Sams Club Return Policy in 2024

You will feel happy knowing that Sam’s Club’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee stands up to its name.

It is effortless to opt for a return here. Today, we have carefully researched the company’s return policy and have compiled it for you, thereby saving much of your valuable time.

So, our post is all about describing Sams Club Return Policy.

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What is Sams Club Return Policy? 

What is Sams Club Return Policy

Sam’s Club allows their customers to return most of the products through the main without any constraints with time and in-store for complete replacements and refunds.

But, a few items are having about 14, 30, or 90-day return windows.

You can even return the opened products except for the food and the contact lenses or make returns without a receipt.

Go through our post today to learn more about the products that you cannot return at Sam’s Club how you can initiate a return online, and a lot more!


Explaining Sam’s Club Return Policy

Returns are accepted at any Sam’s Club location for in-store and most online purchases.

If a product cannot be returned, the business puts a disclaimer on the product information.

Before making a return request, staff members may require you to produce a valid picture ID and your Sam’s Club membership card.

While you can file a return request without that, Sam’s Club suggests maintaining your original receipt., receipt to speed up the return process.

Return your things in their original condition, including any accessories, manuals, and packing.

Returns missing any of the products that arrived with your order may be eligible for partial reimbursement from Sam’s Club.

There are promotional purchases along with the credits and the refunds equaling their original cost subtracting the promotional savings.

For instance, the company will calculate the refund as a complete bill removing the Instant Savings amount if you purchase using Instant Savings.


What are the exceptions to the return policy at Sam’s Club? 

Sams Club Return Policy

There are a few specific return terms required for the nature and the value of a few of the products at Sam’s Club.

The following products are marked with their own return policies, being subjected to the restrictions and limitations imposed by law:

  • Adult beverages: There are local laws for regulating the returns on adult beverages. Get in touch with the local Sam’s Club for inquiries related to this.


  • Cigarettes and tobacco: You need to return the products to the store from where you bought them. Keep in mind that they would need approval from the supplier representative.


  • Watches and jewelry: The returns on the watches along with jewelry should take place at the counter of the jewelry in Sam’s Club.


  • Hearing center purchases: The stores have hearing centers taking purchase returns for the hearing center.


  • Optical purchases: The glasses with prescriptions are made here, along with contact lenses that can be returned or even exchanged within 60 days from the date of purchase, along with the proof of prescription changes.


  • Automotive tires and batteries: Always return the tires along with the batteries at the tire and battery center in Sam’s Club.


Can items bought online be returned at Sam’s Warehouses? 

You can easily return almost 99.5% of items that are bought online at almost every location of Sam’s. There are a few recognized exceptions would, include the vending machines, auction purchases, and golf carts.


How can I return an item at Sam’s Club?

Whenever you are in doubt, make sure you call the customer service number at (888) 746-7726. You can even chat with an online representative to make sure that you return the item in the proper manner.

For Online Purchases

You can return your purchases in various ways if you have bought the item online:

  • Ship back the item: If you have purchased bulk products online, they can be returned through mail services and returned in stores near you. Go to the account page and take a peep at your orders if you wish to mail the return back. Simply follow the instructions in order to finish the return.


  • Return in stores: Bring back your receipt for the items you wish to return at the returns corner if you want to return an item that you have bought online at the store. You cannot exchange this item since you have purchased it online, but you can opt for a refund.


In-Club Purchase 

If you have purchased the items at the Club, then you need to return them back at the store. You will not be able to return it at

Ensure that you return any jewelry at the jewelry counter and not the primary return corner. Hearing aids should be returned back at the hearing center only.


Is there a restocking fee at Sam’s Club? 

To your knowledge, Sam’s Club does not charge any restocking fee.

One such exception includes the mobile phones, as the restocking fee for them is $55. Remember that you only have 14 days in hand to return the items.


Can items be returned at Sam’s Club without a receipt? 

Surely you can return gifts and items that are bought in-store at Sam’s Club without a receipt. However, Sam’s Club always recommends that you have the receipt with you as it makes the refund process simpler. If any returns are made without a receipt, then they will be refunded in the manner of a Sam’s Club gift card instead of its original mode of payment as it depends on the store completely.

Your receipt can also be retrieved through your account online if you wish to return an item that is bought at Sam’s Club online. Simply sign in, search for the transaction date, and print out the receipt. You can even ask the store employees to do the work on your behalf if you wish to drop off an item at the store. Simply hand over your membership card, allowing the associate to check out for an order.


Can gifts be returned at Sam’s Club without a receipt? 

If you were given a gift from Sam’s Club without a receipt, things get a little more complicated. Before you travel, call ahead to discover if their Club’s return counter accepts non-members. You’ll need the gift giver’s receipt or club member ID to make the return.

Returning a gift without the need of a receipt at Sam’s Club can be difficult since Sam’s Club requires a method to check up on the item, through either the membership account or through the receipt. If you’re trapped in the gift return cycle, contact customer care.


Can you get a cost adjustment or a price match at Sam’s Club? 

Sam’s Club will not replicate its competitors’ prices, but it could match the prices of these other club stores.

If you notice any difference in the prices between the clubs located in similar cities, speak with your manager.

The matching of the prices and the cost adjustment policies is specific to the location and at the discretion of the store’s management.

You could not get these adjustments as you need to return the item and then buy similar items for reduced prices if you bought something at the Club with recently dropped prices.

There is surely one thing of concern as there are no clearances as well as the markdown prices that are to be matched.


What will happen if you abuse the return policy of Sam’s Club? 

You can easily set off red flags if you are under the habit of returning most of the time in the year or month.

There is the “Terms & Conditions” page which is quite clear that any duplicity should result in a refund that is denied or even the membership being revoked.

The company even determines its sole discretion about the number of returns and the timeframe that is considered unreasonable.

There is some robust and rapid number or significant time limitations if you are asking about it a lot, as you might be.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the question of “Sams Club Return Policy

1. How can I make a refund request?

To begin a return on, go to your account’s order information and then click Return Item. Publish the return label, adhere it to the package, and mail it.


2. How can I get my money back?

Unless prohibited or limited by law or regulations, you will get credit or cash within the original mode of purchase or a Sam’s Club shopping card for products returned to a Sam’s Club store.


3. Do you think you’ll be able to return things that have been opened to Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club enables consumers to return most purchases for full refunds or exchanges without any time limits, both in-store and through the mail.

Some goods, however, have 14-day, 30-day, or 90-day return periods.

You can return items that have been opened (excluding food & contact lenses) and return them without a receipt.


4. How excellent is Sam’s Club’s return policy?

While an entry fee is pricey, Sam’s Club has one of the most generous return policies in the industry. A 100 percent guarantee backs both items and membership. 

p. With a receipt, it will return any purchases to members in full.


5. Is it possible to return things from Sam’s Club to Walmart?

Sam’s Club goods cannot be returned to Walmart. Is it possible to return a Sam’s Club purchase to a Walmart location? NO is the answer! Even though they are sibling stores, returns are dealt with independently.



So, if you are clear about Sams Club Return Policy for returning most of the branded items in just a year at the store where you have purchased them in-store and online, you may even return your goods bought online with the help of an email.

Sam’s Club allows its customers to return without any receipt.


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