeon will inquire about the patient’s breathing and how they feel about their nose’s size and shape during the examination.

The surgeon will determine whether the patient has reasonable expectations for their post-surgery appearance during this step.

They can be selected as candidates for surgery once this is realistic.


Are there any risks involved? 

Rhinoplasty Cost

The following are the risks that are included with Rhinoplasty along with the common risks happening for every surgery, including infections, anesthesia risks, loss of sensation, and bleeding:

Asymmetry: The result of the nose surgery may not be a perfectly symmetrical procedure since the treatment is very complex and highly specialized.

Runny or dry nose: Surgery can affect how the nasal airways function and produce unwanted sensations.

After nose surgery, it is common for under-eye bruising to happen; however, it should resolve as your nose starts to heal.

Revision surgery is sometimes required to correct the issues arising after nose surgery.

Selecting an experienced surgeon specializing in Rhinoplasty will help prevent complications and unsatisfactory outcomes.


What is the purpose of Rhinoplasty? 

The following are a few reasons for having a rhinoplasty and include:

  • Aesthetic reasons to bring balance or asymmetry to the face along with changing the shape of your nose, especially considering teenage rhinoplasty cost Defects related to birth that have to be corrected
  • Issues with breathing that include sleep apnea
  • Broken nose
  • Treatment of cancer burns as well as traumatic injuries impacting the appearance and function of the nose
  • Deviated septum

Your healthcare provider will recommend a less invasive alternative to the treatments to improve your breathing ability.

The treatment for sleep apnea and the nasal spray are sufficient for addressing your issue without surgery.

Your healthcare provider will be ordering the lab tests to ensure that you are healthy for undertake Rhinoplasty.

It is recommended to get your chronic conditions under control if you have blood pressure or blood sugar.

Quit smoking before surgery to reduce the risk of complications and help in the process of Recovery.


Does Health insurance cover Rhinoplasty? 

Rhinoplasty Cost

An obstructed airway might be causing you trouble breathing, which is why Rhinoplasty is performed.

Whether performed alone or in the mix with the cosmetic Rhinoplasty, the treatment process is considered reconstructive and covered by the insurance policies.

It includes a detailed examination for verifying the causes of your breathing impairment and authorization from your insurer.


Recovery After Rhinoplasty

After your nose surgery, take a full day off from school or work to recover.

In one week, the outward splint is removed, and it is typically removed one or two days after surgery if packing is used.

You can start your daily routines after a couple of weeks, but you should not try some harsh exercises and competitive sports for about six weeks till your doctor says it is safe to undertake this activity.

 During the initial recuperation period, avoid sexual activity since increasing your pulse rate may induce bleeding if thickened blood vessels reopen.


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Swelling and bruising are expected within the first week after nose surgery.

After surgery, pain is usually modest, but following your healthcare provider’s instructions for cooling your nose, napping, and having pain-prescribed medicine will help.

If you feel that you are facing symptoms of infection, such as a fever or significant edema, see your doctor very soon.

Pay heed to your doctor’s advice about what to expect from nosebleeds after the procedure so you can get help if the bleeding becomes extreme.


Dealing with Recovery 

You may have a great idea of your results just a month after Rhinoplasty, but the result will not become apparent until you have had a complete year of Recovery.

You can be tempted to assess the effects of your nose surgeries right off as you try reserving the judgment till the swelling has reduced.

It is imperative to have patience while recovering from surgery. Offer yourself sufficient time to rest and fill your day with recreational activities to keep your mind occupied.

You can maintain a positive outlook while you deal with discomfort as you are healing from reading, watching movies, catching up with friends over the phone, and heading for walks outdoors since you feel up to it can enhance your mood.


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Possible Future Surgeries

You may need a rhinoplasty revision after your nose has healed and your surgeon has evaluated your final results.

While undergoing a second surgery can be inconvenient, it doesn’t always mean you won’t be able to attain the outcomes you had hoped for.

Nose surgery is a complicated procedure that may require a few tweaks to get it just right.

If you’re happy with your rhinoplasty results, you might be tempted to try another cosmetic treatment.

Plastic surgery can become addictive, especially after a positive experience, and a good surgeon should be able to tell you if you’re overworking yourself.

Consider visiting a mental health professional who can help you explore the motivation behind your desire for the surgery if you are on the fence about whether you are overdoing it with cosmetic surgery.

You can keep yourself away from harm’s way when you know the risks and benefits of every treatment.


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Below we share some FAQs related to the Rhinoplasty Cost

1. How much time does a nose job?

A rhinoplasty restructures your nose permanently, and the results usually last for the rest of your life.

However, if you have facial damage, such as from a vehicle accident, the shape of your nose may change.


2. In how much time does a nose job take to heal?

The bones in your nose take about six weeks to recover after surgery in most patients, and you should avoid severe exertion at this time.


3. When is the greatest time to have a nose job done?

There is no age for undertaking Rhinoplasty as it is believed that 18 to 40 years is the ideal time to get this treatment done.

You should be mature physically and emotionally to have an interesting choice for Rhinoplasty.


4. Is nose surgery an unpleasant procedure?

As we’ve seen, nose jobs aren’t typically painful.

However, some clients may have discomfort or aches due to congestion and sinus pressure.


5. After Rhinoplasty, may I brush my teeth?

Take it easy after the nose plastic surgery and abstain from sexual activity for ten days.

Brush your teeth carefully with a soft brush for a few minutes after nose surgery. Do not make contact with the upper lip.


6. Do you think you’ll be able to grin after Rhinoplasty?

If your grin is temporarily impaired by post-operative swelling after a rhinoplasty treatment, don’t be shocked.

The effect is only temporary, and after the swelling has subsided, your smile will return to normal.


7. Will my Rhinoplasty be affected if I yawn?

As your nose is healing, laughing or yawning occasionally will not hurt your nose unless you are laughing too hard.

The small muscles that connect the tip of your nose to your upper lip descend a little when you smile or laugh.


8. Do you think you’ll be able to breathe the following Rhinoplasty?

You should be able to breathe better than before once everything has healed normally and the swelling has subsided.


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Final Thoughts 

So, if you have landed here in search of knowing how much rhinoplasty cost, you have surely attained sufficient knowledge about the glimpse of this procedure.

Whatever cosmetic or plastic surgery you wish to undertake, it surely is a very important decision.


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