Sezane Return Policy in 2024 (Damage, Refund, Updated)

In this article, we share complete information on the Sezane Return Policy.

The connection of sustainable living is extremely popular these days.

People are more inclined to use more sustainable products and commodities daily.

Hence the growth of environment-friendly sustainable brands is increasing day by day.

It not only helps reduce the waste generated, but at the same time, it is also less harmful to the environment.

Sezane is a French brand founded in 2013 by Morgane Sezalory.

This brand is a destination for high-quality, sustainable clothing, home-décor, and accessories.

This brand is a one-stop destination for high-quality, sustainable fashion; it has gained immense popularity as a brand for its products and timeless designs.

They mainly use organic cotton, polyester, and recycled fabrics to reduce waste production.

Purchasing various fashion items from this brand also allows you to associate with a BCrop certification.

It is recognized as a brand that meets all the regional standards and helps you maintain environmental accountability.

They have a customer-friendly purchase and return policy that enables them to increase their customer reach.

Hence if you want to know more about their return policy, then today’s article is for you.



Sezane Return Policy for Damage items?

Sezane Return Policy for Damage items

According to their in-house policy, Sezane does not accept any damaged products that come without tags or are not in their original condition.

They claim that damaged goods and products will only be accepted in their original condition.

Therefore if you fail to meet the threshold, then it is most unlikely that you will be denied the right to return your product.

They further state that items sold during the final offer are not returnable.

If you have purchased anything during this offer, you are solely responsible for the object of purchase.

Moreover, if you apply for the return of a per-ordered item or for items that will be available shortly after they are restocked.

Your return request will likely be entertained.

They usually do not give the return of your purchased products in this option. 


How to Return Products to Sezane?

You must abide by their terms and conditions when returning a product to Sezane.

To return their goods, consider these two policies before sending your product back to them.

Their return policy requires sending the returned items within 15 days of delivery.

If you exceed more than 15 days, it will not be accepted.

Moreover, you are instructed to drop off the returning item by submitting an online request or at your nearest UPS drop-off location.

The shipping levels provided with your order should be produced when the product is returned, along with all the tags attached to that product.

They have a strict policy of not accepting items without a product description tag.


What are the products Sezane does not accept as a return?

What are the products Sezane does not accept as a return

The items like silk material clothing, boy shirt, and tomboy shirt are strictly refused from accepted as objects of return.

There are other items like dune dresses or their most popular item.

Orson jumpers are also not accepted for return once sold from their store.

They strictly don’t entertain any return services on these items if you purchase them from the abovementioned list.

Other than the products mentioned above, Sezane accepts all their products and gives you a refund in exchange.

They usually transfer the money back into your account.

So if you meet the return policy criteria, you will be eligible to get a return from their store without any hassle.

You must meet their criteria to ensure your appeal is accepted, and you will get a return from Sezane.


Does Sezane have a free return?

While you are purchasing any items from Sezane, you will likely be curious to know whether they offer free returns or whether you have to bear a return cost.

Many stores offer free return and shipping facilities for a certain amount. But you will hardly find a few stores providing free return facilities.

When you purchase more than $200 in the US and above 200 euros in the UK, you will most likely be eligible for a free return within 14 days of delivery.

However, the return policy might vary because of several factors.

The return time also goes down due to difficulties in customer service sometimes.

But you will have to produce the labels and the tags for the item of your return shipment.

These labels are necessary for your order to be accepted.


How much will it take to get a refund on your return from Sezane?

After you have returned the products for return to the Sezane store, the company will contact you after they receive your products in safe and sound condition.

You will likely be concerned about getting your money back, but it takes some time for them to complete the entire procedure.

It takes around 14 business days after you have to resend the package to get a refund.

Typically the payment is processed within 4-5 business days.

Once they go through your products and cross-check all the criteria they mentioned, you will most likely receive a refund from their end.

It is best to wait some days before the entire process occurs.

After completing the formalities, the store will credit your account, and you will be given the bank the original amount.

But they also clearly state that certain products are not refundable, so please check before buying.

Those items would come under the same category if you purchased from their final sale offer.    


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