Skechers Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Skechers USA is an American footwear and lifestyle company headquartered in California, U.S.

The company employs more than 12,600 employees and has over 3,500 locations worldwide in 2019.

Have you ever purchased footwear from the company only to have size issues?

The return policy of Skechers is simple. If you’re not happy with the quality of their products, it is easy to return to their stores.

A company doesn’t want to have an unhappy customer, and, just like that, Skechers is also dedicated to helping their customers get the things they require.

This leads us to the discussion regarding their Skechers Return policy.

This policy allows customers to return their merchandise in a variety of situations.

You’ll also be aware of what to do with your return. What should you do in the next step?

If you plan to return, we’d suggest keeping a few things in mind. Let’s start right now.



Skechers Return Policy Explained

Skechers Return Policy

Skechers will accept returns only on products purchased from their official website currently.

Another requirement to satisfy to receive an exchange or refund is that your shoes, boots, or other products are not worn or damaged.

If you are returning items that you do not want, be sure to include the following information:

  • The original receipt
  • Original box or packaging


If you return any items not used to Skechers, customers are qualified for either a refund or an exchange.

Be aware that this is contingent on availability.

Processing your request can take between three and five days, usually.

Remember that the Skechers return policy stipulates that the process could take as long as ten days starting the moment they receive the item.


What is Skechers Return Policy?

Skechers Return Policy

Skechers permits its customers to return or exchange their items within 45 days of their purchase date.

Customers are eligible for a return if the item they return isn’t damaged or worn out.

Also, remember to keep your receipt of purchase. It will help return if you store the thing in the original packaging.


Is Skechers Return Free?

Skechers will indeed accept returns for free, however, only to their customers.

In the event of a return, they’ll waive shipping costs for customers who are members of Skecher’s.

Non-members will have to pay for shipping costs in the event of returning their purchase.


How to Return Skechers Purchase?

There are two ways to return your item; you can either make an online return or go to the store. It is recommended to review the return policy as described earlier before beginning the procedure. Skechers ‘ online store is called Skechers Direct, so don’t be disoriented. Now, we’ll review the return procedures of Skechers under their return policy.


Skechers Return Policy Online

The most important thing to remember is that Skechers Direct purchases cannot return to Skechers retailer. Therefore, if you’ve purchased something at Skechers Direct and want to return it, here’s the procedure.

  • Log into the account you have created with your Skechers account.
  • Find the order, then click “view order” or use the Skechers order locator tool to find your order.
  • When the order details are precise, click “return item” (This will create a return form)
  • Indicate the motive for the return.
  • The product should be packed in the original packaging or a plain container.
  • Attach the return form to the product, and then attach the return label to the outside of the box.
  • Drop off your package at the nearest UPS address.
  • Be aware that if you’re using your container to store the product remove the labels or stickers attached to it, except for your return shipping labels that you made from Skechers.


Skechers Return Policy In-store

This is most likely the simplest way to complete your return. If you purchased your Skechers product at any Skechers retail store or online, You can return the item to the nearest Skechers retail store across the United States.

The terms and conditions remain the same. You have to return the item in the first 45 days after purchase, and the item must be returned in its original state of repair. After the store has inspected your thing, you may be qualified for an exchange or refund. Find out more about these possibilities within the report.


What to do to return a purchase from the Skechers store?

Skechers Return Policy

If you wish to send back an item(s) purchased from the Skechers Retail Store, bring the unworn or damaged item(s) to any Skechers store within the U.S. with the original receipt and packaging within 45 days from the date of purchase. You have the option for a replacement item(s) or to return the purchase to get a full refund or credit.


If the item is returned after the 45-day return timeframe or the product is damaged, worn, damaged, damaged, or is it isn’t in the original package, Skechers is unable to provide a refund for the product.

Note that if the shoes you purchased were bought through a Skechers retailer, Please review the return policies of our partner for more details.


Can online purchases be exchanged at the Skechers store?

