Rooms To Go Return Policy in 2024 (Process, Damage, Refund)

If you want to return your rooms to go product back to the company, you have to return it within the first 48 hours of purchasing the item at your own expense.

Rooms to Go is a great privately owned furniture company where customers can purchase quality home furniture.

It was first established in 1990, and now they have over a hundred stores.

Incredible website. And because of their incredible quality, customers also love purchasing Rooms to Go items.

But still, because of difficult circumstances, if any customer wants to return their purchased furniture to the company, then there are a few things about the Rooms to Go return policy that people should know. 



Rooms To Go Return Policy?

People love purchasing items from Rooms To Go to websites and stores.

Their products are trendy, unique, and built with great quality materials. Still, if you want to return them, there are a few rules that you should keep in mind,

You can only return or cancel your product Rooms to get items within 48 hours of the date of purchase.

● A full refund is only available if there has been no delivery and the customer cancels the sale within 48 hours of purchasing the item.

● If you don’t cancel the sale within 48 hours of ordering and you try to cancel it before delivery, in that case, 80% of the purchase price will be refunded.

● Once the room-to-go product is loaded for delivery to your address, then you can cancel the product, and It will be treated as a return.



How to Return Products to Rooms To Go?

How to Return Products to Rooms To Go

At the Rooms To Go store and website, incredible pieces of furniture are available.

And when the customers somehow managed to purchase them, they wanted to be part of their home.

But there are times when customers have to return the purchased item to the company.

To do that, it’s important to know how to return the Rooms To Go items.

So, to return a Rooms To Go product,

● Contact the Rooms To Go customer service number at 1-888-709-5380

● Then tell the employee why you are interested in returning the product.

● After that, follow their instructions to place a return form on the website or at the store.

● For return through mail, download and print the return label

● After that, stick the Return Label at the top or side of the Rooms To Go return package.

● And then send it in return.


Rooms To Go Return Policy for Damage items?

Whenever Rooms To Go delivers any of their furniture to the customer, they ensure it reaches the customer’s doorstep safely.

But still, at the time of transferring the Rooms To Go items from one place to another, they can somehow get damaged.

So if you are experiencing something like that, contact customer service at 1-888-709-5380 or mail [email protected].

After discussing the issue, you can return your Rooms To Go item, exchange it, or request a refund. 


What products do Rooms To Go not accept as a return?

What products do Rooms To Go not accept as a return

Well, dealing with furniture is difficult, so while delivering the item, the company uses extra equipment to ensure that the delivery is perfect.

Even for return, the same chances of damage can happen, but the customers won’t have special equipment to ensure the return is safe.

So Rooms To Go doesn’t accept products for return that are being delivered after 48 days.

If the customer purchases the items through Express a Next-day delivery option, you can’t cancel the order from delivery.

And for returning, you have to return the product to the company to get the refund as soon as possible.


Do Rooms To Go have a free return?

No, unfortunately, at Rooms To Go, the shipping is not free of cost.

When customers purchase furniture from Rooms To Go, they genuinely start planning for that furniture in their home.

But then, for some reason, it is quite hurtful for them when they have to return.

But for furniture, the shipping cost is quite high, and because of this, Rooms To Go can’t provide a free return to the customers.

This way, the customer must pay the UPS return fee and charges for their Rooms To Go furniture. 


How long will it take to get a refund from Rooms To Go?

At Rooms To Go, when customers apply for a return and send the furniture back to the company, the product goes through a long process of checking and verification.

After that, everything is fine and in perfect condition.

Rooms To Go will generate a refund in no time, and completing this whole process takes around 14 business days.

For the return, you must also know that Rooms To Go only pays for the returned item and a delivery fee; the amount is nonrefundable.

Also, If you charged your purchase to a credit account for the purchase, then Rooms To Go will credit your charged account for a refund. 


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