Simplisafe Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Simplisafe, a US-based company that provides security management products for the residential and commercial market segments, is Simplisafe.

Chad and Eleanor Laurans founded the company, and it began its operations in 2006.

Have you ever wondered how SimpliSafe cancels orders?

What is the Simplisafe Return Policy?

SimpliSafe offers a variety of products, and it has earned a reputation in the industry for providing top-quality products and services.

However, you may find a product that does not meet your needs, and you want to have it changed as soon as possible.

We’ve compiled different questions about the company from the internet and made them into an article so you can all be familiar with the product and return requirements.

To ensure a triumphant return, you must be detailed with each detail, which will help you avoid future problems.



What is SimpliSafe Return Policy?

Simplisafe Return Policy

SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all equipment purchased from the official website.

SimpliSafe can be reached at 1-800-297-1605.

If you are not satisfied with the item, they will issue a refund or return it.

A representative from the customer service department will contact you to process your request.

You will be issued a pre-paid shipping label so that you can return the item without any additional charges.

SimpliSafe will reimburse your account once they have received the item.

This transaction can take between three and five business days.

SimpliSafe won’t accept returns or issue refunds if you exceed 60 days.

If you exceed the 60-day mark, SimpliSafe will not accept returns.

· SimpliSafe does not sell the product.

· The item has been damaged/altered.

· It was incorrectly installed or used in a manner not recommended by SimpliSafe.

· You have authorized unauthorized personnel to modify or repair the product

· The product was bought outside the U.S.


How can you purchase SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe can be ordered online. SimpliSafe clarifies what equipment it offers and how much each item costs.

SimpliSafe lets you build your system online or purchase pre-assembled equipment packages that include all your required sensors.

You can add everything to your online shopping cart and click the Order button.


SimpliSafe: How to Return a Product:

Simplisafe Return Policy

You could return the product if you purchased it through SimpliSafe’s official website by calling their customer service number and returning the item.

You must return the equipment in the same condition you received it if you purchased it from an authorized SimpliSafe retailer.

SimpliSafe cannot accept responsibility for items purchased from third-party sellers.

SimpliSafe systems can be returned if you aren’t satisfied with them.

There are no cancellation fees and no verbal sparring.

Your system must be returned within 60 days to receive a full refund.

For assistance, please email customer service or call our service number.

SimpliSafe will mail you a shipping label, and you’ll get a refund within three to five days.


SimpliSafe Return Policy after 60 days:

Although it’s unlikely you will receive a refund within 60 days of your purchase, it’s possible.

According to the customer service representative we spoke with, it depends on the circumstances.

SimpliSafe will send you a shipping label to replace your equipment if your unit malfunctions or is damaged.

We received customer complaints from BBB denying this. One customer complained that their refund had not arrived within 30 days of returning their equipment.


SimpliSafe cancellation:

SimpliSafe, an American home security company, produces and sells self-installed wireless security systems.

SimpliSafe offers protection against intruders and water damage as well as other emergencies.

Professionals are available to dispatch emergency services to assist customers with more than 3 million.


Simplisafe Monitoring Plan Cancellation:

Simplisafe Return Policy

You no longer want to participate in Simplisafe monitoring and would like to cancel Simplisafe monitoring. You can refer to this section in that situation.

Simpliface monitoring subscriptions are paid monthly, and there are no hidden fees.

Simplisafe monitoring plans cannot be canceled using either the Simplisafe client app or the Simplisafe mobile application on your smartphone.

Simplisafe monitoring plans can be canceled only by talking to the Simplisafe customer service team.

Follow these steps to cancel simplisafe’s monitoring plan:

· To speak with Simplisafe customer service, dial 888-957-47675

· Ask to talk with a SimpliSafe representative.

· All information regarding your account is required.

· Then inform them that you want to cancel Simplisafe monitoring.

SimpliSafe monitoring plans will be canceled if you don’t follow any instructions.

You can control and modify your SimpliSafe settings using the app.

Live video feeds are available on your Simplisafe app right from your Simplisafe phone.

SimpliSafe is a home security system that can be installed in your home.

However, it does not provide all the benefits, and SimpliSafe monitoring plans offer more advanced features.


What security equipment does SimpliSafe need:

SimpliSafe offers minimalistic equipment that looks great in your home.

SimpliSafe doesn’t have fancy intelligent home gadgets or touchscreen control panels, but it does cover the basics.

The base station is what connects all sensors.

The basic starter kit includes a base station.

A keypad is also included in the basic starter kit.

This allows you to enter your passcode, turn it on or off the system and will be used to activate it.

You can add any sensors you require, such as door and window sensors and motion detectors.

