Sacred Heart Urgent Care Locations, Hours, Services

Sacred Heart Urgent Care is a Group of Practice. They serve the Pensacola area. Now Sacred Heart Urgent Care specialized in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and some other specialty. This Urgent care offer 18 services include Flu, EKG, X-ray, Cough, Strep Throat, Cold, and Bladder infections.


Sacred Heart Urgent Care Locations/Hours

Sacred Heart Urgent Care

The location includes

6665 Pensacola Blvd

Pensacola, FL 32505

Phone Number- 850 416 2000

Urgent Care Hours

Monday to Sunday

8 am to 8 pm


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Sacred Heart Urgent Care Services

Sacred Heart Urgent Care

They provide services include

1〉 Diagnostic Tests

Their Diagnostic tests use sophisticated medical technology to assess your health problem and provide information to diagnose it.




2〉 Common Ailments

They also treat common health conditions like

Cough and Cold


Bladder Infection

Strep Throat



3〉 Preventative Medicine

The main goal of Preventive medicine is to help ensure that disease and Injuries do not occur.



4〉 Lab Tests

For Lab tests, they collect a sample of your blood, Urine, or Body tissues to check your health.

Alcohol and Drug Test

Basic Metabolic Panel

Lab Services

Pregnancy Test


5〉 Physicals & Health Screening

Physicals and Health Screening is one of the best things in the Medical Field. Because Physicals and Health Screening is helping to detect the health problem as early as possible.

Annual Physical.


6〉 Minor Injuries

They treat Minor injuries like Muscle Strains, Sprains, Cuts, and Lacerations.

Strains and Sprains

Work Injuries

Minor Injury


Cuts and Lacerations.


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Sacred Heart Urgent Care Doctors/ Physicians

Sacred Heart Urgent Care

Their doctors or Physicians name are

1〉 Christy H. Barkhuizen, DO

Dr. Christy work in Pensacola and 2 other location. Christy is specialized in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Barkhuizen is affiliated with Sacred Heart Hospital.


Botsford General Hospital


2〉 Steven Lester Clark, MD

Dr. Steven is a Flight Surgeon for Eight Years. Steven has multiple operational experiences as a Flight Surgeon and has extra training in Disaster Medicine and Tropical Medicine.


Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences F E Hebert School of Medicine. Dr. Steven graduate in 1995.


3〉 Paul Thomas Baroco, MD

Dr. Paul specialized in Internal Medicine. Paul is affiliated with the Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast.


University of Florida Health


4〉 Scott Alexander Crawford

Dr. Scott works as an Urgent care Physician in Sacred Heart Urgent Care. Scott has other specialties.



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