If you bought on, you could return the item to any Skechers retailer owned by the company within the U.S. Make sure you take a copy of your receipt and bring it when you go to the store. If you don’t get your ticket with you, the store might not be able to refund back to the payment method you used to pay.

To print your receipt for the purchase, go to Orders and Returns

Enter your order number and email address, and then select “Check Status.”

Choose “Need to return this item” next to the item(s) to be returned

Choose “Bring it to our store.”

“Print Receipt”

Note that if you made a purchase using AfterPay, The store would not be able to provide credit for an eGift Card Credit.


Return SKECHERS by Mail

If you’re not able to make it to the nearest retailer, Skechers provides you with the option of returning your items by mailing them to the store.

If you want to return an item via mail, follow the steps below on the website of the company:

To initiate the return, click on “Orders and Returns” on the company’s site.

Enter your order number, and then mail your I.D.

Press ‘Continue’

There is a label “Return Label on the item you want to return.

Click on “Return Label” and proceed.

Apply the label for return to the product that you want to return.

You can ship your order via UPS. Find a UPS service center nearest to your location by visiting this link.

An original receipt or confirmation email is required for refunds and returns to the original payment method. Skechers reserves the right to deny and limit refunds without the Original packing listing.


Skechers Return Policy without Receipt

Yes, to ensure that the return policy is flexible, Skechers allows returns with no receipt. There is a caveat to this rule. It is not possible to return an item that you purchase through this Skechers store. You are only able to return online purchases without having a store. The store’s representative can locate the order information via your email address. So, you don’t require a receipt.


Skechers Exchange policy

Exchanges at SKECHERS

If you have purchased something and would like to return it, you’ll need to make an order for a new one since Skechers cannot provide exchanges through return shipping. You can create an order for the item you wish to purchase on


The company also does not warrant that the inventory is available when you attempt to exchange the purchase.


You can exchange your item only after you have made a complete return.

It is much simpler to go to the shop for an exchange since you can select the product you want to exchange right there.

When you trade, your item is only possible to exchange the item for a comparable product.

In all cases, the Skechers representative will assist you through the process of exchange.

It is also stated in the Skechers return policy states that they cannot guarantee that in the event of an online business, they will stock the product for the same item.


Skechers Refund Policy

Another option for exchange is a refund; if you’ve followed the Skechers return policies, you’ll be eligible to get your refund.

In most cases, Skechers initiates the rebate immediately after receiving the return.

However, there are instances where your bank takes several days to receive the refund.

If there’s a doubt regarding the return’s acceptance, it is best to check your email, as Skechers will contact you when they have accepted or rejected your return.

Returns are usually addressed to the original payment method through Skechers.

Be sure the item is in good condition and the original packaging.

The company needs 7-10 business days to return the product. Here are the refund gateways that accept different payment options:

It could take two billing cycles to get your credit card transaction to show on your account statement.

However, it could take as long as two billing cycles to get a credit charge on your account statement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share some FAQs related to the “Skechers Return Policy”

1〉 Can I exchange a used item?

There’s no way Skechers will consider a worn item in any event.


2〉 Can I return the product without a receipt?

Yes, you can return the item without a receipt, but only in cases of online orders.


3〉 Are there any guarantees with Skechers products?

Sure, Skechers offers a warranty on manufacturing materials and cover for the material.


4〉 How do I know the authenticity of My Sketchers exists?

It is possible to search for the article within the shoe and then search for it on Google.

If you find the original item you can identify the genuine Skechers.



The most crucial aspect of your Skechers Return policy is that you know the situation, and you should be aware of the process for producing the product you purchase.

We suggest that you read the return policy before buying, and if there’s something that causes you to wish to return the product, you should do so as soon as possible, or within 45 days.

If you have questions, you can contact us through the comments section.

It is also possible to look over other articles such as the return policy of Fanatics as well as The New Balance Return policy.

Skechers offers a simple return policy for customers.

The company demands that you return the product in original packaging, and the products must be delivered in their original packaging.

Skechers adhere to a 45-day return policy.


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