Glass break sensors, smoke alarms, and flood sensors are also available.

Apart from the primary sensors, accessories such as key fobs and upgrades can be added to your system.

SimpliSafe also offers intelligent door locks and security cameras.


SimpliSafe equipment:

· Wireless keypad

· Glass break sensor

· Water sensor

· Base station

· Freeze sensor

· Panic button

· Smoke detector

· Extra siren

· For doors and windows, the entry sensor

· Motion sensor

· Key fob

· SimpliCam indoor camera

· Doorbell Camera Pro

· Smart door lock

SimpliSafe is different from other home security systems that can accidentally go off.

It has a glass break sensor that distinguishes between a window breaking or a toddler smashing your Pottery Barn plate.

SimpliSafe’s SimpliSafe SimpliCam, a Wi-Fi-connected SimpliCam that costs $99, is the company’s first venture into video.

However, we have mixed feelings. Although the camera is good, it lacks some of the most valuable features that we have seen. It’s still a good deal for the price.

You will need to pay an additional $4.99 per month to download video clips.

SimpliSafe can also be integrated with Google and Alexa.

The system can be linked to your smart speaker, allowing you to arm and monitor your SimpliSafe system.


SimpliSafe Service Cancellation: The Most Effective Method:

Simplisafe Return Policy

How can I cancel SimpliSafe and not be charged for it? SimpliSafe is causing me too much trouble.

Support is almost non-existent, even for minor issues. I have lost faith in SimpliSafe’s ability to protect my home.

Although I would love to return the equipment, I haven’t had it for long enough, so that won’t happen.

I might try to sell it and get on with my life. Before I part with the equipment, I want to ensure that my service is canceled and that I am not charged for it.

I won’t continue to pay monthly fees for equipment that I still have an issue with (and I am an IT CEO with a strong IT background), and I don’t want to be billed by SimpliSafe for the horrible support they provide.


How to activate Simplisafe Monitoring Plans:

You have two options to activate Simplisafe’s monitoring plan, and it can be done via the Simplisafe app for your mobile device or the Simplisafe client for your web browser.


Simplisafe Monitoring Plan activated on your Mobile App.

Follow these steps to activate Simplisafe’s monitoring plan with your Simplisafe Mobile plan.

· Log in to Simplisafe.

· Click the Activate button in the middle of your screen.

· Follow the prompts to activate your Simplisafe monitoring plan.


Re-activate the Simplisafe Monitoring plan using your Web browser:

To activate Simplisafe monitoring using your web browser, follow the steps below.

· Open your web browser and go to

· Log in to your account and follow the steps on your screen.


SimpliSafe security system and its working procedure:

It’s easy to set up, choose and use. The DIY home security system can be installed and maintained by the homeowner.

Attach the sensors to the base station and wireless keypad. In less than an hour, you can secure your home.

We understand that innovative home technology can be overwhelming, and SimpliSafe is a website that explains how it works.


What is the role of the guard?

The guard will make sure that the property’s perimeter is secure and look out for signs of a break-in.

If they find that the property has been damaged or broken into, the guard will:

· Contact the police

· Contact the keyholder.

· Wait for the police to arrive on-site.

· You can report the results via the automated reporting system of the professional monitoring center.


What if a guard was dispatched instead of the police?

There are four possible scenarios.

· If the monitoring center cannot visually verify that there is a break-in on your indoor camera.

· Our professional monitoring center will assist you if you cannot reach your phone.

· If you can’t remember your safeword.

· You can ask for a guard.

Are you worried about false alarms with guard dispatch?

These tips will help you avoid being concerned about false alarms with guard dispatch.

· If you cannot reach them, ensure you have at most five keyholders.

· Make sure your keyholders are aware that they are keyholders.

· Make sure your safeword is memorable and easy to remember.



1〉 How many cameras can I put on a plan?

You can register up to 10 cameras.


2〉 What happens if I press the Panic Button? Will the monitoring center dispatch police immediately?

Our professional monitoring center will not call you, but it can dispatch a guard to your location if you are unable.


3〉 Will SImlesafe replace faulty equipment?

Yes. To begin the process, you must contact customer service.

SimpliSafe will provide a shipping label for you to send the equipment back if there are any problems.

If you have issues with your equipment, SimpliSafe will also send you a replacement.



This article will discuss the different types of Simplisafe monitoring plans currently available.

We also discussed how to cancel or activate Simplisafe monitoring plans.

Contact the Simplisafe customer service team for further clarification or assistance if you have any questions.

If you are not satisfied with the product you can easily return it.

Here we mainly share the SimpliSafe Return Policy


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