Screwfix Return Policy (** Full Return Guide**)

After purchasing any product from Screwfix, if you are unsatisfied. Don’t worry; you can return it by knowing the Screwfix Return Policy.

Screwfix is one of the most popular multichannel retailers of trade tools, accessories, and hardware products in the United Kingdom.

The company was first set up in the name of the Woodscrew company in 1979. Jon Goddard-Watts set up this company in Yeovil, headquartered in Yeovil, England, UK.



What is Screwfix Return Policy?

Screwfix wants to make the customers happy with their every purchase. They do not want the customers to return something to them. But if this happens, they have introduced a simple return policy. 

As per the Screwfix Return Policy, you can get a replacement or a refund for your purchase, as all the items are covered under their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Some products do not get covered under the 30-day unwanted items return policy. The products like cut, mixed or made to your requirements, as well as used macerators, toilets and water pumps are such items. 


Screwfix Return Policy for Faulty Items?

Screwfix Return Policy for faulty Items

If you have received a faulty item, you have to contact the manufacturer directly to get the best possible assistance on or before 30 days from purchasing or receiving the product.

If you want to locate the manufacturer or get their contact details, you may contact Screwfix customer service, and they will help you. 


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What should I do if my product develops faulty after 30 days?

If your product develops faulty after 30 days, the company will try its best to solve your issue. They will either repair the product or offer you a replacement. They also provide a price reduction or a refund. 

If you want to repair your product and have a helpline received from the manufacturer and repair service or warranty, you have to contact the manufacturer directly. If you want to locate the manufacturer or get their contact details, you must contact Screwfix. 

If the warranty does not cover your product, they will repair it, and if it is not possible, they will provide you with a replacement with an exact or identical model. 

You may get a free, quick, and reliable repair service if you want to repair power tools. You may avail of the service from the store or through customer service. 




Screwfix Return Policy for receiving a Damage or incorrect Product?

If you have received a damaged or incorrect product from Screwfix, you need to contact them as early as possible along with your order reference and complete details of the products so that the customer service team can resolve your issue as fast as they can. 

If you are purchasing a product in a store order, you must check the item properly before leaving the store. If you find that your product is damaged or incorrect after collecting it from the store, you need to return it to the store so that they can resolve your issue very quickly. 


How long does it take to receive my refund from Screwfix?

Screwfix Return Policy for refund

If you have used your card at the time of the original payment, the refund may take 3-5 business days to reflect on your card. If you have used PayPal for the original order, the refund may take 5-10 business days to appear in your bank account. 


Screwfix Refund Policy for Paypal Purchase?

If you want to return your PayPal purchase, the quickest, easiest way will be to take the product to your nearest Screwfix store. The team will try to process your refund centrally. Moreover, you can have an exchange, replacement product, or a system credit as per your choice by visiting the store. 


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Can I return something to a store even though I didn’t buy it at that store?

Yes, you can return something to a store even though you did not buy it at that particular store. The product must not be delivered by one of their approved suppliers.

You can take the product to any of their stores, whether you have purchased the item in another Screwfix store or purchased the product online or over the phone, or it has been delivered to you. You must provide the original order reference when returning the item. 


Can I return items to Screwfix after 30 days?

In case the item develops a fault after 30 days, the company will be happy to offer you a repair, replacement, price reduction, or refund. 


How long is Screwfix guaranteed?

Screwfix is guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase or delivery. 


Do Screwfix refund uncollected orders?

According to Screwfix’s terms and conditions, you must collect your order from the store on or before 21 days from the order date. If you do not do this, the product will be back in stock after 21 days. You have to contact them if you want a refund after this period. 



We have given all the details about the Screwfix Return Policy. Now it is up to you to go through this article and know the return policy before purchasing any product from Screwfix. 


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